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  1. Carterhall bottom pond has carp to over 20lb in it. Day ticket and season permits available (was a waiting list on season permits)Jeremy is a top bloke too who runs it.
  2. Hi Fished here last year on a pleasure session. Great fishery with a number of ponds. You can use keep nets too. We only put silvers in though. Stuffed with ide. Day tickets on bankside and secure parking with main gates locked. Key from bungalow at side of entrance last time we went. They do have a website. Tight lines
  3. Plenty of stockies in Eves 6mm expander over micros will catch them Plenty of skimmers too Feed margins and you should catch late on. There are some proper lumps in there too. Tight lines PS dead reds always do well there
  4. Any recommendations for cheap skip hire please. After a 3 tonne skip Sheffield
  5. Once saw a terrapin basking in sun whilst fishing a stretch near Effingham Rd . Obviously someone's pet that got too big for its tank!!
  6. If you're after somewhere quiet then try Pinchmill at Whiston. Great little fishery that is secure with a combination lock on gate that you get code for when you buy your day ticket. Opens automatically on entry. No matches and nets allowed if you like your silver fishing. I used to go regular to Aston but it seems all geared for matches nowadays. Pegging is too close on there .
  7. So Amey strike again! This time digging through a gas main in Shiregreen. This company are a joke. How they got a massive contract with the council is beyond me.
  8. Just hope that while it's been closed there haven't been any poachers on site. Look forward to getting back on the bankside ---------- Post added 07-03-2018 at 17:40 ---------- Six am tackle and bait taking over at Kiveton Waters. Great news..good luck Trev n Johnny . Matches this weekend
  9. Heard from Canal and rivers trust that new tenants are being appointed at Kiveton Waters. They say it should be up and running again before Easter. Open matches will start again too. Great news
  10. Whoever is in charge of this farce should be held accountable. It's an absolute disgrace how long this is taking . Sometimes you see an Amey van parked on the footpath with two guys sat reading the paper but nothing has changed in weeks. Like I've said in a previous thread if I carried on at work like these useless idiots I'd be looking for work in the job centre. Shame on Sheffield council for awarding massive contract to Amey.
  11. Another large contractor awarded loads of government and council contracts. I've complained about Amey on numerous occasions. Badger Road was completely relaid around 2 years ago and already breaking up with numerous potholes that have been filled in then open up again. Obviously not correctly in the first place. There's a crater near Goathland Road that gets wider and deeper everyday!!
  12. If I performed like those Clowns (Amey) I would lose my job. The kerbs have been in weeks and still it's not finished.
  13. The one you're thinking of is Kiveton Hall Farm. This used to be run by Steve Hague. Also now closed. Kiveton Waters is half a mile down road on the road to Harthill on your right hand side
  14. Shame to hear that the great Kivo Waters has closed it's doors. Last match was last Sunday. I believe that the British Waterways lease has gone up to 10k per year. Sold off all keep nets and landing nets Sunday. Wayne and Collette did great job.
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