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  1. Check out the 28dayslater site I have you a link looks like they have deleted it ?
  2. On flight radar last time I seen it was around bolsover chesterfield ,lost it now
  3. If you try and Download the app it will probably tell you your phone is not up to date,and needs updating or a newer phone.
  4. Yes also seen the Lancaster over Sheffield, also on flight radar
  5. I may have a key board from a hp pavillion Just checked it up Lenovo keyboard.
  6. Dropped pin Near Pitsmoor Rd, Sheffield https://maps.app.goo.gl/r2crL4x9X66ZSkuMA Foundry Studios Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8EN https://maps.app.goo.gl/CemgXjkVeYhXXX3y8
  7. I was told it was those flexible couplings breaking down on the inside causing the black bits,we have black bits in bathroom sink and toilet with flexible pipes,non in the bath or kitchen without the Flexi pipes,
  8. It's just common sense My teenage grandkids knew about Isis they did not go or was so called Brainwashed.
  9. She knew they were terrorist were she was going to,she knew what they were doing its was on TV and the news. She wants to come back for the easy life which won't cost her a penny and get everything for free.
  10. I was on shalesmoor yesterday walking about a few.groups of men pointing at things must be to do with the cycle lanes,a council van filling the red and white cones up with water to weigh them down,at this point just 1 lane of traffic open near ship Inn out bound and then a car breaks down with nowere to pull in because of theses cones,does a bike need a full car lane width,and to top it off I did not see 1 cyclist at all maybe they were in their cars because it was raining like today,I walked the full length of penistone road From Leppings lane to west bar and only had seen 4 cyclist pass me,so we're was all these cyclist we was having.
  11. Still smoking at 5.30 yes looked like one of those warehouses, near go cart track,workers sat on wall and road blocked off
  12. Well the Hillsborough Hotel won't be opening up,it's closing down and being turned in flats or apartments.
  13. Seen one on attercliffe road on the road,there was a van at the traffic lights at Stephenson road turning left the e scooter rider tried to beat the lights and went up the inside of the van,which turned left leaving the e scooter rider bouncing off the side of the van,thought it was very funny,he was not hurt.. But maybe cyclist should have a bell fitted and use them as they sneak up on you
  14. Probably clutch on way out, or maybe worn gear link bushes you said it was looked after with 10 months MOT what's the mileage.
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