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  1. AP tyres at Rotherham
  2. Post office could help but the dealer should have really done it for you as they have the ability
  3. In the summer they were trying to charge but we just said we had already paid when entering and was having a walk. We was let in no questions. Doubt that be the case now as it be too cold for them to bother with that
  4. Perry Rotherham, when not flooded was £25 a pair
  5. This isn't a hard roundabout at all, the crossings are simple to you and the problems lay with people not reading ahead and expecting people to stop
  6. Without testing the fuel the assumption cant be fully made
  7. You may think its overpriced but clearly many people are happy to pay this hence the need for extension
  8. What happened to that Dougies meat van? Know they got done a few times, but did they go pop?
  9. No was still brand as Crawshaws outside but after take over name change to Meat Mart
  10. More for info but the Crawshaws at Peaks has closed down today. Personally the twice tried meat from there found it poor quality and expensive for the quality, but theres plenty of people that use it and it seems they have kept quiet until today. Anyway plenty of good butchers in the market and theres Sainsburys and M&S that are hood value for quality
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