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  1. Was your office on the Dale near to the shop that sold Robertsons jam;)
  2. Well that is solved then! although I do know that Joe had a new Rover and a Daimler parked alongside the old Cortina's and Morris Minors parked on Tasker Road when he first came back from America.
  3. I caught the bus at hillsbough park yesterday on my way to Burncross it took me 45 mins to get as far as the White Horse pub on Halifax Road[ three stops] and one hour to reach Burncross. What will happen when the new Sainsbury superstore opens is any ones guess . Town planning is an Art , Int it.
  4. Is it true that there is or is going to be a Wilkinsons on the Moor perhaps in the old Woolworths shop.
  5. Bang on and the brave reporter will be tucked away in his upmarket pad in some far away place laughing all the way to the bank.
  6. That is what Barry stated the tax loop holes are there for the rich. ---------- Post added 08-11-2014 at 21:27 ---------- Any one got a phone no for the Sky man.
  7. neither a series two land rover or a triumph Bonneville from the sixty,s will make a man of you.
  8. Don't forget the Spanish Civil war lads at the Piece Gardens memorial its only a short walk from Barkers Pool and seems to be forgotten every year.
  9. Of course you can speak any language you prefer in PRIVATE, but how many times does the situation arise where you enter a room and the occupants are speaking English and then very quickly revert to a foreign tongue because you have disturbed their space.
  10. And that with a football match on at Owlerton this evening kick of 7-45 PM.
  11. I was told that Joe once owned a big American car while living in Sheffield ,although I have read his Autobiography by Sheffield author J.P. Bean the book makes no metion of this. Perhaps another urban myth . As an after thought I remember seeing Joe at the Lyceum in the early 80's there was no seats in the Auditorium as the Theatre was in the process of being tidied up at that time so every one was crammed in front of the stage. Joe as usual brought the house down.
  12. Ta Ra Bypass. All the best P.S. I have jacked the footi forum in as well. To many egomaniacs, you get sick of em telling each other how good they are . Just this one for you.
  13. There is a bottle of that stones in front of me now as I type, along with a Framed programe from Wednesday 26th Dec 1979 . Both magic memories.
  14. I am sure I once saw two United players sat down snogging each other in the middle of the pitch. Not the only thing that was hard then in those days;)
  15. Well, well, well. Let the liar and misinformer reply. Item one, The half dozen traders who have shown that they MIGHT be interested in moving to the New MOORFOOT market has been headline news for the past ten days on both Look North and the Sheffield Star . Perhaps you have missed these headlines if so I forgive you for calling me a liar but you should look before you descend into such accusations. Item Two. The proof that you have asked for with regards to the £63.7 million cost for building the new Moor Foot Market. [And the most important as you have questioned my integrity once again] This information was originally obtained by the Sheffield Telegraph and was the main headline story on Friday the 13th of August 2010. In the same article councillor Scriven said, " It will prove to be good value for money", as the current Market would need £10 million spending on it for repairs. [ Not much difference then]. The article goes on to say that £1.065 million will be the cost per year over the intended 60 year life span. These figures are todays estimated interest costs and like other past projects undertaken by the council inc The Don Valley Stadium could spirall out of control but then lets not go there!. The above information was also broadcast on local radio and in other various newspaper articles, so there you go, just another lie made up by me. As to the car parking situation at Castle Market I myself used the car park at the rear entrance at the corner of Exchange Street and Castle Gate in the past why this now lies empty and unused is any ones guess, perhaps you can tell us. Further to this I have as part of a group who tried to save Castle Market for the ordinary and often poorer members of Sheffield citizens[ who use it ]spoken to some of the oldest traders in the Market. One trader even asked me to start a partition on thier be half,[ this was before the decision to go ahead on the Moor]. I responded to this by saying that it should be the stall holders hemselves who did this but for what ever reason they did not. To late now . Now I know you have called me a liar but I will not name those traders as they spoke to me in confidence but I will tell you that the majority of them did not want to move from the current location. I have also interviewed hundreds of Castle Market users and not one ,I repeat not one, has been in favour of a move to Moorfoot. Perhaps the Council in their wisdom should have done the same instead of riding rough shod over people who seem to be ignored and disregarded by the people in power. Maybe the Moorfoot Market will be a rip roaring success but it will never take over the wonderful heritage and Sheffield history that is the traditional market area today. So some more lies for you to ponder over hope it keeps you happy. ---------- Post added 05-02-2013 at 20:59 ---------- Never mind Dutch I am sure you will enjoy the new shopping Mall along with the brica bac and fancy goods that the new venue will attract. For a bit of nostalgie you can always go to Barnsley , Chesterfield or even Doncaster and listen for the Market men and lasses in full throat. Who knows you may see some familier faces from the Castle Market among the shoppers and stallholders.
  16. Any party that PROMISES to get us out of Europe will get my vote. Except the Tory party who give with one hand and take with the other.
  17. The difference is History. The present trading site has been the main traditional area for aprox a thousand years. Perhaps all the historical sites in the country should change their location. Can you imagine Barnsley ,Doncaster,Chesterfield etc, etc moving the Markets to a location on the other side of Town . Again I also ask why build a supertram and then take the main food shopping area away from its route, Town Planning gone daft!
  18. Armchair Managers from Sheff 6. I would check that one out for the biggest 2 candidates pal.
  19. Still waiting for you to tell all and sundry what lies I have told.
  20. Does it matter that we can get to London 30 mins sooner than today.
  21. Franklin! Are you insinuating that a few on this forum are puffs. If so then take no notice of chopper man as I am not in love with big David ! although I do NOW think he is rather hot!.
  22. Of course I am aware that is why you formed the BBC section .
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