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  1. Can you say where they were? I often go out walking in that area.
  2. I have tried to repeat this but no joy. I have read up about Mpemba effect which doesn't seem to explain actual turning to ice . The fridge temperature was about 6 degrees.
  3. Propaganda....a long hard stare. Forum...I'm not sure what it's for. Restoration...… 'Great but it's about time you sat down!'
  4. In that case , I will try and do it again. I did not know of the Mpemba effect and must look it up! I was expecting supernatural explanations.
  5. A few weeks ago , I cooked some chick peas and then put the uneaten portion in a foil dish in my fridge( not freezer). In the morning , they were partially frozen and I took a photo which I cannot upload here (URL?) . Other items seemed cold but not frozen . I tried to repeat it but nothing similar happened. Can anyone explain?
  6. Last Sunday, I tried to use an independent machine across the road from the main train station to check my balance . It was in the wall outside a fast food shop. The card was digested and never seen again . I then noticed the screen was blank . I rang my bank and cancelled the card. However , I returned later to put a note warning anyone else to not use it. The shop owner told me 'it was nothing to do with me' and then 'you can't put a card there as it's a private machine'. He said he would remove it , if I did! It all sounds suspicious to me. What does any one think? On Wednesday , the screen was still blank.
  7. It seems to have stopped at 10 to 11today .However it still chimes on the quarter hour. I thought ,for a moment , that the end had come!
  8. I hope you got it back. I recently lost all my photos for the last year or more when I was thinking of making a back up from a 1GB SD card . It suddenly became impossible to read and computer does not recognise any files at all. PLUS , the camera cannot read any images either .Someone told me it might be still possible to read them .Does anyone know ?
  9. Thank you Annie for sharing this . I bought 2 tickets for last week and had a 3 day holiday in Scarborough and Whitby for 20 pence travel. The Sunday train was on time and half empty and the return was similar on the Wednesday.
  10. As a change of direction, has any else noticed how smoking in bus shelters is returning ? I regularly see people , (no gender mentioned ), sitting there puffing away, almost waiting for someone to complain. Popular places to view this phenomenum are Moorfoot and the Totley Brook Rd junction with Abbeydale Road. Any more sightings?
  11. Does anyone know who to contact if you want to know then exact meaning of a road sign that shows 'No Right Turn' plus 'except buses' . I refer to the crossroads between Queens Rd and Myrtle Rd which has such a sign approaching from Shoreham St . I regularly see taxis and ordinary cars and even cyclists using this option . They have to wait till the last minute , between light changes, before turning right . I have seen several near accidents here . My question is who do I contact to see if this junction can have camera installed , as was done round the corner on Asline Rd , joining London Rd?
  12. I have been away fro a couple of weeks and could not find the thread that usually logs any local wins. Has it been removed ?
  13. What happened yesterday on Gleadless Road about 4pm ?. I saw a helicopter plus about 6 police cars there.
  14. I make my own out of leftovers :- potato, apple ,soft fruit , oats, cereals and a drop of oil all lightly fried together . They take it alright!
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