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  1. His school has a uniform, which is good however they still seem to pick up on other non uniform items such as the bag, the shoes, PE kit, coat etc, all things he's been teased about in the past. Making friendship groups being Autistic is very difficult, he has little understanding for emotions and can sometimes come across quite abrupt and uncaring with things he may say, so although he does make friends they don't tend to hang around for too long. We are trying to encourage him to be more social, it's a catch 22 situation. He wasn't allowed out at his previous home simply because he was bullied and can not be left unattended for lengths of time due to his lack of understanding of the world around him. This clearly did not work, he and his family were very unhappy so he's come to us to perhaps try a different way of living, we are more social people and are trying to encourage that by letting him out with other children for short periods of time, (he must check back in at home on a hourly basis) however this leaves him in a pretty open situation for the bullies to attack. We just hope if he has an opportunity to make some friends, He's better off in a group than alone. It's very difficult, the clothing situation may or may not help, but it's a start. If he looks like he may fit in then there's a better chance for him to do so. (Wrong I know, but that's reality with children)
  2. Thank you for your replies, it's much appreciated. We've been shopping together and bought a few bits, yes we got some school trainers from the NIKE shop at Rotherham retail it was the only place we could find plain black trainers. I will have a look in river island and at the north face stuff too. It's pretty much all new to us, my child is still young enough to wear clothing from where ever without anyone saying anything but teenagers can be so cruel at times and are well aware 'What's in and what's not' I know I shouldn't be buying top brands just to shut the bullies up but if it gives him a break for a short while just to get settled in and a fresh start, then I'm prepared to do anything.
  3. My partners son has come to live with us. He's 14. He came with the school clothes he had on his back and we are gradually trying to fill his wardrobe (we already had a few bits and bobs) He's had a pretty rough few years, struggling with Autism, not fitting in his previous family home or into society in general as he's always seen as 'different' and bullied terribly at school. So I'm after some advice on 'What's cool, and what's not.' I don't want to go out buying things that's going to fuel the bullies with more ammunition. Where do you shop for your teen boy?
  4. You are presuming that all people that visit our hospitals are local people? We are fortunate enough to have a number of hospitals on our doorstep, should we be ill enough to require them. Some cancer patients come from miles away for treatment. I couldn't think of anything worse than not only having cancer but to have to sit on public transport before and after immunosupressant therapy with with the likely hood of people coughing and spluttering all over me. You may have been inconvenienced by 25 minutes but some other people may be inconvenienced by hours and thise that are so ill they require weekly, montly, daily treatments are those that are likely to be out of work and can not afford to use taxis and public transport. Some people should count themselves the lucky ones!
  5. Im unsure about staff parking, i went into the bingo hall toilets and there were posters around saying to register your car reg into the computer if you were staying for over the 3 hour limit to prevent a parking fine. Staff also made an announcement just to remind people. It makes sense really, i went shopping a few weeks ago and couldn't get parked in there due to the football goers.
  6. The bingo hall has a computer to enter your reg plate in so you dont get fined for staying over the 3 hour limit and 90 minute on match days.
  7. My 10yr old son is desperately trying to get hold of some tennis ball donations for his school. He currently spends his lunch time hour (play leading to gain accredited children's university points) teaching the younger children within the school how to play cricket. Cricket is a sport he is passionate about and enjoys teaching the other children how to play, however the school is running short on tennis balls, (he uses these as they are softer on the little ones hands etc) and he is really trying hard after school writing donation request letters to companies without much success. If there's any tennis clubs on here that could possibly donate any new/used tennis balls that are no longer of any use to them he would be extremely grateful and so pleased! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you can help please message me via PM Bizzy_Lizzy
  8. Have you contacted the food bank at High Green, the one run by Maureen Greaves? Im sure she has plenty of contacts with also being part of the local church groups? Perhaps the childrens hospital? im sure many of the ill/sick children in there would be greatful of an advent calendar and im sure purchasing one is on the very last of the parents minds.
  9. I witnessed a young black male being knocked off his push bike this morning outside Asda, I was just wondering if anyone knows if the young lad is ok? I have reported what i saw to the police seen as the driver never bothered to attend to you! I hope you are ok.
  10. we've had a letter from my sons school, inviting us to a day in school to fill in the application forms online for the new starters wanting to attend that school. The date they have set is the 7th October so i presume the application forms will be available on or around that date. Hope that helps
  11. I come from a farming family ( beef farm) so i knew cows had horns however i was deadly embarrassed that i didnt realise pigs lived in fields until i reached 25! To make things worse i actually argued my point for a good hour before driving past a field full of them! I thought they were kept in concrete houses like stables.
  12. Phone the prescriber, it should have a contact number/address of the person that prescribed it
  13. Id gladly take any unused ones that we could raffle off/ use as tombola prizes or make hampers out of. I would donate them (or any money raised) to Reach Out Childcare in Hillsborough that is a non profit making business that offers free out of school hours activities for disabled/ special needs children! Please PM me if you would like to donate or if anyone else has anything to donate. THANK YOU X
  14. Think we may have to sneak the infant in, we dont plan on spending much time in the caravan as we have a whole load of activities for the children planned so it would be basically just somewhere to sleep/wash in. The only caravans that are available when we are wanting to go are at the opposite ends of the park and we dont really want to have to split the children. If anyone does happen to own a caravan on the site and have access to passes id be really grateful if you could PM me as id happily purchase one from anyone that has one going spare! Thank you all
  15. I thought that myself about the insurance however when we explained to Haven about 1 child being in a cot (which they were happy to supply at a cost of £3.50) they didn't seem overly concerned. They certainly didn't mention insurance but just said they didnt sell separate passes and our only other option was to pay for another caravan to sleep 6 people that nobody would sleep in just to get the spare 1 pass. We would however then have 5 spare passes! Doesnt make sense really?
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