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  1. Prickly aromantic rose tastes yeasty Nasal
  2. Cheesy rolls or slimming sandwiches? Mauve
  3. Totty offers unusual recreational service Lucid
  4. Lucifer organisers cuddly kisses symposium Ketch
  5. Rhubarb usually induces noxious stinks Japan
  6. Politicians are not talking sense Inept
  7. Salted kippers in peach sauce Hotel
  8. Undried Natural Dates emit radiation! Greed
  9. God's little universe expects devotion Faith
  10. Please love everyone and dream Evoke
  11. Run around Crookes every Saturday Dream
  12. Mikes10

    Trading cryptocurrency?

    The owner of a Canadian crypto exchange currancy dies taking with him the computer passwords for funds in 'Cold Storage'. Article on the following link. https://www.ccn.com/190m-gone-how-canada-biggest-bitcoin-exchange-lost-it So for those of you who have crypto-currancy what happens when the sole holder of the keys dies?
  13. Lightning over valley, expect downpour Cover
  14. Marie Antoinette's revolution reprimands Yoda Below
  15. Lettuce or onion pickled yogurt Above

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