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  1. Hi All, i've created a group on facebook for anyone local with classic cars, thought its a good place to arrange meets etc. feel free to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/southyorkshireclassiccarcommunity/
  2. Bump. Anyone know? have they moved somewhere else, their old premises are now a chinese supermarket
  3. Their crusty sandwiches they have on around dinner time are the bomb
  4. Anyone know whats happened to toast/cafe next to it? There's a sign saying the landlord has taken possession of the units but doesn't explain why? I go in quite a lot for my dinner when i'm working and deffo missing it.
  5. nice one cheers! Can anyone find any pictures of high green house? or why it was demolished? Be interesting to see it.
  6. my dad went to school with him apparently, said he was the scruffy nerdy kid lol.
  7. Can also recommend these guys! deffo worth storing there just to see the 'museum'!
  8. Always been interested by Aspen lodge on the corner of westwood road,High green. Did this used to be a gatehouse to a larger property? the kind you would see in fulwood etc. Looking from above on google maps there is a patch of land behind it and what looks like an old drive way leading from the corner. i was told by a family member that there used to be a tunnel on that land that was filled and covered. Possibly remnants of a cellar? anyone have any info regarding its history.
  9. https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=NUVDDQNYFY000
  10. I have a ford capri..... be warned though i cant promise he wont be swarmed by beautiful women.. I also wont charge... just allow me in to the free bar :D ...on a serious note lol if its a type of car he likes id be happy to do it. edit - just seen its for both of u, maybe not then? haha
  11. The building is relatively sound, it may require a bit of investment regarding the modern extension but apart from that its mainly cosmetic. i agree with the traffic noise, the road is a nightmare however Ive never once heard or felt a train go past from within the building and Ive lived there 7months or so now. no vibrations at all, very rarely hear them even when im outside so your relatives must be incredibly light sleepers, in fact i'm surprised they weren't woken by the cars. also the large side car park gets sun all day lol, i agree the trees need trimming but definitely not felling, there's plenty of space to build housing without taking them down and they will alleviate the flood risk better the bigger they are.
  12. thanks for the replies, Think i may pop down to renishaw hall today see what thats like! ---------- Post added 14-06-2017 at 04:50 ---------- ford capri mk3
  13. literally any plans would have been better than what they are planning to do. It may as well be demolished because there will be nothing left of the beauchief (or the abbey station hotel as its originally called). just an outer skin. really upsets me knowing what will happen. Ill take some pics of the inside as it currently stands and upload them on here. anyone who feels like it can have a look at the plans on sheffield council planning portal and see what the contrast will be. I think its a shame interiors or certain interior features dont get listed when a building does. Thats where all the drama and detail is usually on the inside. i did wonder about the car park/flooding, the river runs right along the back. did it come all the way up to the cross roads last time it flooded?
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