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  1. tlangdon12

    Concrete fence posts

    If you want to cut any off, you will need something that will cut through the steel reinforcement in them.
  2. tlangdon12

    MP's to get inflation breaking pay rise.

    I have to say that I am frustrated that we cannot seem to get MP pay rises right: if MPs decide their own payrises, they give themselves too much, if we appoint an independent body to decide their pay rises and it gives them too much, what do we do? MP salaries are now supposed to be linked to public sector pay awards, but MPs don't have performance related pay OR fickle managers who can give their mates 3% while awarding those who are out of favour 1%. I would suggest that everyone writes to the Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority to express our frustration with their approach to MP pay awards, because they don't seem to realise that the public cares about their decisions, and wants them to make sure our MPs are delivering value for money.
  3. tlangdon12

    Good Gastroenterologist in Sheffield ?

    Sorry I can't recommend a good gastroenterologist. Does your husband have any medical cover at work? If not, does anyone, e.g. senior managers or directors? The medical provider may be willing to share with your husband their list of gastroenterologists who undertake private practice. This might help put you in touch with someone who can help more quickly. In the first instance, your husband might write to the director that is responsible for his function at work to get his support to approach HR with the question. HR should be able to put him in touch with the provider, if there is one.
  4. tlangdon12

    Reporting road traffic incidents

    Yes, it is worth it. Many of those committing serious motoring offences will continue to do so until they receive some training and/or punishment. Training or prosecuting them could result in them becoming safer drivers and avoid needless deaths, and their remorse for having killed someone.
  5. tlangdon12

    Big lips and botox. why?

    They do it to feel accepted by their peers. They probably feel that it is cheaper and less painful to have surgery that change their peer group.
  6. tlangdon12

    Living alone?

    I think that it is generally a positive thing: many people prefer to live the majority of their lives in their own space, space that they feel safe in and that is organised how they want it to be. Such people might have very rich lives with family, friends and activities. Or they might have quite a sparse life with little human contact, and this may not be what they want, but that they have the choice to live as they do must be a positive thing. Living alone is not the same as being lonely.
  7. tlangdon12

    Training venue

    It might help if you describe the facilities you need and the number of delegates you need to accommodate on each course.
  8. tlangdon12

    Price "hike" greggs

    I was surprised to see Yum-Yums in Greggs were now 70p each. This compares to 42p about three years ago. This is a 66% increase! I think Greggs have realised that they are in rip-off Britain.
  9. tlangdon12

    Dash cam dangers

    The OP might reflect on the reason why so many replies do not have sympathy for her son, who has lost his job. I believe it is because we would like everyone to take responsibility for their mistakes, and when someone posts their support for someone who is experiencing severe consequences of their mistake, we assume they are condoning or trying to minimise the effect of the mistake. We don't really know the OP's motivation, but they have suggested that it was to warning to other drivers. This is a good suggestion - all drivers should be careful about overstepping the mark! Even if someone has deliberately cut you up, there are limits to what society will tolerate by way of retaliation; a short blast on the horn is reasonable, anything more is too much - horns are supposed to warn other motorist, they are not supposed to be sounded after a warning would have no purpose. Please drive to the best of your ability and respect all other road users.
  10. Common sense will prevail when the far right and far left are challenged by ordinary people so that their leaders see that there is no popular support for their extreme views.
  11. tlangdon12

    Bowshaw roundabout fence demolished

    Probably related to the wet weather we had yesterday.
  12. tlangdon12

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    If you did such an audit, you would find that most people who live solely on benefits spend 90+% of their money on essentials such as rent, food, fuel, transport for essential travel such as to the hospital or Jobcentre, care services, mobile phones/broadband and clothes. And smartphone and data service or a Broadband data service at home is essential now that Universal Credit is here; the only way to claim this benefit and to advise the DWP of change of circumstances is using the Internet. The point of benefits isn't as charity to worthy individuals but to ensure that all citizens are housed, fed, clothed and cared for because we are a civilised and caring society. Some citizens are feckless, but many are ill, or just ill-equipped. Where people's life chances can be improved, the benefits system and charities are working towards this, but it is a slow process. Potentially you have to undo years of poor parenting, poor education and poor choices. To me is seems right that we try to do this and right that we support people if they need it. The cost of any audit would far outweigh any money saved by finding people who were spending money on things that society thought were unsuitable. The benefits system is already very challenging to use, even for people who have all their faculties. Auditing claimants would create an even more corrosive environment, and increase the perception of the gap between rich and the poor. It's unnecessary.
  13. tlangdon12

    Carpet prices in general

    I don't tend to have any idea how much carpets cost until I need to buy one. At that time, I look around to get an idea of the typical price range for the sort of carpet I want; based on the material of the carpet and the pattern. Once I have a mid-point figure in mind, I look around for a carpet that will suit at or just below that price point. I don't want a carpet that is too cheap - unless I can see no visible difference between the cheap carpet and one at the mid-point. In my experience this is rarely the case; usually the cheap carpets are noticeably inferior. While I can be sold a carpet at a higher price point if I am persuaded that the carpet is of a better quality that those at the mid-point, but I need evidence of the greater quality. Also, I will have an upper budget for the room or rooms to be fitted, so I'm not too bothered about the price per sq mtr, rather it is the total fitted price I care about. I like to figure out what the carpet, underlay, gripperrods and metals will cost to help determine whether the carpet I'm looking for should be priced below the mid-point, or that I can afford to consider something of a higher quality. I like to buy the best quality underlay available, and like to see the alternatives displayed together so I can see their construction and prices
  14. Arrogance. I would be pretty sure the drivers have studied the highway code, they just can't be bothered to apply it. It's the lack of police presence that leads to drivers becoming complacent, they end up thinking no one cares and that it harms nobody. While it's not a priority policing issue, not prosecuting the drivers just leads to a further deterioration of driving standards.
  15. tlangdon12

    Chatsworth christmas market

    You can also park in the public carpark in Baslow and walk into the grounds for free. Parking in Baslow might be free this weekend, but if not, the charge will be less than £5 for enough time to do the Christmas Market.

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