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  1. Just been to garage and asked abou test They said the government said you can wait 6 months befor you need to get it tested. But if you want it tested after the 30 march they will do it Hi the government as said if your mot runs out after March you can wait 6 months before you need to get it tested,but in that 6 months without a up to date test the onus is on you,there for if you have an accident your insurance company may not pay ifs your fault, especially if it’s due to a fault with your car ,hope this clarifies what you need to know ,kind regards
  2. Seeing as I now have nowhere to go in car it is now parked up for the time being.
  3. Well the garages will be doing the sanitising befor they get in your car like cleaning the steering wheel and door handles and maybe put a clean sheet on your seat,and you can do the same when you collect it. Even though it may be with an Oily rag.
  4. I know what your saying it's in the garage being repaired so why not mot it, mine was booked in for 30 march now it's been cancelled .
  5. I think it means anything faulty
  6. hilp4 You could call not garage and see if they will pick your car up and drop off aterwards,but it may be to late to get it booked in at short notice.
  7. Is that for just for Buses ,lorries trailers etc or for cars.
  8. You could always take it in befor it runs out,
  9. Birley pub, Selling all its Kegs off,very good bargains if you got the pumps for them, 11 gallons to 22 gallons
  10. Rivelin hotel Going to do Meals on wheels. Blind monkey Do take away deliveries. Raven/palm street Do take home beer. New barrack tavern Take away Bottles cartons and growlers.
  11. I should check with Sheffield indexers to check the record for you,as I have come across this on indexers site were more people were buried in same grave,they checked their records and found they put wrong info down,so worth asking indexers to check.
  12. I had seen the guy painting the upvc windows on the Two sheds pub on Crookes,looks quite good, He was just using a brush
  13. Yes they can be painted,not sure if it's a special paint though
  14. Came across this Teleton reel to reel the other day in the loft,don't know if it still works did when it went up there also the tape reels, https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/objects/co117645/teleton-reel-to-reel-tape-recorder-model-5l45et
  15. Yes just move them Frustrated residents who use cones or bins to reserve a parking space outside their homes may not realise they are breaking rules of the road. Council officials take a dim view of people who cone-off space outside their homes to prevent commuters from clogging up the neighbourhood.
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