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  1. ANdy where is trafalger warehouse not heard of it tar
  2. Looking to take the other half out any good st patricks events on in town? Sheffield
  3. You can choose who u want on it. But its ok but do a quick check daily not always on it. Uou should give it a go
  4. If thats what u like all the beat. To many nosey ppl etc on facebook its for sad nosey ppl who got too much time haa
  5. WHAT art do you do. ? Snapchat is ok for me i dont use facebook etc.
  6. Whos snapchatting ? ??????????????? ?????? ---------- Post added 01-12-2017 at 22:12 ---------- Who uses snapchat do you think its any good??
  7. does anybody go to 1-1 trading classes cheers
  8. is there a team of tou then solitare? i noticed some people do this as a group all put a sum of money in each and have 1 or 2 who do the decision making
  9. kelm yes thanks i have a look at that site yes thanks. theres alot to undrstand but can be very profitable if done right
  10. ive started to look and watch videos etc is there any classes in sheffield. ive found a seminar for next month
  11. hi is anybody into stocks and shares and trading? do you go to private classes or lessons to be taught message me about classes or seminars thanks
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