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  1. With the money utd made from the cup run, could we afford brayford?
  2. I work for NHS, when we go on wards its nice to talk to patients and its nice for patients to talk to us aswell.
  3. I work for N.H.S (Deep clean) Theirs some really good people that work at northern general from domestics to doctors, everyone does a fantastic job.
  4. Hi Everyone, anyone from parson cross running coaches to Wembley? need 2 seats for me and our lass..
  5. :help:Hi everyone, I work at hospital and working Christmas day 9 till 4. I work for Deep clean team that keep c-diff and norovirus off the wards. Iam just wanting to take my partner for a drink on chrimbo night as we are on our own, with the kids going to their dads, any help please...:help:
  6. Anybody know if theirs any pubs open Christmas day night in Sheffield.
  7. Godbless the 56 and the families xxxx
  8. utd or weds be in the top two or playoffs? mid table or just avoid relegation ? or get relegated ?
  9. Was it the right decision for mc'cabe to sack Wilson ?
  10. Seen this video on utube, does all utd fans agree with this video? http://youtu.be/Zva9TQHKA8s
  11. Hi, Is the house on colley road a four bed property, two houses on from some flats, have a green door and opposite a small field with a bus stop???? If so, me and my boyfriend have just moved from there. We had to downsize as we wernt entitled to a four bed after loosing johns dad in june . He lived there for 40 years with his dad and had never had any trouble whatsoever.
  12. Another classic=utd vs leeds in cup,1.0 down then jags scored a class goal 1.1 Ndlovu made it 2.1 ..
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