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  1. Does anyone know anyone that can straighten an alloy wheel out so that I can fit tyre back on.
  2. Hi i,m thinking of having a resin drive done and am just wondering if anybody has had one done that is older than 5 years and can comment on what condition it is in now and weather they think its worth the expense. Cheers
  3. HI does anyone know where i could take a pair of curtains to be taken up would rather be S6 or there abouts so i dont have to travel far..cheers.
  4. I have one and have used it to make the appointment, it came in the post about a mth ago the letter said i had to make my own appointment.
  5. Just a quick update about my clamped van, wrote a letter to dvla clamping section, explained what had happened regarding only just buying van etc and they agreed to refund me all the money back for removing the clamp.
  6. rung them but had to be 25 to get insured with them
  7. Hi has anyone got any recomendations for cheap van insurance brokers
  8. not sure about farmers maybe they have a trade insurance and tax agreement or something ?
  9. yes garage is away from house but i do own it and the land in front of it is mine and its freehold
  10. according to the paper work that came with the clamp it says they can even clamp a vehical if its on your own land without tax and not sorn. If its inside your garage then they cant, trouble is its too big to fit in garage
  11. i know but it has to be done tomorrow or they will clamp it again and if i sorn it i dont get my £160 back from my £260 clamping fee
  12. anyway iv paid fine now to get clamp off, iv just got to find someone to lend me £1800 to get it ins and taxed before tomorrow dinner time or they will clamp it again
  13. yes thats what i was thinking i bet somebody seen it had no tax and reported it, best thing is it was a cheap van but now its ending up being a dear one :@
  14. my mate got it on back of his car transporter as it doesnt start at moment
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