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  1. Bet it wasn't like this in the good old days of community spirit when rationing was going on...
  2. Hopefully I won't be classed as a loon - having had personal experience of something similar! I know its not quite the same but I had sedation and epidural when I had haemorrhoids removed several years ago. It knocks you out but hasn't got the dangers of General anaesthetic - I recommend it. Think it's commonly used nowadays.
  3. Yes - noticed these on Snake Pass - strange. Thought it was graffiti at first.
  4. And Monty Don-he's got such a gentle way about him- with his dogs too.
  5. I am in love with Ken Bruce on Radio 2-sounds such a nice bloke.
  6. His teeth alone are enough to put me off!
  7. This reminds me of people who place large stones/rocks on 'their' grass verges outside their houses. I know it's annoying to have verges churned up but it's not their right either to stop people parking on verges.
  8. Thanks for all the info everyone - it's made me realise I'm even more of a computer dinosaur than I thought😊
  9. Really? - didn't know that - thought it meant the opposite!
  10. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of spam e-mails for good?! I am sick of getting up to 20 e-mails every day (all from USA) offering me various 'services' from women!! ( I am a straight 66 year old happily-married female!) Most of them don't have an unsubscribe option and those that do just say that 'this is a dodgy website' or words to that effect and advising me not to proceed. It's driving me mad! Annoying thing is that husband doesn't get any!! Please help! Thank you in advance!
  11. Nouns that are used as verbs eg 'gifting' instead of giving.
  12. The problem is when you get aggressive drivers who streak down the right-hand lane at a rate of knots to the end of the lane where it merges and then just shove in instead of going down at a 'normal' speed and waiting to be let in earlier on.
  13. The bus companies are too interested in making profits to bring conductors back even though it was a much more satisfactory and quicker service when they had them. I feel much safer on the tram where a conductor is on hand to help with any potential problems that might arise be it with tickets or people!
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