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  1. Know I'm already cracked up but mentioned seeing lights in sky over Sheffield yesterday evening to other half. He was on about something else and I said "did you see that?" By the time he looked up they'd gone. Strange.
  2. I see them busking all the time on Barkers pool, never knew it wasn't allowed. The man and sometimes the woman with the concertina thing, really really irritating. Lol
  3. Not too clear why but seems mega extreme foe a robbery? Jungle grapevine n all that, just hope he's okay.
  4. Yes it's on facebook not good, hope the kids okay. Jumped by a few, stabbed and beaten with bats allegedly. Is co-op where Azena used to be?
  5. Quite true that still not heard anything so assume all well. The main news would have said surely if really bad x
  6. Yes it looked very traumatic I was on my way home from working the football match but my young lad had come down with dad to meet me, hence didn't want him seeing too much. Really hope that person was okay x
  7. Has anyone got any news on the cyclist that was injured last night, just past Heeley bridge last night? It happened just after the football match at Bramall lane. Tried to help as much as I could in passing but have been worried about that poor cyclist all day and cant find a mention of it anywhere. Do hope he/she wasn't too badly injured.
  8. Gosh that was the rumour that scared us kids for years. I remember him, best fish n chips ever. Bless him. X ---------- Post added 28-07-2016 at 08:26 ---------- Speaking of the shops next door to the chippy was the greengocers, penny bubbly machine outside. Mr Hardwick?
  9. Mansion house farm Lightwood is brilliant luv, is also home to our little pony who is 4 years making about 13h at the moment. You are more than welcome to go see him as I work full time 12hr shifts so haven't been able to see him much at all. My daughter has lost interest. He would welcome some schooling and a walk. Still pay for his board so don't want anything, if you want just something to do. Oh yes he has had children sit on is back but as yet needs a saddle n bridle.
  10. Someone was saying a Church was burgled too Heeley area? Not sure if it's the one next to school
  11. Yes the new owners Light wood farm lovely lady too.
  12. A field needed for a little man, is gelded and can share. Looking Norton or anywhere close by. Thanks
  13. I've just been reading something to do with solar storms producing strange noises like this.
  14. Further news on Mrs boa, think it was just the stress of moving as I handled her since and she's absolutely fine. Seems she just doesn't like orange n white dogs
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