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  1. Erm no.... I am asking to be permanently removed from the forum as I don't want this forum to hold any of my personal details any longer seeing as though I won't be using it! A legitimate request in line with data protection....Again another post from an Owl who knows everything.
  2. Why when i have asked you to permanent remove my account from the forum have you failed to act upon my request! Delete my account. I no longer wish to be a member of this forum! Is it that hard to action? Really? SEVERAL WHOLE DAYS AGO I MADE THIS REQUEST!
  3. Sorry to hear about this dazza, don't think this forum will allow my thoughts on the individual who did this however karma comes around mate, i'm a strong believer. I doesn't help you much now but I bought two cameras off ebay for my motor after it got bumped in a supermarket car park. Cost me about £150 all in to buy them and have them fitted properly and stuff but now I have the reassurance when my car is parked up and also on the road as there are plenty of numpty drivers around. Got mine of ebay and pleasantly surprised with the picture quality, can see reg plates crystal clear on them. There is no running away from or denying video evidence mate.
  4. http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-im-not-bothered/
  5. http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-im-not-bothered/
  6. I know nearly as bad as all the Owls on here who called the 3-0 and 4-0 hammering of Rotherham at the weekend despite only scoring that many at home all season ain't it. :hihi: #bothered
  7. Clough has to shoulder complete responsibility for the loss. Understandably he played a weakened starting XI however the first half we offered very little going forward. Second half we grew into it a bit however again still lacked in the final third of the pitch. Those changes should have been made at least 20 minutes before they happened, it was blatantly obvious that we needed the extra injection of quality. Simple to sum that up. Significantly weakened squad due to 5 changes fails to live up to expectations, creates very little and doesn't deserve much out of it.
  8. Not enough going through the middle of the park at the minute and Porter so far hasn't offered too much as an outlet and as commentators has rightly said already becoming a little isolated. Need someone in our midfield to look for a bit of space in a more advance part of the pitch as it all looks a little defensive. The 5 changes at the minute seem to have taken a lot of quality, positivity and confidence out of the team.None of the 5 changes tonight as of yet have done anything to force their way into cloughs thoughts. Early days though. ---------- Post added 12-11-2014 at 20:51 ---------- We are looking a bit more advanced and young Reedy is getting himself further up the pitch and showing for the ball a bit more but as the commentators have rightly said Wall are quite resolute and solid and we haven't really harmed them. The real quality is sat on the bench and I don't think it would be overly harsh to replace McGinn and Porter with Scougall and Baxter. We need that extra movement, pace and creativity and these two could turn this game on it's head.
  9. Not gone tonight due to it being sandwiched between two away games, the fact that they have put it on TV has made it an easier decision for me. Nice to see 5 players with a point to prove thrown into the mix tonight. All of em want a starting XI place so will be looking to impress Clough and force their way into his plans. Going for a comfortable away win with a few unexpected away goals as well. Diego will get off his Sheffield United mark as well.
  10. I honestly whole-heartedly believe that we have a 20+ striker in Mcnulty mate. The lad is an out and out poacher and a defenders nightmare. He's quick off the mark and gets himself into the right dangerous areas. Of course we wouldn't know this striker coming into the club because we can't turn down potential extra quality however I do think we have plenty in there if it is played correctly.
  11. Oh and a mention must again go to the travelling fans who were a different class all game again. Not sure on actual following attendance however we were loud and showed Crewe just how passionate we are singing start to finish and gee'ing them on every single time we went forward. Going back to what I said earlier, In the second half of the game songs rang out in the away end telling cloughy that we needed a striker on the pitch. Whether it fell on deaf ears who knows but the fans can see it so why can't he. Not knocking him as he is still a good manager however hopefully he addresses this and sorts it out.
  12. Please accept my sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery for your uncle mate.
  13. I think this statement from the post match report on the official crewe website says it all. "The Blades looked more likely to score throughout, but Davis praised his side’s grit and determination in keeping the high-flying side at bay" Read more at http://www.crewealex.net/news/article/8nov14-steve-post-sheff-u-fa-cup-2071351.aspx#rytiLI5xXIIUXE6H.99 Crewe did what they did a few week back again and parked everything behind the ball and clung on for dear life. We ran them ragged and enjoyed most of the possession and created plenty of decent chances considering. Surprised to see that their gaffer doesn't believe that we got in behind them much as we did on many occasion. We played a wide game and got the ball down the wings and JCR, Flynn and Murphy all ran them ragged out wide. I would go as far as to say that they couldn't handle us which considering a 0-0 scoreline doesn't sound right but it is. The formation that we are playing works in the sense that we boss the midfield, that we commanded possession and dictate the game however in the final third we are missing the natural strikers. With the quality of the balls and the danger they posed a natural striker would have had a field day in there today, a natural poacher like McNulty and even Chris Porter who was on the bench would have loved that service. The frustrating thing is that I personally don't think we really need anyone new bringing in to the picture. I mean ok another striker is always welcome but we have the core ingredients of a very good team who are more than capable of picking up points every game. There has to be a point where Clough and his team sit down and say "blimey had a striker been on the pitch then he would have buried it". Chance after chance going begging again today. Baxter got himself in a decent position and fluffed a decent chance which was also frustrating. I know we all moan about it but luck played a big part today which only added to the frustration. We knocked away at the woodwork again but as I said we put quality balls in the box and the ball bounced off crewe backsides, thighs and backs on out safe. We know now more than anything how teams like to play against us. When you have 11 players behind the ball you need that natural goal scorer in the box who will poach and put it away. We create more than enough chances to win games handsomely and like I said we have the answers within the squad already. Diego came on and looked busy today that is a positive I will take out of the game. The York stint seems to have given him a little bit of confidence and at the same time should have given Cloughy something to think about, I would personally start him in the paint pot cup midweek. You can't knock our performances in general they are solid. The possession, creativity and everything else is more than enough. The final third well this for me is down to tactics and formation.
  14. Two up front would have done it today Jon. We hammered them, probably one of our most convincing performances all round this season. They camped everyone behind the ball and if you look in the highlights I posted, well that was the only time they really bothered us. The amount of times that we dangerous balls in the box I lost count of. Cloughy tried things a bit different and allowed different players to get forward at different times as in murphy and baxter, that worked to an extent and we made chances but never the less we need a standard 4-4-2 and then we can expect the midfielders to do the same from midfield. We have the players for it within the squad already. If that would have been a league game then I would be mega angry at 2 points dropped from in a commanding game.
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