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  1. Nouns that are used as verbs eg 'gifting' instead of giving.
  2. The problem is when you get aggressive drivers who streak down the right-hand lane at a rate of knots to the end of the lane where it merges and then just shove in instead of going down at a 'normal' speed and waiting to be let in earlier on.
  3. The bus companies are too interested in making profits to bring conductors back even though it was a much more satisfactory and quicker service when they had them. I feel much safer on the tram where a conductor is on hand to help with any potential problems that might arise be it with tickets or people!
  4. Terrible delivery service which delivers nothing but lies. Have a look at the reviews. Impossible to contact by any method.
  5. Thank you - got her birth certificate but it only says district not precise address. Think I might have got it now though.
  6. As per title - does anyone know if or how this is possible? There are lots of family tree websites but they only seem to give info on people not places of birth. I know the town but that is all and would love to see the house where she was born. Thanks in advance.
  7. Saw a kingfisher flying under the bridge a few weeks ago!
  8. Just been covered in scaffolding for the last week or so and surrounded by security fencing.
  9. At last! - work going on here after about 20+ years of neglect. Just the other big old ex-children's home on Mortimer Road to sort out now!
  10. Yes-used to love the Eccie Road one but that was in a much better position.
  11. Anyone know what this going to be? Sign says Yankees so I'm guessing a restaurant?
  12. Not sure if this is the right section to ask this but how is acrylic paint different to ordinary paint apart from the fact that it comes in tubes?! I am re-painting a rocking horse and have been advised to use acrylic paint but I will need about 100 tubes!! Can I just use 'ordinary' paint and then several coats of clear varnish on top to protect it? We have sanded it down and are using a primer before painting. Thank you
  13. I think it's all a load of pretentious twaddle just like cheap/expensive wines. If you think it's going to taste better if you've paid more then it will! It's a way of justifying being ripped off!
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