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  1. regarding Pop Knowles vanishing cane?It was Johnny Kay who hid it,He had us lined up to cane us for something and got called out for something and told us to wait there and when he nipped out John stuck his cane up the furnace like you said.He went mad.Lol
  2. Yeah i know a few people like that.Never understood why they do it.My old next door neighbour once fetched me round to show me his new kitchen he’d had put in.A week later and a few beers later,has a bit argument with his missus and smashed it to smitherines. Lol Why?
  3. Yeah I think that is Wildsmths only flaw,he stays on his line when he should be coming out for he ball.
  4. I remember a lad called Melluish used to run cross country at Meynell Chris,a tall gangly kid. ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 22:25 ---------- Val Smith married Ted Brown,also from Meynell,I worked with Ted a few years ago,They live on Cookson Rd or Avisford,not sure which,I always get them mixed up. ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 22:33 ---------- They were a year above me. ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 22:40 ---------- I live on Shiregreen no and Barbara came in Bellhouse WMC a few times so she could quite possibly live round herebut the club has gone now so its probably 5 or 6 years since I last saw her.What is your maiden name,if I happen to bump into her?
  5. Ignore them Jenny,you do a smashing job love.LOL ---------- Post added 22-03-2018 at 22:00 ---------- I think its the stand up comedian coming out.His brain acts faster than his mouth sometimes that's all.I like Toby but I have said before I think he could do with a bit of speech therapy or he will finish up with a stammer. L
  6. I I I'm almost sure the law is that you cannot start a fire before 7pm. ;
  7. Get in touch with Tony from Firth Park WMC.THEY've just folded.Got some top players.You can get his number via Sunday Imperial League.
  8. Hi Chris,sent that photo to our Fay but she is in Tenerif just now,She knows a few of them.such as Mr Salt,Bunting,I'll have to wait until she gets home so I can go and see her and send you the results.
  9. Hiya Teres it's Ted,where are you now? Havn't seen you in ages.
  10. sorry I have to disagree,I think he has an awful monotone voice.He Sorry I have to disagree,I think he has an awful monotone voice,he's ok at reading the sports results out.As for Andy Giddings,I thought he'd been gotten rid of after his horrendous interview with the Wednesday coach. ---------- Post added 04-06-2017 at 17:50 ---------- TBF I think it is a second rate radio station.Most of the presenters sound pretty amateurish to me.Apart from maybe Steve White,Phil Butler,Georgie Spanawick and Toby Foster.
  11. Their keeper kept the score respectable. ---------- Post added 27-12-2016 at 21:07 ---------- Forestieri was a bit off the pace to be honest,due to a lack of game time.When he's fit he's a lot quicker than he showed last night.
  12. Forestieri better beware of that idiot that got him sent off at our place because you can bet you're life he'll be in his face again.Just hoping Loovens or Lees will have a word in his ear.(the Preston player I mean)
  13. My mum worked there for about 30yrs.Her name is Ivy Fowler,think she worked in the cannery most of the time.Her best pal was Irene Beresford.
  14. He needs to slow that motormouth of his down or he will end up going to speech therapy.I mean.I like the man but his stuttering is getting worse.
  15. There are very few on social media Chris.The only ones i have on facebook are Norman Knight,Albert Diver,Alan Brunt(blinks),Jacqui Davies,Terry Howell and Tony Deakin(Micks older brother)
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