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  1. Totally agree with you. It was brilliant
  2. I know the family of the vicar. It isn't theirs. It's a mossway police station now.
  3. Has anyone been burgled near Heeley City Farm possibly today? I have found something if you have. I am not going into too much detail for obvious reasons. The items will be taken to a police station this evening. So pm me if you think they may be yours.
  4. Is there anywhere in Sheffield or near by that cleans and waterproofs tents? I supposed I could do it myself but I dont have the room to put it up in my garden
  5. Dj that does a bit of karaoke needed for 40th birthday on 8th August at woodseats wmc.
  6. Anyone else have a child that has a really bad phobia about dentists and brushing teeth? At then end of my teather with little locket.
  7. Am positive I saw one on the field at Heeley City Farm this morning. It caught a bird and flew off.
  8. Absolutly fantastic turn out just a shame no one from the council could be bothered to turn up to answer our questions
  9. My grandparent were the caretakers. They lived on Fersfield Street/Princess street
  10. Thanks At last a meeting when I am not at work. It is all pointless due the fact that the bridge will still be the same width. If they just put the traffic lights back in the sequence they were in the traffic wouldn't be as bad.
  11. On a nother thread someone said they had been chopping trees down near the farm this morning. Anyone know anything about this?
  12. I grew up in Page Hall amd lived there until 13 years ago. My muum still lives there. I do feel that things in the area have changed for the worse. Mum doesnt go after 4pm she has worked in the community for 35 years so alot of the people know her and keep alook out for her for me as I am at the other side of town. I wish she would move but she still has friends that she sees everyday and as she says 'It's been my home for over 40 years why should I move'. Hopefully people will start and respect where they live and make it a better place
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