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  1. Hello does anyone know if an tablet can be flashed to a newer version .
  2. I would say they is possible caves etc but don't know about tunnels.
  3. Smart meters don't save you money you know if you are using to much energy, Ours lost its signal to the meter so I called the energy company which replied move it nearer to the meter, then said just put it in a draw and don't use it it's only a Gimmick for customers to use.
  4. Last time it was closed was due to pipes collasped,but as said not seen any working there.
  5. No closed ,But the plough as an open new cabin in garden were you can get tea coffee etc.
  6. Yes remember going to Nags head Bradfield for a pie and a pint,was £5.50/75,now it's £9.50
  7. Wait until the Pubs reopen there price for a pint will also go up,they will have to reap it back somehow,that's if you are a drinker.
  8. I will be walking that way will keep my eyes open,maybe a very rare bird not usually seen in this country,
  9. We suppose to get virgin 200 Mbps but cannot get that on our pc,also how do you get 290 on a phone we only get about ,57 to 75, wireless I know it's our old pc but not getting a new one,so we don't get what we pay for and virgin just tell us we cannot reduce the speed down.
  10. They will have to put people's Benefits up then to afford an electric car,as they all seem to afford cars on benefits.
  11. It would be ok running a 300+ foot cable Could you imagine the Scrotes of today cutting the cables for fun. Any worry about that when it happens for now
  12. Tinfoilhat Our row off houses is a pathway only outside our house is grass bank, no road except communal carpark 2/3 mins away Tinfoil hat Communal carpark
  13. I am not on about driving it,was asking were would I plug into electric when my house is not near a road nearest carpark 2/3 mins away from house
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