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  1. thanks for the comments, I am going to have a crack at doing it myself first I think - I believe there is still a fee of around £215 even on your own though - but still much better than £500+ !
  2. Wonder if anyone can offer some useful advice. My mother died in December, leaving a will. My sister and I are executors, and to share the estate equally. As the amount of money in the bank was not large, the bank were happy to accept the will and close out the account, splitting between us both, and most other items (pensions, utilities etc) are either now closed, or transferred to our names as appropriate. The funeral costs should be covered by an insurance plan. This just leaves really the house. We basically just want it transferring into our names jointly, we aren't looking to sell. As the house is not being passed to a spouse, do we definitely need to be granted probate? And even then, that doesn't include transferring the house into our names, does it? We're just getting really confused, and have had varying quotes from different law firms (upto £500+VAT for the grant of probate, and anywhere between £200+VAT to around £500 for the transfer of the property). We just want to get it done correctly and not get fleeced... to us, it seems straightforward, there is no one else who would be making any claims. Any positive advice is greatfully accepted.
  3. When Westwood made that penalty save, I thought maybe the owls were going to make it to the final, even though they looked so under par compared to their best. For FF to then fluff it was a surprise, and yeah, it was a fun moment as a blades fan (after what happened against Udders at Wembley for the blades with Simmo's rocket), but neither side looked remotely ready for the step up to the PL based on the semis. At least we should have a buzz in the city over the derbies, and I'm sure the owls will bounce back again and be competitive, maybe with a new man in charge? At least the owls fans didn't have to fork out for Wembley this time! It's a lot longer to travel back after a penalty loss...
  4. First time I've been able to get to the Lane in ages today with various ailments, the occasion was superb, great to see over 31000 in there, and a win to finish (even if a draw would've been a fair result). It was fitting to see Billy get his 30th, and that the prince was there, maybe he will be willing now to back Wilder in his Signing next season. I think this may be my last game as a season ticket holder, missing too many games and the cost for another year are too much, but special moments like today make it so difficult to give it up after nearly 30 years... Great way to finish if it's the last game I goto though, and hopefully in CW they've found a manager to see them through Championship consolidation, just as the owls did and then built from there. Hopefully we will see Sheffield derbies again next season, but if the owls do go up, as they seem to be the form team, then good luck to them in the top flight. Great season for Sheffield football, both sets of fans with plenty to be happy about. ?
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the O2 mobile signal in S9? For the last week the connection has been intermittent at best, and can only connect using the O2 app via wifi - then as soon as you get a mile or so away, it works okay. It's around The White Rose / High Hazels area... O2 have already replied on two separate occasions that they've found an issue and fixed it, but it still is regularly coming up as emergency calls only at best... We're having this issue with two separate O2 phones, so it's not a phone issue it seems, especially as they work in other parts of the city.
  6. Great turnout of 30k today for the owls, very impressive and if you keep up there you could get a string of similar gates on the run-in - great backing from the fans! You can't win every game, but even with a slightly disappointing draw, you're still nicely tucked away in the playoffs with a couple of points lead over Derby, so you can't be too unhappy with that springboard going into the second half of the season. a couple of signings to add a bit of depth or extra quality this month might just be enough to guarantee a playoff spot, and with the teams likely to be in there with you (Leeds, Reading, Hudders, Derby, Barnsley, Norwich, Fulham), you've no-one really to fear amongst them (whereas Hull had that Premier League extra class last year that made a difference in the final). Automatic looks some way off at the moment, but it's not impossible... I don't think it's unrealistic for a triple South Yorkshire promotion this season, with Donny, the blades and the owls all in with a strong shout of going up... Still can't get used to the owls wearing what looks like an Ipswich shirt though... but at least you can revert back to a more traditional effort for the 150 years celebrations next season...?
  7. I think Wilder DOES give the opposition plenty of respect, and that's why we are doing so well - rather than just assuming we will go out and beat whoever they are just because we are the blades, he shows the correct amount of respect for an opponent, and makes sure the team knows they have to put the effort in every time, or any of these L1 teams can easily turn you over. Quite amazing the turnaround though this season - after 4 league games, we had 1 point and had dropped 11 of the 12 available... in the 21 games since, we have only dropped another 11 points! Can't praise Wilder and his team enough for changing the whole attitude and spirit at the club, and the way we are fighting right to the end. No doubt there may be some bumps in the road to come, but without the distractions of the FA Cup also, we won't get a better chance to get out of the league than this - we just need to try and build up this three point lead, and also try and make the gap to third as large as we can.
