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  1. Thats bad!!! Hope shes ok, and your friend. It cant be easy seeing something like that.
  2. From the link........... His punishment comes shortly after Saudi Arabia criticised Norway's human rights record and accused it of not doing enough to counter criticism of the prophet Mohammed. The gulf state also demanded all criticism of religion and of the Prophet Mohammed be made illegal in Norway. All i can say is ---------- Post added 08-05-2014 at 21:00 ---------- With friends like these,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Would I. I can see what youre trying to do, you wont succeed as like i say, ive made my position perfectly clear.
  4. Then if you arent trolling i take it back Ill also repeat, i dont defend sex abusers of kids. Child rapists are the scum of the earth so what ever impression you got from my previous posts im happy to confirm my position. So, well leave it at that then shall we?
  5. :hihi: Yeah, i do too. You must have an empty life or a sick brain to think what you think Trolling on a thread where pimping kids is being discussed says so much about you.
  6. Ive had sex in a KFC toilets, a McDs, in a doctors examination room, an allotment, In my car, in someone else s and a couple of places i wont divulge. Sex is sex but it can be fun in unusual places. Im not defending anyone who knew or even suspected these girls could be under age, they should be locked up for it but in the end it would be next to impossible to prove they knew unless they were into that kind of thing at home. Also girls mature so fast these days. Some of them that are only sort of the 15 to 16 age look a good few years older, slap a bit of lippy and makeup on and she looks even older. ---------- Post added 08-05-2014 at 15:55 ---------- Yeah, at 11 years old she MUST have looked too young. Anyone who had sex with her should have been in court along with that scummer pimp!!
  7. Someone (probably white) would have screamed racist!
  8. I want to kill gay people. Women should have no rights. The poor should be executed and used as animal feed. You recon those opinions are ok? Would you like to hear them? Wouldnt it bother you?
  9. They arent more guilty than her. They are no more guilty than any man using a prostitute. Youve no idea if they even knew the age of the girls. The service you could call it was there, they used it, they wouldnt have used it if it werent for the pimp and so quite rightly she went to prison and again quite rightly the users of the brothel were kept out of it.
  10. Dont forget to be rude, ignorant and smelly then the job will be yours. lol
  11. Sure, i have no problems with Africans moving to the next nearest place that has soil and water for them to start over and become productive members of the human race.
  12. Yes. well done you. Now this is where you say "but if they had gone past already how could you shout at them?" or some other pointless comment. So, over to you lol.
  13. Or, White people were smart enough to move somewhere where something grows and then take it from there. Look, im not being funny really im not but if these baron dust bowls are so hospitable, they should pick up their few belongings and move en mass to a place with soil and water.
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