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  1. Is there any way to tell if my heating has been powerflushed? We've just had a new combi put in and 2 new rads (4 old rads stayed in situ). After a few days I had to bleed one of the upstairs rads (hot at the bottom cold at the top so obviously had air in it) and noticed the water that came out (bit of a delayed reaction tightening the thing back up!) was very orange/brown in colour. Is this normal for a few days use or bearing in mind that we still have 4 quite old rads in use? We were quoted for a powerflush so I assumed it had been done... but logicvally I would have thought the water would be relatively clean? On another note, the bedroom rad 'knocks' when the heating comes on, anything we can do about this? Hope that all makes sense! Thanks!
  2. I knew there must have been somebody who was there! It'd be ace to see photos if you cold find them/upload them maybe?
  3. Got some decent quotes so far... Anyone familiar with/used Fixed Price Heating?
  4. Cheers - plaster will hopefully be dry this weekend so we're gonna make a start painting then!
  5. We used to live on Queen Mary Road and had numerous car windows smashed and the door forced twice... As soon as our 6 month tenancy was up we moved as far away from there as possible (Eckington infact lol). All these people who claim the Manor isn't rough are either living in a dream world or are the one's causing all the trouble! At least you were lucky enough to have SOME police interest...
  6. Got British Gas coming round on Monday to give me a quote for replacing my ancient boiler with a new combi, as well as whatever radiators etc need replacing through the house - but they're obviously going to quote me an extortionate price. Anybody going to be able to give me a better price? Or anybody got an recommendations? Btw it's a two bed semi, 6 radiators. Cheers.
  7. Apologies if this has already been asked, but I can't get the search function to work for some reason... We're just about to have our living room plastered/skimmed and want painted walls as apose to papered etc - Will we need to use any kind of undercoat or similar before applying the main emulsion? Ta!
  8. I have the same laptop. When I put it in hibernation mode it switches off fine - nice and quick - but when I restart, it loads as far as the desktop and then just dies and has to be restarted again...
  9. Me, my wife and my sister in law were out driving with when we spotted it about 6pm while we were near Norton Aerodrome. Luckily we had a camera on us! We followed it for about an hour, trying to get a bit closer. Ended up near Dore by the time it was fizzling out... The clouds looked really menaching and odd though... We were sure there was another one about to start, we could see the clouds rotating etc. I'm sure my wife wont mind me posting these (she took the pictures, I did the driving!)... http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/karukai/DSCF3165.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/karukai/DSCF3166-1.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/karukai/DSCF3168.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/karukai/DSCF3169.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/karukai/DSCF3173.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/karukai/DSCF3183.jpg Better late than never...
  10. Fidler does sound familiar - I'll have a look at the papers tonight and see what I can find.
  11. We moved in in May - not number 3 fortunately! Amongst all the documents we got from the solicitors after we'd moved were copies of some really old papers relating to the original purchase of the land the estate was built on. I think it said somewhere that the whole area was bought for about £17,000. Could scan them in if anybody was interested in having a look... Thanks for the info puddinburner btw
  12. Maybe, if that's all it would take to fix it. But since we've already patched the area up I'd rather get someone to have a proper look at it for a professional diagnosis.
  13. Any recommendations for someone who could repair our guttering? It's a solid concrete or stone gutter and has a couple of leaks close together, one causing water to run down the wall, which seems to be causing damp inside the house. We have tried patching up the lining of the gutter a while ago but with the heavy rain over the last few days its got quite bad again. Cheers
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