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  1. I too have my doubts about whether Grant Shapps has the courage to remove the franchise. They were clearly too inexperienced to run the service that they decide to bid on.
  2. I don't thing the issue is the lakes, but rather the grate at the bottom of the stream near the playground. In periods of excess rainfall, especially in the autumn when leaves add to the problem, I expect the grate get blocked and the water has no where to go except out onto Chesterfield Road. Regular cleaning of the grate would seem appropriate.
  3. Congrats of getting your results. It will take time for them to sink in, so take your time on following up any matches.
  4. It's not overkill. What you can see from the news footage is that the earth under the auxiliary slipway has been largely washed away by water flowing under the slipway; which should not have happened. This leaves the puddle clay core unballasted against the weight of the water behind it. Adding ballast to the front of the dam is the correct solution, while the water has not been emptied from behind the dam.
  5. Where were your family members living the last time you knew? Sheffield or somewhere else?
  6. My understanding of a defence barrister's role is that they put the defendant's defence to the court in order to ensure the defendant gets a fair hearing, and a fair sentence. As the judge uses the victim impact statements to decide the sentence, if there is anything that is unfair in the impact statement, the barrister can argue that the judge should not hear it; but I can't see there is any argument that the defendant shouldn't hear it.
  7. Competition is essential to progress, as others have said, but so are ethics. If winning is the only thing you care about, the end result is cheating or violence to prevent others winning when they are better than you.
  8. And a Typhoon can get from Northern Scotland to the south coast of the UK in about 20 minutes, so there are at least twelve QRA aircraft covering the whole of the UK.
  9. One of the factors affecting the recovery rate is peoples ability to pay. I expect the recovery rate in Sheffield is low because more people are unable to pay; it might also be that the Sheffield collection service is more forgiving of people that cannot pay. Some councils may have a better collection rate, but if this results in more children not getting a hot meal every day, is this a good thing?
  10. A train set is a great birthday present, as for other family members can buy bits for it at reasonable prices. Adding a couple of extra carriages and wagons will make the train more exciting.
  11. https://www.verificationassociates.co.uk/ I haven't used this company myself, but found them here: https://www.jspubs.com/index.htm A more local firm of Chartered Surveyors might offer the same service but have less experience of going to court.
  12. The Post Office will give you a proof of posting. That's all you need.
  13. If you have any gift tag or birthday/Christmas card that he gave you with the car? e.g. something that says "To Sueann". Depending on what else it says, you may have some evidence that the car was a gift to you and that he was in fact transferring ownership of it to you.
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