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  1. What is the difference between organic and non-organic honey?(apart from the price?!)
  2. Do you remember going to Miss Bates' room to get new plimsolls?!(not pumps then!) Also going upstairs to see the nit nurse and get cod liver oil capsules and malt extract-yuk!
  3. I second that! Also remember Mr Greatorex but not sure why? Perhaps because it was rare to see a male teacher in a primary school. Mrs Scrimshaw was a scary dinner lady. Had a crush on Miss Starling who left to get married!( Yes that did happen back in the day!)
  4. I am a child of the 50s and have vague recollections of 2 things that I am convinced were around in the 60s but can't find anyone who agrees! Firstly, I am convinced that when traffic lights changed from green/red to amber, they did so simultaneously - unlike now where there is a short gap to let 'amber gamblers' rush through?! Secondly, I seem to recall there was a time when petrol pumps could only sell fuel at whole pennies, not including decimal points like nowadays? Can anyone help?!
  5. Does anyone know if a member of the public can just turn up here and buy flowers on spec? I need about 70 bunches of daffs for Mothers Day but am not a business! Thanks.
  6. River at Holme Lane corner was ridiculously high a couple of hours ago.
  7. Fair enough-it's their decision but similarly it should be our right to refuse to be treated by a doctor who hasn't been vaccinated. They can't have it both ways. Also it seems unfair when carers weren't treated similarly.
  8. Says on the website it re-opens on Saturday 15th. (It has been called Loxley Nurseries for some time). Normal opening days are Tuesday to Sunday.
  9. Wonder what goes through someone's mind to make them want to carry a knife when they go out?
  10. I get my medicine ordered online now-brilliant service and delivered to the door within days. They even give you reminders when to re-order. No more waiting for ages at the local pharmacy-brill.
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