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  1. Afternon all, Wanting a bit of advice!! We suddenly lost our 10 year old female Staffy cross on Tuesday, she frustrated us at times, such as barking at the postman everyday while he is on our street and then running like a madman downstairs when about to deliver items, staring at us while we have a cup of tea to make sure she gets the last little bit at the bottom, making us feel guilty if we down save her a yoghurt pot so she can lick the last little bit out of it and numerous other little things that made her, her!! The house feels so quiet and empty without her and our 15mth old little girl has lost her best mate...so my questions are... When is to early to get another dog and doesnt it seem disrepectful to the one we lost if its sooner rather than later? If we do decide to get another one what do we go for, puppy/rescue dog?? The OH and I have discussed the future and mentioned German Shepherds, Boxers and Labs as possible options. Stuck between a rock and a hard place...
  2. To be honest mate theres quite a few of us around here surprisingly, you not going down to Wembley??
  3. Megabus - pick up at Meadowhall drop off at BIA....£3!! (Time dependent obviously!!) http://uk.megabus.com/JourneyResults.aspx?originCode=90&destinationCode=9&outboundDepartureDate=04%2f06%2f2015&inboundDepartureDate=&passengerCount=1&transportType=-1&concessionCount=0&nusCount=0&outboundWheelchairSeated=0&outboundOtherDisabilityCount=0&inboundWheelchairSeated=0&inboundOtherDisabilityCount=0&outboundPcaCount=0&inboundPcaCount=0&promotionCode=&withReturn=0
  4. Did this ever get going, quite interested in taking up Dodgeball as a means of getting fit etc, cant seem to find any links via google for Sheffield based clubs etc?? Thank You
  5. Hi does anyone have any knowledge of the above and if there are any reputable breeders to make contact with, we are looking to purchase a new member of the family and we would ideally like to visit a breeder who can answer any questions or concerns we might have. We have seen quite a few advertised via gumtree etc but can never be too as to the circumstances around the person selling. Any information would be appreciated, we may also be considering a pair to keep each other company. Thank You ---------- Post added 06-02-2015 at 20:57 ---------- No one?????
  6. ALL placements on CWP are placed into not for profit organisations, the only way this is different is if the JCP have an agreement with, as an example Savers, who take people on WORK TRIALS with the potential of paid employment after. If this is the case then they will be classed as an inappropriate referral for CWP and sent back to JCP.
  7. A claimant is only placed in a not for profit organisation anyway, so the current workforce will be made up of volunteers already
  8. Mister M - A4E/Serco dont sanction the benefit as they do not pay it in the first place, they have to provide evidence to JCP who have the final say whether a sanction is applied or not...
  9. Hi bassguitar, We used Wren kitchen in 2012 and in hindsight should have avoided them without a doubt. Everything is good until you have paid and then the customer service rapidly goes down hill, they dont accept that they make mistakes when measuring and therefore you are unable to return anything if it is the wrong size, we had an issue with the work surface (wasnt wide enough apparantly) so we took it back, they kicked and screamed until they gave in and returned our money and we ended up getting the surface from elsewhere. They dont like you using your own fitter!! They insisted we used their fitter who wanted to charge us nearly 2k and had to have everything all perfect ie electrics, plastering, flooring etc, if not there would have been extra charges. We ended up using our own fitter who did all the above and charged nowhere near the price they quoted. Our first experience of having a kitchen fitted wasnt anywhere near as smooth as what we expected and certainly wont consider them again in the future. Chris
  10. Hi, Does anyone know what is involved in a telephone interview for First Gorup as a bus driver, any advice / expected questions etc. I am asking for a friend - thank you. Chris
  11. Any provider will say to put them on silent or vibrate as you stated to be courteous to everyone taking part - taking calls from an employer is NOT an issue
  12. Unfortunately little Keith the decision makers are 100% based in Doncaster and not Hillsborough, sorry
  13. Hi, interested in restarting Badminton, played about 6/7 years ago but only at a social level...are there any clubs in Rotherham as closer to my home address but do work in Sheffield city centre so flexible in evenings..
  14. Hi, Does anyone know of a company / business known as ISA (or similar) on Penistone Road, unsure as to what business they are involved in and google not proving helpful... Thank You
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