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  1. As per title - can anyone tell me what species of daffodil is only just coming into flower now? Not noticed it being so late before. It is quite a short specimen.
  2. Anyone know what to do with this?1 It's a John Lewis - 10 years old. Would anyone want it for scrap? Can't fit in car to take to dump.
  3. Was put into a queue last week of '30 mins' at B&Q - it was an hour and a half by the time I got on the website and they hadn't even got what I wanted! This was 3am too!!
  4. Yes - I heard one a couple of days ago just above Broomhead Reservoir. Been bird-watching for over 40 years and only ever seen one - near Rocher Rocks at Bradfield.
  5. Has anyone clicked on the Google icon on the home page? It's an amazing inter-active 'game' showing the life of a bee - amazing and very informative. Give it a try. It's for World Earth Day's 50th anniversary.
  6. I know it's not quite the same but you can walk round most of the dam on the pavement. A bit further afield but just as nice and not so busy - a walk round Agden dam.
  7. I know it's not quite the same but you can walk round most of the dam on the pavement.
  8. Yes I saw that too - it was Sunday night.
  9. Exactly same response I got when I went in the bottom entrance years ago when it had just opened when out dog-walking. There were no signs anywhere then to say it was private property. Not my cup of tea anyway!
  10. Went to Morrisons earlier in the week - they were handing out kitchen roll that had been disinfected to wipe trolley handles with but not limiting number of people entering store. Today had to queue to get in but all trolleys just being collected as normal with no disinfecting being offered. ??
  11. Future Learn have a massive choice of subjects on offer - both professional and interest only topics - some leading to qualifications I think and/or counting towards CPD.
  12. I have been to the Durham one - pretty sure it won't have been this one as it's an old manor house and not ever a type of 'workhouse 'or childrens home.
  13. So - as per title - I have decided we need some positive things to uplift us in these worrying times. These are my suggestions - others welcome: No football!(this one might be a bit contentious!) An appreciation of good health - not realised until you no longer have it An appreciation of spring and nature more obvious with the lack of noise An appreciation of corner shops - I for one will continue to support them when the crisis is over Community spirit is more evident Holidaying in the UK will be encouraged and less foreign holidays and travel abroad Animal cruelty issues brought into the open Less pollution Less wastage of food and more home cooking Tidier homes and gardens Chance to pursue other hobbies while housebound Empathy for disabled people who are housebound all the time Less mention of Brexit and Harry and Meghan! Fewer road accidents and alcohol-related incidents - so less visits to A&E (Although this might be cancelled out by DIY/gardening accidents!) An altogether calmer and more considerate way of life And of course an appreciation of our fantastic NHS and all public service workers Any more ideas anyone?
  14. Bet it wasn't like this in the good old days of community spirit when rationing was going on...
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