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  1. Time Left: 22 hours and 27 minutes

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    Upvc internal window sills 240cm wide,Bullnose front /these fit over your existing window boards can be cut easily Sizes 3 x1.25cm x 240cm COLLECTION ONLY 1 x 100 cm x240 cm 1x2.5 x 240 cm/ Damaged board but will get from it 1 x1.50 x 240 cm and 1 x70 cm x 240 cm 1 x 2.5 cm x 240 cm / Damaged board bu will get from it 1 x 119 cm x 240 cm and 1 x80cm x 240 cm Upvc internal window sills,240cm Wide 9mm thick


  2. speleo1

    Mobile mechanic

    Sometime this happens when the Battery is on its way out,or not enough charge in it

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    Toshiba satelite c855-1gn Keyboard and mouse pad plus wireless card got a screen in but get a crack in but works Think theres a battery may not work Water damage to motherboard No hdd No memory Collection



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    Lenovo g570 case parts Keyboard with mouse pad plus case parts all good No hdd No memory No wireless card No battery or charger Board just stopped working. Collection



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    Size 8 biker jacket Collection



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    2 chrome hand rails 35 inches long with anti grip Collection


  7. speleo1

    Loxley & Bradfield Police houses.

    is this the old police house near dam flask https://goo.gl/maps/qTuHEN4gMoJ2 https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/362-loxley-police-house/
  8. Katerina no the Carters building is long gone now, My father worked at carters then carter bond,he was a long distance lorry driver there then eventualy moved into the warehouse as he got tired of driving,he worked there for years 50s 60s 70s+,until he got made redundant, Remember all the sweets and stuff he brought home our house was like a candy shop well there was six kids to keep happy.
  9. speleo1

    Trying to Locate Joanne Nicholson

    they were in s6 in 2002 2004 https://www.192.com/atoz/people/goodison/joanne/ there is also a andrew jame nicholson maybe a brother/cousin https://www.192.com/atoz/people/goodison/joanne/s6/1294046432/
  10. speleo1

    Greaves of Sheffield

    which names if any do you remember working with at greaves, 66 / 69 befor my time 1975,no pictures sorry
  11. speleo1

    Ethernet card/graphics card

    Oh ok so there will be another slot for thid
  12. speleo1

    Ethernet card/graphics card

    Thanks for all replys,it seem that my ethernet module is solderd to the motherboard .
  13. speleo1

    Ethernet card/graphics card

    Geared,no does not have any problems with any modern browsers, web pages or even films, Its a Nvidia card thats fitted with hdmi to tv,
  14. speleo1

    Ethernet card/graphics card

    punkin thanks for that just wonderd if it would work
  15. speleo1

    Ethernet card/graphics card

    hello what will work but not to 200 the computer or ethernet

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