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  1. lindylou53

    Lily beetles

    Does anyone know which type of lily doesn't attract these beetles? I've got lilies in pots which get eaten to death but day lilies aren't touched. Are there any other types which aren't affected? Thank you.
  2. lindylou53

    Sheffield peregrine falcons 2019

    Yes - looking completely different!
  3. lindylou53

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Wonder if it's a Sheffield saying as it's normally "effing and blinding"?
  4. lindylou53

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    Yes that's probably true but the difference nowadays is the use of foul language is treated as 'normal' by so many. Can never remember the F word being bandied about in public when I was young!
  5. lindylou53

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    A sign of the times I'm afraid - in our youth you would never have dreamed of swearing in front of your parents, women or children. The lack of respect shown to people in these categories is a symptom of the breakdown of society's values.
  6. lindylou53

    Fish at Hillsborough Corner

    Sorry to disappoint you!...
  7. lindylou53

    Fish at Hillsborough Corner

    Oh - didn't realise that - thanks for info. Didn't see it on google either!
  8. Started a similar thread a few years ago but can't find it! Saw a fish today - presumably a trout - trying to leap (unsuccessfully) up the weir at Hillsborough Corner by the bus-stop. The river - as you can imagine after recent downpours - was very fast-flowing so the poor thing didn't get very far! I seem to remember looking this up on-line and thought it was supposed to happen in autumn. Any explanations anyone?
  9. I never venture into that area for that precise reason - it's intimidating.
  10. Tony and John the 'pram man' both make me proud to be a Sheffielder - they make a brilliant pair - both being of a similar age and disposition - not wanting to put themselves in the spotlight and both working tirelessly for others. It is tinged with sadness that in both cases it was a tragedy that set them both on their respective paths with no thoughts for themselves - a true inspiration.
  11. Don't know anything about planes but when I heard the enormous racket from home at 8.45 I dashed outside to see the last (presumably) 3 planes fly over Stannington. Which ones would these have been? They looked identical. Such a moving experience and the old photo of the 10 airmen brings a lump to my throat.
  12. lindylou53

    Myers Grove and Hinde House schools

    Myers Grove was a purpose-built comprehensive.
  13. lindylou53

    Women who swear in public

    Slightly off-topic - when looking round a new housing estate still being built recently I noticed a sign saying 'No offensive language on this site'! Not sure if it was a joke, referring to builders or to vising public! - or any combination of those three!
  14. lindylou53

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Breakfast At Tiffany's - a big let-down.

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