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  1. lindylou53

    Myers Grove and Hinde House schools

    Myers Grove was a purpose-built comprehensive.
  2. lindylou53

    Women who swear in public

    Slightly off-topic - when looking round a new housing estate still being built recently I noticed a sign saying 'No offensive language on this site'! Not sure if it was a joke, referring to builders or to vising public! - or any combination of those three!
  3. lindylou53

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Breakfast At Tiffany's - a big let-down.
  4. lindylou53

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    Correct - I was 63 when I got mine - same as pension.
  5. lindylou53

    Old videos

    OK - thanks for suggestions - will follow them up.
  6. lindylou53

    Old videos

    All shop bought - variety of kids, films, box-sets etc.
  7. lindylou53

    Old videos

    Can anyone make use of loads of old videos or is it just a case of dumping them?!(not literally of course!) Thank you
  8. lindylou53

    Old towels

    Perfect - thank you. Will take them - good to know about sheets too.
  9. lindylou53

    Old towels

    Strange question but does anyone know of any charity that can make use of old - but not threadbare! - towels? Our local shop used to collect them for an animal shelter but now the shop is in new hands and doesn't do it anymore. Thank you
  10. lindylou53

    Rave 5 August 2018?

    Yes - at the expense of everyone else as I certainly didn't!
  11. lindylou53

    Rave 5 August 2018?

    Heard it here in Stannington - very early morning - 4ish.
  12. lindylou53

    Beeley Wood weir.

    Correction - google says the migration happens in autumn so just missed it 😢
  13. lindylou53

    Beeley Wood weir.

    Just assumed they were salmon so stand corrected! Will look out for them this year and try and get some photos. There were loads of them and they were big but this was a couple of years ago now. Presume it happens in Spring?
  14. lindylou53

    Steam train through Sheffield

    Thanks for info - that's great!
  15. Can anyone tell me how/if I can find out the name of the steam train that went through Sheffield Midland Station earlier this week - possibly Tuesday or Wednesday? I have looked online but can only find future dates. Thank you

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