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  1. I've got a large outdoor hutch that was used for a guinea pig free on the swap/give away section on here. I don't know if it would suit your rabbits? http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1428678
  2. Does anybody know if they're still open as a cattery and a livery yard?
  3. Hubby and I are going out tomorrow, not sure if to go to Zizi's in town or one of the Italians at Centertainment, any recommendations would be great!!
  4. I live on the town to Catcliffe part of the route and it used to be terrible, buses running very late and quite often not turning up at all. Recently it does appear to have got better but how long that will last is anyones guess.....
  5. I couldn't agree more Not nice to hear of people loosing their jobs. We had the exact same experience some years ago, slimy salesman only interested in selling us finance, the car was an afterthought. We walked away and went elsewhere
  6. Probably not! What are you doing tomorrow?
  7. No - chocolate is too good to save!!! Whats your plabs for the rest of the evening?
  8. Nooooooo What are you doing tomorrow?
  9. Does the odd word of Welsh count? Whats for supper?
  10. Yes, I went on the HSS from Holyhead many years ago with my parents for the day Can you speak another language?
  11. My greatest wish is for my family and friends to be happy and healthy and for there to be some cure for the dreadful disease that is Alzheimer's and that my Father in Law is suffering from at present. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, it's a horrible horrible thing to witness. Are you expecting anything in the post today?
  12. oh god no, my fingers go faster than my brain at the best of times and gets me into bother so I wouldn't want them to go any faster! The next poster is in their Pjs ready for bed
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