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  1. I also thought this. What I am now wondering, and hope someone here can tell me, is will Mr & Mrs P still use this nest site or will the usurper now be the new tenant?
  2. B&Q. The first 12 cuts are for free. Recently used this service at Queens road and the guy doing it was very nice and helpfull
  3. Some activity in the nest box 1.34pm. Looks like cleaning time for the parents to be
  4. I've recently seen manderin ducks on the river behind the broadfield estate, where the Hungry Horse pub and Broadfield Dentist is.
  5. We could tell that there were a huge increase in numbers when we got there at 7.30ish. It was a lot more crowded than last year's event with what seemed be the same amount of stalls. More railings definately needed and maybe more stewards in other parts aswell as round the fire ? But with growth comes experience and lessons learnt. Maybe talk with the club about the area that the stalls are on being expanded if possible to allow for less crowding? I love were the actual fire is lit because it is in a good ''contained'' area with enough room for people to move round if they are sensible about it.
  6. Went to this last night for the 3rd year running and have got to say it is a fantastic evening out for all ages:love:. The fireworks went on for 20 minutes and were brilliant . A huge thanks to all that work hard to organise this. See you same time next year !!
  7. I would have thought after seeing all the ''moaning'' in the press about the cost of school uniform that parents would have jumped at the chance of some help. I have ,and will in the future, accepted help with uniform for both my young children. Abbey Lane school has a parent's group that sell the used uniform to raise funds for school that is really usefull when young kids grow fast
  8. Link bookmarked again for this year and checked several times a day. Love watching the little ones hatch and grow
  9. No they are definately Kites. Crossed referenced a couple of times with a Buzzard and can say 100% they are Kites.
  10. Have had the pleasure of seeing red kites over S8 Meadowhead/Greenhill area for the last few months now. Most that have been spotted at the same time is 5. Catching the thermals then gliding off. Absolutely stunning to watch.
  11. Just got home from this and already looking forward to next years. Brilliant display put on yet again. Thanks to all involved :headbang::banana::clap:
  12. Spotted a pair on the playing field on Cnamcet Wood this morningand now have 2 excited young daughters
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