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    I phone found near Railway station tonite,handed in to station,contact the station.


  2. Will probably give The blind Monkey a run for its money.with wisewood/loxley beer prices.as since the Monkey as been opened these last few years it prices have gone up a few times and 1 just recently ,to say the monkey also have there fingers in donvalley brewery the don't pass on the cheap beer to customers,
  3. Some on Blake street walkley and some on Whitehouse lane near school fence below blind monkey
  4. Was told today that the Palm pub on Palm street Walkley as been bought by Wisewood inn loxley, It needs alot of referburb as its a bit run down,as had nothing done to it for a while,hope it comes with the wisewood beer prices,like the Nags and King and miller,
  5. Yes worked there when left school in 73/74,remember George and son nice people,I remember the old chap that worked on that big grinding wheel he sat on in the corner think his name was Ian,and I think Alice gunney who was the inspection and packer, I worked on the buffing and doing the scissor shanks on those belt machines,it was a dirty job indeed,then I used to take the scissor shanks to Viners for playing,think I managed about a year there .
  6. Well when they gave that 200mbps i told them it wont work for me,but i got it anyway told them i want to drop down on speed,but they said i could not do it,so how do you get to drop back GHOZER,
  7. Just been notified by Virgin media that another price increase of £3.50 from september. I only have broadband with them, as no phone line connected They gave me the 200mbps but my equipment wont take 200 lucky to get 100 or less sometimess
  8. Yes She is in sheffield filming ,she is on upperthorpe now filming near the swimming baths and library,for a programme out in january She is there with a film crew now
  9. Just seen 2 helicopter gun ships fly over loxley,seem to be heading towards ladybower,
  10. Yes i popped my head over the fence looking in the yard and it was all cleared of rubbish, There was some pictures on the web were some people had got in the burgoyne and it was in a right state of repair,
  11. Noticed some work going on in this closed down pub,Seems its going to be converted into a 13 bed HMO, Also heard someone had bought the old Burgoyne arms pub not sure whats going to happen with that if true, And the old motorcycle shop being converted into flats as well, Better than letting them going to beyond repair.
  12. is this the old police house near dam flask https://goo.gl/maps/qTuHEN4gMoJ2 https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/362-loxley-police-house/
  13. Katerina no the Carters building is long gone now, My father worked at carters then carter bond,he was a long distance lorry driver there then eventualy moved into the warehouse as he got tired of driving,he worked there for years 50s 60s 70s+,until he got made redundant, Remember all the sweets and stuff he brought home our house was like a candy shop well there was six kids to keep happy.
  14. they were in s6 in 2002 2004 https://www.192.com/atoz/people/goodison/joanne/ there is also a andrew jame nicholson maybe a brother/cousin https://www.192.com/atoz/people/goodison/joanne/s6/1294046432/
  15. which names if any do you remember working with at greaves, 66 / 69 befor my time 1975,no pictures sorry
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