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  1. It will likely be sour grapes, I am barred from Dempsey's, but I have now moved on from it, in fact, I can't even remember the last time I slagged them off! However the buildings near Dempsey's are in need of being knocked down, but whether they will do anytime soon is very unlikely & Premier Inn is just a minute walk away, so can't see it myself personally. However if it does happen sometime soon, then I would be worried, with all the trouble that Dempsey's have, I can't see them re-opening somewhere else.
  2. All of the building near the old castle market need knocking down first, before the area near Dempsey's. I can see it happening, but it won't be anytime soon, surely not in 2015?
  3. I would never vote Tory, like. But I prefer Cameron over the others, weirdly. Ed - Seems like a clown. Nick - Goes against what he says Farage - I don't think the fitler will let me say what I want to about him!
  4. Maybe - They don't seem to be posting much about NYE or Boxing Day. Maybe not - The rent would surely be multiplied if they stayed open over the "premium" period, surely that would be common sense, but then again, they do seem to struggle! Who knows. I think I said when the place was opening that it could be indeed something different with two bars, but of course with hindsight, it was never going to happen. A pre-bar, then upstairs is the "main" bar, it's not something different and it's always going to be the same crowd. The layout for Fuel upstairs is one that is very weird, it is more rectangle than square and what you find with clubs these days is, well it's rather square, getting a better "fill out" of space. I am not an expert on design and layout of course, but the space seems rather weird. If it was me, the upstairs need a re-design, I would forget about he downstairs, and concentrate on upstairs, add the smoking area to the opposite side of the venue. As for getting the place to work away from the layout - It needs club nights from Manchester, imo. It needs more pop too. I just find the whole situation weird. They will throw money at no mark celebs, but shut certain places off or at this present time, be looking at closing.
  5. When you don't get three points in a game all Blades fans ever say is that the other team wasn't very good or just hit them on the break and scored. Surely this isn't correct as you have "dropped" quite a few points, perhaps like I said the defence just isn't good enough
  6. 0-1 That is unlucky to concede a late goal at home to Milton Keynes Dons.
  7. I wouldn't say they have no loyalty, but when things aren't doing so well, you can see why they are trying to cut costs by opening less or shutting of one of the bars. However, they should be giving this a little bit more time, rather than a 9 month period that it will be come the end of the year. February though? I can only assume they are going to open just past the New Year & it's quite sad that this has only been a quick attempt to try and make money. However if there is potentially an investor for the venue, then they are walking into a venue that as it stands doesn't need much work. If it does close, I think there could be some potential interest.
  8. Did you not play these just a few weeks ago?
  9. even as a Wednesday fan and the fact they are a local (ish) rival, I don't really have much feeling towards them at all. I don't particularly start the weekend thinking "Oh I hope Leeds get thrashed" or even look out for their result or even when we play them to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I would rather them lose than win and find myself laughing at them when they have one of their crisis', but really don't care to be that honest. I look for a lot more results on a Saturday than Leeds'..... What are everyone elses thoughts on Leeds?
  10. If you want friendly and a little more quiet, I think Icons is your only option to be fair. It's a nice enough place & there is place to sit down for a chat and a quiet drink too. I've heard that Twist is now only open on Saturday's from now on? I might be wrong on this, but I have been told this. It's a shame that earlier in the year we was expecting to be potentially having a thriving gay scene in Sheffield, but now T&F looks to be closing and Climax, well it's not Climax like it was before the whole "refurb".
  11. I think with our current financial situation, I can't see us sacking Gray, paying him off, then hiring a manager who we will likely be paying him more. Plus, I think NP rejected us some years ago. I like Gray too, he seems like a nice guy, but I've never been fond of Pearson as an individual, I think we need to get away from hiring managers who used to play for us as I do not think off the top of my head that any have done relatively well. Gray has done a good job too, I think we are in a decent position, I would be happy to finish 13th. I also think he's a good coach, there was a player in an interview saying he's the best coach he has ever worked with, that is good enough for me.
  12. It's good to get a win in a game we deserved to win, but it just shows you how tight this league is when we are 6 points away from the play-offs, but yet 5 points away from the relegation spots! You have to worry for Wigan though with what is going on within their club, DW coming out with some poor comments, whilst maybe people may agree with what he says, they are definitely not comments you come out in public with. A very weird decision on appointing Mackay there too, I can't see how players are going to be motivated by an individual that has so many bad things to say about a wide range of different people. But I am glad about the win. As for United, worrying to see them slipping behind in so many games. They have apparently been the better side in each of these games, but always seem to be chasing the game. Is the defence not good enough? As for button pushing, I don't push it very often. There are too many people that seem to go into some sort of "rage" on here, when they do not agree with certain users comments. I have reported and will report in the past, just because you don't agree with a user, you don't need to call them such names as "morons", "idiots" and so on. But gutted for us though, expected a better turn up of results within November, which looked a month where we was playing teams we could/should be beating. Blackburn up next, we have Wigan again, very soon (30 Dec).
  13. If we finish with 0 goals, then questions needs to be asked.
  14. Well done on salvaging a 1-1 draw at home to Notts County.
  15. I'm going back to the season where Wednesday beat United to promotion by a few points, the season Ched was imprisoned. I think it's fairly respectable to say that if Ched wasn't sent to prison, then perhaps United would have gone up instead of us. Where could both clubs have been? Would United have spent money in the Championship? Would United be looking at promotion by now? What about Wednesday, would we have won the play-offs? Thread not about Ched Evans btw, thought it would have been an interesting debate.
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