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  1. He has a face like a slapped bum, and his mother god she looks like she's sucking lemons. You can have the Olympics with all the drug cheats, roll on the Paralympics when they do stuff on merit, and make the best of their abilities.
  2. People don't like him, But let's face facts he's the best singles player Britain has got good luck to him, it's not his fault he's miserable but a damn good tennis player.
  3. Ah, so you now use Adams online mate lol
  4. Great post FR and he's a poser who we don't really need, he'd be bothered about messing his hair up.
  5. Dobby your an oldie like me, let's go back to the olden days, numbers 1-11 one sub and when a player is injured he goes off the pitch & play continues. Play with a ball heavier than a balloon any play acting from players they get ignored and the game goes on, let's face it how often are they really badly hurt. Seen it in EURO 16 player gets tackled rollls 4 or 5 times, feigns death then gets up that should be a booking. Make them take proper throw ins and kick off every Saturday at 3pm, and in midweek 7:30pm. Take all the stupid sponsorship off shirts; so attractive for fans to buy, without feeling like a walking billboard. Just the captain talks to ref and they shake hands at the end of a game not before, it's like a girl guides convention they'll be snogging next. You can pass back to GK and he can pick it up, only hold it for 4 seconds then has to get rid. Today's game is full of overpaid Jessie's who fall over at the slightest contact, that's what I've liked about EURO 16 refs have said no foul and played on, every time Ronaldo loses the ball or gets tackled, he claims a foul the man is a disgrace, it's as if he thinks he's got a god given right not to be tackled.
  6. Good on you the kids will love it:)
  7. HM don't also forget the number of foul throws that are allowed to go unpunished, years ago if done the throw went to other side.
  8. Yes samssong I can vouch for that my wife is on much less mate Pete
  9. Got to say I'm with you on this Jim, never heard of a player coming on loan & given the option of staying longer, as you say the men that matter should have spotted this faux pas.
  10. Yes Rooney on his 160k a week yacht
  11. Let's face it Dobby, Adkins had no excuses but he certainly made plenty.
  12. So you're saying that Bale never earned his wages, he bloody did; not like that bald git Rooney or Dire, or Sterling & Kane or all the others v Iceland.
  13. Lol, I like a range of music from the 60's to classical but love Bohemian Rhapsody, and Eloise by the Damned, plus Dear Prudence by Siouxsie and the Banshees, plus I grew up with the Beatles courtesy of my late brother and love them also.
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