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  1. My bugbear is bananas wrapped in a polythene bag - as if nature's packaging of a skin isn't enough!
  2. Driving down Bolehill Lane onto junction of Crookes/Northfield Rd yesterday afternoon and there was a grafitti artist spraying on the end house wall in the pouring rain! Wondered if anyone knew if it was Phlegm or could recognise the art as one of his?
  3. Seen it all now - literally! Two blokes urinating in the disgusting subway under Arundel Gate on way back from train station. - in full view of any passing women/children and in broad daylight. Not a shred of embarrassment. What has happened to public decency?
  4. What is 'edgy' comedy to some will always be offensive to someone else. There's no straightforward answer to this as you either have free speech or you don't - there's no halfway house!
  5. Been to Harrolds today - good service and even better prices! Very knowledgeable staff - never knew locks and keys could be so complicated!
  6. Jusoda!! - haven't heard that name for about 50 years despite all the reminiscing I do with cronies nowadays!!
  7. Got a friend who lives in one of these 3 bed houses - it's lovely - decent size, near countryside, Aldi, Asda, Parkway etc. Seems a nice area too and prices not bad. They are very happy with it.
  8. Does anyone know which type of lily doesn't attract these beetles? I've got lilies in pots which get eaten to death but day lilies aren't touched. Are there any other types which aren't affected? Thank you.
  9. Wonder if it's a Sheffield saying as it's normally "effing and blinding"?
  10. Yes that's probably true but the difference nowadays is the use of foul language is treated as 'normal' by so many. Can never remember the F word being bandied about in public when I was young!
  11. A sign of the times I'm afraid - in our youth you would never have dreamed of swearing in front of your parents, women or children. The lack of respect shown to people in these categories is a symptom of the breakdown of society's values.
  12. Oh - didn't realise that - thanks for info. Didn't see it on google either!
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