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  1. Well if its anything to go by the comme ts on the S13 page it was empty as a few people posted earlier in the evening to say it was empty
  2. Various facebook pages for Sheffield
  3. Many reports of it not working and an article in the Famous Stat, but hey dont let facts get in the way though! Of not not working
  4. What do you expect with the council that is in not a priority to tgem
  5. If you look at the figures we arent! What the truth behind it is that a few years all crimes were re categorised so the figures look lower but if you look at the overall reported incidents it's gone up. False sense of economy
  6. Post office could help but the dealer should have really done it for you as they have the ability
  7. In the summer they were trying to charge but we just said we had already paid when entering and was having a walk. We was let in no questions. Doubt that be the case now as it be too cold for them to bother with that
  8. Perry Rotherham, when not flooded was £25 a pair
  9. This isn't a hard roundabout at all, the crossings are simple to you and the problems lay with people not reading ahead and expecting people to stop
  10. Without testing the fuel the assumption cant be fully made
  11. You may think its overpriced but clearly many people are happy to pay this hence the need for extension
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