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  1. I’ve just found a note through my door from a neighbour on Coniston Rd saying his cat went missing and the decapitated head was later left on his doorstep. Pretty scary stuff. Cat owners in the area be careful - there is a sick person around here.
  2. Hello, i have a huge hamster cage (built from a converted bookcase plus some accessories available if anyone or a charity would like them. Will need a bit of reinforcement after being moved but housed a happy hamster for over a year with no escapes or problems Give me a shout if you have any questions
  3. Thanks for your response. I'm not sure about lath, it feels really solid and sounds metallic when you tap it. Would lath be like that? Thanks
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help solve a mystery? Been trying to put up shelves on internal walls in my 1880s build terraced house. The pipe detector reads the entire wall as 30-50% metal. We have tried drilling holes in several locations and keep hitting metal very shallow. Occasionally we get a normal bit, then an inch further over its metal again. It doesn't seem to fall in line with studs, it's just everywhere. This has now been the case with two walls we've tried. Has anyone got a clue what this could be? I don't know if we can drill through the metal or it could be hundreds of pipes! Thanks so much in advance for any help!
  5. I found a Fitbit in the peaks today. If you think it may be yours or someone you know please give me a description and the area it could have been.
  6. Mine was done by Jayne at feline. That was about ten years ago. Never regretted it
  7. I've went to reply to this but you weren't worth the effort to phrase anything.
  8. Hello Wondering if anyone out there would like a bit of help exercising their horse every now and then. I'm 34, 5,3 - average build and have been riding since I was a kid (still ride regularly but I'm after some variety to my usual yard) I work from home some of the time but it does vary week to week so I can't say which days in particular, but could also help at the weekend. Let me know if this might be something you're interested in Thanks M
  9. If it was coniston road they didn't even give 24 hours warning. I was working from home and saw them put the notes out midday the day before for towing 7am
  10. Hi, just had Lee S6 handyman replace a section of my kitchen. He's done an absolutely brilliant job as usual for a very reasonable price - already booked him for the next jobs. Highly recommended for pretty much ANYTHING a house could need
  11. Castle D can be a crawl in the morning as everyone has to do the same road out and the traffic lights take ages!
  12. I used to drive to ashby in the mornings and would never leave later than 6.45 to be there for 9. Also, don't forget to factor in twenty minutes at the airport for parking and getting over into the terminal
  13. Tbh I've not read the ad. Not remotely bothered about opinions on it, was just sharing the info as it's improved mine 100%
  14. I'd swear by this thing. Better than any tablets
  15. I'd imagine you can build a tolerance . I'm more allergic to the cat and it works on that too. Thankfully!
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