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  1. Moonbird

    Unsure of PDSA's diagnosis....

    Well a 2nd opinion can do no harm at all and might set your mind at rest, I hope that it goes the right way x
  2. Moonbird

    Unsure of PDSA's diagnosis....

    If they did an ultra sound then the diagnosis is probably correct, I know well what you mean about how they made you feel though things got better there before but now it seems very pressurised, in the end the animals will suffer when people cant face taking them.
  3. Moonbird

    Bedding for the pound

    I think things like throws, blankets etc but I would give them a ring to just check.
  4. Moonbird

    Bedding for the pound

    Hi, no they dont any more.
  5. Moonbird


    All that will happen is that the original contribution will be very small if people also have to pay for meds, the PDSA have become very guilt inducing about the payments and yes I know its a charity and they need money, but its fast moving away from being a help for people in desperate need. Yes animals are going to suffer, they need a re think. That is correct yes
  6. Moonbird

    Missing cat possibly stolen/dumped

    Did you ever get Ceasar home?
  7. Moonbird

    14 month old tabby cat needs forever home

    Hope that she finds a lovely home.
  8. Moonbird

    Bedding for the pound

    No they dont take them as the dogs shred them.
  9. I am so desperate to keep hens but sadly cant where I live, I hope that all of these little Ladies get lovely new lives
  10. Moonbird

    Ginger kittens

    There probably aren't many kittens yet, kitten season will be upon us very soon so keep asking at the rescues.
  11. Moonbird


    It does sound like a lurcher, which is a crossbreed so still more or less a mongrel its just a particular mix, my first ever dog was bought for me by my Grandad 40 years ago, Cocker Spaniel x Poodle and she cost him £5 he was outraged and said he was robbed these days she is a Cocker poo and now worth at least £500, that would have probably killed him haha.
  12. Moonbird


    I have looked into this a bit, for the 2nd animal its not cheaper treatment its only the consultation, which is £26 for the first visit then drops to £20 for the 2nd visit for the same illness (I think that was right anyway) I then checked at the vet I use (Beech house at High green) there consultation for a dog is £21 and for the 2nd consultation it drops to £16...work that one out, not doing people much of a favour really are they?
  13. Moonbird

    Shamima Begum

    If it was my choice (which obviously it isn't 😛 ) then no dont let her back, but I would allow the baby here as it is an innocent and not going to have the best of lives there, it would go up for adoption and the family have no rights to it, total fresh start.
  14. Moonbird

    Problem Neighbour

    What animals is it and how are they getting into your home?
  15. Moonbird

    Ferret Rescue and Boarding

    I have messaged you, if I can help in any way with advice or anything you need to know just ask 😊
  16. Moonbird


    That does sound like what you would pay anywhere for the treatment, a bit on the expensive side. I thought that the other named pets were supposed to have cheaper treatment...still cheaper than the regular vet? I was wondering how it worked myself as it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.
  17. Rehome or Sale? Re-home Reason for Rehome / Sale Rescued and now needs her own home Sale Amount Location Sheffield Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? N/A Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes but she is a ferret! Age & Sex Female a year or under Breed/ Mix N/A Colour/coat type Silver Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Usually Live in / out Either, out at the moment Neutered/spayed Dont know, probably not Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues None seen Temperament Lively, happy, busy, playful, not a lap ferret, lovable and friendly Vaccinated & Wormed No Any special knowledge needed A ferret savvy home needed with other ferrets General Information you can share Sparkle was a stray ferret that was living rough for a few days until she was caught, she has now spent her time waiting to be claimed but sadly that didn't happen so she needs a home to call her own. She is only a youngster last years Baby I would say and so is still very giddy and lively, she doesn't bite but can nip when she is playing and is excited so not a pet for a small Child, she has been living here alone but now needs company and is longing for some friends to play with and cuddle up to. Sparkle will only go to a home that will neuter or implant her she is not to be bred from, sorry no vasectomised Hobs or Jill jabs, she needs a home that understands about Female Ferrets breeding cycles. Working homes will not be discounted as long as tracking collars are used and she would be primarily a pet. Home check will apply.
  18. Moonbird

    Dear forum I have a problem.

    Hello friends its Kira here, its a long time since I had a chat with you and I was wondering how you are all doing? I am 11 years old now I am very well although my face is very grey and my tummy rumbles a bit in the morning, Mummy doesn't get up and ignores me, she is still not so good in the training dept I doubt that she will ever learn I do have a bit of sad news for you all, my very bestest friend and Sister Pea has been very ill for a few weeks, she went to the vet a few days ago and she didn't come back, I am sad and I miss her, I do take comfort in my other friends Barley and Tess but its not the same, Mummy is sad too and she makes sniffing noises a lot and there is water coming from her eyes, I dont like that so Mummy tries not to do it to often, she gives me lots of love and cuddles and says we will all feel better soon, I hope so. I miss you my pal Pea, I hope the story about rainbow bridge is true because I cant wait to see you again, to cuddle up and lick your ears, and play again like we did when we were pups . All of my love forever, your Sister Kira xxxx
  19. Hello everyone this is Kira here, and I'm using Mummies pc because I am a very clever girl Now my new Mummy is rather cross with me, and I don't know why perhaps you can help? You see the problem is that I think she's getting forgetful, every night she just goes off to bed, turns off the light, and she forgets to take me yes thats right she just leaves me all on my own with my new grandma's Meg and Lucy,and this has gone on for a week, now surely there has to be some sort of mistake... that can't be right can it? But don't worry I do try to jog her memory by shouting her, *sigh* I shout so loud, and I think that she might be deaf because she still doesn't come back for me anyway I don't give up because it's for her own good, so I shout and shout for at least half an hour, then I fall asleep... sometimes Now last night I tried really hard to make Mummy realise that she had forgotten me, I was worn out trying, I mean I was shouting her until 2am... but she didn't hear anyway I woke up at 6am and thought well I will wake her up early and we can have a lovely day together, so I shouted Mummeeeeeeee Mummeeeeeeee, I shouted at the deaf old crow for over half an hour anyway eventually she must have heard because she got up Now I was very pleased with Mummy for at last showing signs of being trained at last, and I wanted to give her a big love... but Mummy didn't let me in fact Mummy seemed very cross and grumpy, in fact she almost threw my breakfast at me, and refused to give me a cuddle. What shall I do? my Mummy is running me ragged and I'm getting no sleep looking after her like this, I never realised that owning a human would be so difficult...please help. Love from Kira
  20. Moonbird

    Male tabby kitten

    Friends of ferals and rainrescue have beautiful kittens, find them on Facebook
  21. Moonbird

    Clean used duvets

    Looking for clean used duvets, only hollow fibre please no feather or pillows, can use several for use as animal bedding. Please not far from S5 or I may not be able to collect.
  22. Moonbird

    Ferret seen in walkley 29/11

    If you do manage to catch the ferret I can offer it a safe temporary home until its owners are found.
  23. Thanks for that I will get onto it, I hope that someone can help them as obviously things are only going to get worse weather wise now, it doesn't bear thinking about.
  24. I am becoming increasingly concerned that someone is living rough somewhere that I walk with my dogs, I first noticed a tent there a few weeks ago, there appeared to be a couple of young Men that came out of it, I couldn't see them that clearly but definitely not kids, I was shocked to see the tent there still today, it is so cold today I cant help but worry...any ideas what I could do to get help for these people?
  25. Moonbird

    Praise for vets4pets

    So sorry to hear about Alfie, a good vet can make everything so much easier, Im glad that they were such a great help when you needed them most x

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