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  1. Says on the website it re-opens on Saturday 15th. (It has been called Loxley Nurseries for some time). Normal opening days are Tuesday to Sunday.
  2. Wonder what goes through someone's mind to make them want to carry a knife when they go out?
  3. I get my medicine ordered online now-brilliant service and delivered to the door within days. They even give you reminders when to re-order. No more waiting for ages at the local pharmacy-brill.
  4. 12 years training to be a GP with massive debts on top. Working with (often) the bolshie public. How long to train to be a brickie? How much aggro from the public?
  5. I've had 2 root canals. At the second one the dentist said that as the tooth/nerves were dead i wouldn't need an anaesthetic but that she would test this first!!! She was right-didn't feel a thing-but boy was i apprehensive😬
  6. I think all care homes have different rules. I have a friend who's been double/triple-jabbed and has been told she can only see her 95 year old mother, who has Alzheimers, for 15 mins on Xmas Day. I do know other care homes are different.
  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the 'free eye check' salespeople near the check-outs before I go mad!!! I find myself going through the plant section just to avoid them! Surely everyone has been accosted by them by now?! I have never been one to be rude to chuggers and the like but am beginning to understand how it can creep up on you...
  8. Positive news at last. Yes i would be willing to have 4 vaccines a year. After all, what does this amount to-an hour?!
  9. I think if she hasn't managed to sort out how to reference after 14 years there isn't much hope for her!
  10. I know about the Sainsbury connection but can you still order there and pick up straightaway like you could at Argos or is it pre-ordering online?
  11. So now just about the only shop to speak of on Angel Street has disappeared. Did i miss an announcement? (Also the Kilner Way one). Can't believe the Co-Op nearby is still trading-suppose that will be the next to bite the dust.
  12. Because there will be some pervs somewhere who DO perceive changing rooms to be a sexual environment-even if you don't.
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