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  1. I am an experienced rider but had a bit of a break since having my two kids. I used to work with young horses and competed in dressage in Germany for many years. Looking for something more laid back these days; safe and sound ride, possibly something for my 6 year old to have the odd sit on as she is quite interested (not a must). I would like to do flat work and the odd hack, ideally some lessons to get me back into the swing of things and make sure my seat hasn't fallen apart over the years! I'm 60kg and 5'7''. I work full-time so only looking for part loans (I finish at 4pm so able to do evenings). I live in Woodseats S8 so ideally looking around that area / Lightwood / Norton / Dronfield / Dore etc.
  2. Looking for something to hack out and possibly do a bit of flatwork with near S8 area. Experienced rider but would like safe ride after having had a 15months baby break Happy to contribute. Please pm.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a full time place for my baby daughter from March 2010. She will only be 2 1/2 months old. Would be 7.30am to 3.30pm Mon - Fri, ideally in or near Woodseats S8 area. Please pm me if you got any baby spaces available. Thanks
  4. I think and dream in English but when I think about stuff in the past when I still lived in Germany, I switch over to German. Say I think about friends from Germany, then my brain just associates the language with it. It does usually take me a few days to get back in to proper German mode when I am visiting my family. I struggle when I am on the phone to someone in Germany and have to tell my dog off in English at the same time, then I start speaking English to the person on the phone and German to the dog etc... The funniest things that happened to me language wise were a) telling my boss that I was could at catching balls with my lips (we talked about basketball and I meant to say that I didn't like it at school because the ball usually hit me in the face...) b) I thought the saying can't be a**ed actually was can't be asked and used it in business... c) I told our estate agent I didn't want to funny about not knowing that it wasn't actually the word funny that is used in this saying...
  5. Have you got any vacancies at the moment? I'm a native German speaker, have experience in translation from my current role.
  6. Paul69 - it will be worth contacting the allotment people in S7 as they have a waiting list, I think it's ridiculously long but hey - it's worth a try!
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