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  1. This Is disgusting. Shouldn't be in the job it you cant fully do it. Why would someone want to go elsewhere. And then people wonder why there is hated people
  2. Unfortunately you have syp to blame for some absurd order placed on the club due to them being heavy handed with fans
  3. Do you know how many cars enter town daily? These seems a very much exaggerated as the queues would be horrendous and this would need to be cross board supported
  4. They certainly would have enough police to do that it will be random checks
  5. Samsung shop in town is reasonably price, ifbtoo much there is on just down from Asda at handsworth
  6. Maybe your watch was wrong! Maybe the buses time was wrong and in fact it left on time as per ticket machine
  7. Well done for sticking at it. It's very difficult doing the small claims thing, but what I would say to people is don't be scared and out off. Your entitled to claim if there is justification. I've had to do this against a large dealer in Sheffield, sells Vauxhall cars, won and struggled still to get payment. In the end it went to the enforcement officers to deal with, which is a another difficult route, but was very quickly sorted at that stage and ended up costing the dealer more
  8. Hi I'm needing a chartered surveyor / someone who deals with upvc windows to view and report on poor window installation. Does anyone know of any companies/ persons able to do this please in Rotherham area
  9. Don't mind a charge just a reliable quick source
  10. They have been kicked off now
  11. Hi I'm needing a chartered surveyor to view and report on poor window installation. Dies anyone know if any companies/ persons able to this please in Rotherham area
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