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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 16 hours

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    Hardly used. Includes 2 cups and coffee/ tea strainer. In original box with instructions. Can be used from 240v or 120 v.


  2. Does anyone remember ‘ Russ Lewis Showband ‘ playing there? I am a friend of the leader and he is always telling of tales of places he has played. Turnups in the 70/ 80s is one of them.
  3. I saw lot of police and an ambulance along the Moor about 2 pm . Anyone?
  4. Jocular..........Scottish Jocular........the Scottish cousin of Leonard Euler, the mathematician.
  5. I believe the Latin translates as ‘ Don’t let the b........rds grind you down’.
  6. Does anyone know the condition of the person injured? I live nearby and have heard various rumours.
  7. They played in the 1980-2000era around South Yorkshire. Anyone remember them?
  8. I am trying to contact a woman who worked at HSBC on Fargate and who collected old Victorian coins. I have recently found some of the type she told me about and would like to contact her. I asked in the bank but they did not know her amongst current staff. Thanks Pete
  9. I once nearly bought a Foers Nomad car, which was like a mini -based Moke . That was about 1985.
  10. I used to live on Meersbrook Park Rd and remember the empty house . I wandered in one day and found an abandoned Triumph Mayflower car from about 1952. It was complete and had been pushed out of a garage. A few months later , it was gone . About 1982, Iguess.
  11. Hi I am having a hernia operation in a month or two. I have to have a carer who will collect me and stay with me for 24 hours . None of my friends are drivers or available to stay overnight at my flat. I am happy to pay someone to do this. Are there any organisations out there?
  12. Does anyone know Oliviamarie who I am keen to contact . I have sent her a PM but no reply . Unfortunately , I did not login for 3 months so missed her message above. Her last name might be Larkin but I doubt it.
  13. Yes I still have the radio and it now works. I live in Heeley near Olive Grove Road. Pete
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