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  1. They will have to put people's Benefits up then to afford an electric car,as they all seem to afford cars on benefits.
  2. It would be ok running a 300+ foot cable Could you imagine the Scrotes of today cutting the cables for fun. Any worry about that when it happens for now
  3. Tinfoilhat Our row off houses is a pathway only outside our house is grass bank, no road except communal carpark 2/3 mins away Tinfoil hat Communal carpark
  4. I am not on about driving it,was asking were would I plug into electric when my house is not near a road nearest carpark 2/3 mins away from house
  5. So these chargers are on motorway services,were do I plug my car in when I am not near a road.
  6. Does this go for motor bikes also turning to electric power.
  7. If you have not sorted it yet empty machine and see if it will spin empty
  8. That's modern electric washers for you
  9. What model is it as some don't have a conventional motor
  10. I was going to suggest the motor brushes
  11. Hello does it fill up and empty and does the drum move around at all
  12. Check out the 28dayslater site I have you a link looks like they have deleted it ?
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