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  1. haddy

    New roundabout Moss Way

    Was working at 11.45 when I went past
  2. haddy

    New roundabout Moss Way

    Always have to give way to the right so the traffic still ends up sitting there, so dont see much improvement at all. Since the works have spent more time sat in traffic there then ever before and almost everyone I know who uses the road says the same. Also given the size of roundabout and buses struggling to get over it having to go dead slow then means having to wait. Used to always let traffic come out of the side road and now have no opportunity
  3. haddy

    New roundabout Moss Way

    Personally find it causes more traffic at key times and still see buses waiting due to the volume of traffic going away from the police station
  4. Had my upvc windows fitted by a local trades company and had a number of issues and now the company are just ignoring me. Does anyone know of anyone or a company who could come and give a independent report on the windows and doors soni can take legal action? Or advise on Avenue to take
  5. haddy

    Watch repairs.

    Watch hospital at meadowhall
  6. haddy

    New forum feedback and questions

    The new site is so buggy and unuser friendly on mobile. I hardly come on now as it's so bad to view and navigate on mobile. Certainly not a fan of the new site
  7. haddy

    Enforcement Officer

    No place for litter louts and is good that they do this to tackle the problem certainly will get the person to think twice before doing again. Need more of this doing
  8. haddy

    Drakehouse Car Parks

    This has changed ownership. Argos end is still Crystal Peaks!. Please get your information correct
  9. haddy

    Drakehouse Car Parks

    Seriously who doesn't know this. Sure the park names are a give away! Argos but is Crystal Peaks 2 and has nothing to do with Drakehouse. Give the fact there is also major roads between the sites it should be obvious they are not connected
  10. haddy

    U buffet Closed

    Flaming Dragon was the company did not pay their tac or supplier
  11. haddy

    School trends in administration

    That's why people should always use credit cards! It was obvious this company was going to go under. Signs have been there for a while
  12. haddy

    Traffic around meadowhall 28/12/18

    No offense but you by a car why would you want to use anything else when you have free parking, comfort and get stuck in the same amount of traffic as a bus
  13. haddy

    Traffic around meadowhall 28/12/18

    Personally didn't find the traffic bad at all. Probably added a extra 7 minutes to normal and we went around 4.45. Let's of things been said but we travelled at the said time and found no real issues so notsure what everyone was on about
  14. It's also significant cheaper up to 90% to knock down and rebuild and so is more cost effective. Would you rather it stood there empty and no one invest or get something that us going to be used
  15. Sacking and making someone redundant are 2 different things. The only people to the blame are the local people for not spending there

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