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  1. Thank you. I have finally managed to get some -from B&Q!
  2. As per title, does anyone know of anywhere that stocks this? I realise it's a bit late to do a hanging basket but want to try before it's too late and i think this is the best lining. Thank you.
  3. No-because sadly, bad news sells.
  4. If people refuse to wear masks and/or be vaccinated let them pay the full cost of any treatment they need if hospitalised. However, this doesn't get over the problem of passing it onto others. To my mind, if you wear a mask you're not harming anyone, least of all yourself- but if you don't wear one there is a chance you could harm someone. It doesn't really matter if you think they might be useless- after all it's no big deal. And of course it is the law.
  5. No idea but one is too many as far as i'm concerned.
  6. According to the BBC website over 30 murderers killed again after release from prison in between the years 2000-2010.
  7. It would achieve the protection of society from future crime.
  8. Unfortunately there are also many 'reformed' criminals who have been released and then gone on to kill again... Better to be kept in prison where at least they can't kill again.
  9. Sure there is one above High Bradfield on a Sunday morning - we've heard it twice recently.
  10. Similar to Ugg boots in my opinion-over-priced, ugly and unflattering-but fashion dictates that they are trendy so must be worn!
  11. I think the 15mins wait is only after Pfizer vaccine as it's a new type of vaccine. I had Oxford jab and no wait.
  12. I didn't mean to suggest in any way that you were jumping the queue but i do know of people who have found this loophole and are abusing the system. I hope you get your appointment soon.
  13. You are supposed to wait for a letter but some people who think they are special enough to jump the queue book theirs on the website which doesn't check whereabouts you are on the waiting list.
  14. Ridiculous queuing here this morning. Cars parked all over-on corners, double yellow lines etc. Impossible to tell which cars were trying to get up to Morrisons, which were queuing for McDonalds and which for B&Q. Do people really need these take-aways so desperately?!
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