  8. Can McGugan not go out in an emergency loan (if anyone wanted him of course), or is it too late for that? It's fascinating how a player can be on the crest of a wave and appear indispensable, then a change of manager and they're out in the cold (not just the owls, applies to all clubs - but for a while McGugan looked like he could've been that special player at S6) -
  9. These trees that were felled - 'The Rustlings 8' - were they all on the park side of the road or mixed across both sides...and are there still a number of trees on the road (that hadn't been selected for this felling)? While obviously it was handled deviously, and no-one involved in it comes out of this looking good, in the longer term (when the dust has settled) the street may be a bit lighter and brighter, and the residents may come to appreciate a better view of Endcliffe Park (and it's own trees). From a driving perspective, it wasn't one of the nicer roads to drive down usually in recent years due to the parked cars and quite heavy traffic on that road, and it often felt a bit darker due to the trees... but then I probably only pass through there once or twice a year nowadays, so may not be representative of what it's like for the locals round there. The moving of the cars is the bit that most surprises me in this - especially if they hadn't mentioned it on a notice locally (even in minute lettering). But I can see from their POV that they probably saw the expected bad publicity from this overnight stunt as preferable to another long drawn out and very public campaign with people chained to trees, and the possibility of attracting external protestors and stopping the felling in it's tracks. This way it's done - no going back - and they just have to take a few punches in the press to their reputation. is this tree felling being followed by the road improvements most of the rest of Sheffield have already had from Amey, or have they already had new street lights etc? I do wonder though that their justification for removing all of the trees, based on the excerpt from the report someone kindly posted earlier, is that even on those six that the ITP said could be saved, they all would need some kind of 'engineering solution' - if any had been classed as 100% safe and the ITP said they wouldn't need to do anything further, the council/Amey would've been on even dodgier ground. One last thought - as this is (or was) such a localised issue on Rustlings Rd, if the council had said that they couldn't afford to fund the engineering solutions required to save the trees, but as someone said on here it would only cost £3,000 to have fixed these issues, could this have been a case where the locals - who we are told clearly wanted to keep these trees - could've offered to fund or part fund the work themselves? I know it's too late now, but could that have been considered? I'm sure some people would've felt it worth it.
  10. I thought the owls had won, didn't realise Fulham had nicked a point! Unlucky, but I imagine most owls would've taken a point before kickoff? No need to worry, in touching distance of the playoffs and you've not hit top gear like you did last year yet - so if/when that happens, the playoffs at least should be well within range. For the blades, I was unable to go due to illness today, sounds like Shrewsbury were a load of cloggers though! Great run of form recently, and so pleased that we seem to be making progress under a hard working, no-name manager rather than when we had gone for the bigger names (at this level anyway) like Adkins and Clough. Time will tell and things could well turn sour, but it's good just to be able to enjoy going to the football again - well done United Still seems amazing that Scunny are miles out in front, they don't appear to have had a dip in form yet...
  11. The joke of it is that while L1 and L2 clubs have to play a minimum number of regulars, the PL sides are just kids or reserves...if they had to send their clubs' strongest side it would be different. Quicker we get knocked out of it the better.
  12. Hasn't the guidance changed now, against the 'double jeopardy' - that is, they wouldn't send the player off AND give the penalty? Even so, You would expect to have got that penalty (and a yellow card for the handball). As for United - a couple of cup ties coming up, and if we lose them both, that's no great loss...apparently we have a trip to Chesterfield on tv coming up in a fortnight, which is much more important.
  13. It's one of those when you see on tv it clearly hits the defender's hand on the line, but I don't know that he could've done much about it (he didn't appear to stick his arm out to save it). Nine times out of ten you would expect to get that penalty, perhaps the ref didn't have a great view, but unfortunately you just have to get on with it and hope you get another chance. Unfortunately for the owls Derby took advantage of their good fortune with a goal soon after, but I'm sure their fans would be able to point out occasions this season where they've had blatant decisions going against them... It's how the owls react that matters - chalk it off to a bit of bad fortune, and put it right next time out. If last season is anything to go on, the owls will most likely bounce back in a positive way.
  14. A deserved win today against, a very cynical, niggly MK Dons side (as usual). I don't think we ever get that many good matches with that lot - led by Lewington, who gets away with a lot of stuff, yet goes down like a ton of bricks when anyone is near him. MKD, when they do try and play it around, have got some good players (at this level at least), and would expect them to pull away from the bottom with Agard and Maynard available... their goal was a really crisp strike from ex-owl Potter, and for a while it could've gone either way. The referee was poor today though - the bookings were bizarre at times, with far worse offences getting nothing. Still, we did enough and took advantage of one of the few decisions that went our way on the winner - at the time, we thought it may have gone out before Scougall scooped it into Billy's path - fortunately the lino was happy with it. On tv, it is hard to say either way from the camera angle. Biggest plus was Fleck, looking really good for us today, and the high pressing really worked today, regularly picking up the loose balls and when Done is back in the side, we will look even better. As far as the strength of L1 this season compared to others, it has seemed to be (from what i've seen) that it is stronger than in the last few years... last season was the easiest chance to go up if we had been even remotely upto it... Gillingham led the way for a long time, and a pub team from Barnsley went up! This time, arguably the favourites (excluding blades) are Bolton, and they've been up there all season, Scunny have built on their strong finish last year, and Bradford look a good side at this level. There are plenty of average sides in the division, as there always is, but that applies equally to the Championship, when average outfits like Huddersfield had dominated early on, and formerly decent sides like Derby are slumming it with the likes of Rotherham.
  15. Good game today, two teams trying to get forward, and Peterborough showed enough to suggest they'll be a contender this season. Moore in goal looked so much more convincing today, and put in a MOTM performance for me. Could be a one off of course, but if that was a sign of performances to come, then it looks like we might at last have a good keeper again. All over, we looked so much more settled today than against Oxford, getting the run of wins has clearly done wonders for confidence, and having Done's pace up front really makes a difference. The team also generally just look bigger and stronger than last year, and not as brittle. So...6th after 4 straight wins, we now need to cement a place in that top section if possible.
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