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  1. Want to join a gym where there is no membership and also that is not full of fit women who look at you because you are not fit, I am a 55 plus female with no confidence in going to a gym Can anybody recommend anywhere
  2. I igjthave a suitcase full of fabric, my mum used to buy it but never do anything with it and she now has Dementia and can’t. Let us know more details please
  3. Ducky1

    San lorenzo italian crookes

    Not really, I have had good reports on the food but I do like a nice drink with my meal, I was wondering whether to take my own wine
  4. Does anybody know what beers/lager they have and what are the Wines like
  5. Ducky1

    Noisy student neighbours

    Wait until they go to bed and then start banging around your house, I had a neighbour when I had my child who used to start vacuuming at 10-10:30 at night, I knew she stayed in bed in the morning so kept pretending to hammer nails on the wall. It lasted about a week and she must have realised, the vacuuming stopped.
  6. Ducky1

    Wedding presents

    Got a wedding invite which says they would like money as a present so they can have a honeymoon. personally I think this is cheeky and would rather buy a present, what do other people think
  7. Ducky1

    Chatsworth christmas market

    Went last year and found things quite expensive but it was good. Not going this year to pay £20 parking, can only go at weekend as well
  8. Ducky1

    Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    I hope they don't go over the 4 hours or they will get a fine!!
  9. Ducky1

    Coca Cola Christmas Truck

    Saw it last year (only because I work at Fox Valley) it was chaos, road blocked in both directions and buses struggled on Manchester Road because of badly parked cars. Thank god its at the weekend this year
  10. They are brothers apparently, one can run a business the other can't!
  11. Ducky1

    Hillsborough arcade salesmen

    1st Utilites stopped me yesterday in precinct, said no thank you and he persisted to follow me asking me to let them quote. If I want to change I will do it my own way not be pestered.
  12. Ducky1

    Bamforth street building

    Heard from someone who was working on in inside of the flats that they had gone bust, all the brickwork is falling off so can’t have been built very well
  13. Ducky1

    Oughtibridge paper shop.

    I pass this everyday and was wondering the same. The scaffolding has been taken down without any work being done, maybe it was insured or insurance repudiated claim.
  14. if this was just a case of robbery, why are we not seeing police walking/driving the area. I live quite close to this stabbing and have not seen one police office patrolling.
  15. A white van ran in to my daughters black Fiesta at the junction coming from Dronfield about 4:15pm. Whilst the driver did stop and give his name and address we are wondering whether anybody was on the roundabout who has dashcam footage.

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