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  1. Hi Caroline, Did you find someone - would also be interested for the same job. Thanks,
  2. Hi there, Any recommendations please for BUILDERS to install a fire party between between our end terrace and neighbour's loft? Looking for advice about cost and time to complete. Also, any guidance on paperwork required before any work takes place. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Sedith.. point taken into consideration 🙂
  4. Sadly not in our price range or if it is, we keep being outbid by the other buyers! We don't have £10-15k spare to put on top of a 'guide' price.
  5. Hello... Hope someone can help! We've just had a structural survey completed and we know the property has (probably rising) damp, visible in the dining room, and confirmed on the report. What do we do next? Having just paid out for the structural survey, should we now arrange a separate a Damp Surveyor company to investigate the cause, and solutions, or is that going to be another company? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, Thoughts about Shiregreen please? Mason Lathe Road? I've seen some not so good comments on other sites about Shiregreen - quite a bit of crime around there I think? Is it a big housing estate? Sincerely, no disrepect to anyone that lives in Shiregreen.. Thank you!
  7. Thanks again all.. we looked at a house in High Green yesterday, put in an offer.. do hope it's accepted but with the viewings booked til the weekend, not feeling too hopeful at this stage but if it's not meant to be... and all that. Will keep looking just in case.
  8. We have been looking on Right Move.. probably we, I, am being a little choosy as I'm looking for somewhere with a maturish back garden as I'm a veggie grower and keen bird watcher. The other thing we are keeping in the back of our mind are 2 receptions as one day my elderly father may need to live with us. I think if we can have a better idea of the areas then at least we can start to know where to look and take it from there.
  9. Thanks for responses so far.. we really do have to bear in mind our max budget, sadly. We're first time buyers at our ripe old age, hehe.. and will be taking a small mortgage over a very short period so we can't afford much more, unfortunately. I think Hillsborough is a little expensive Mister M? Much appreciated and look forward to more helpful responses.. 😁 they're really very useful as we only know our local area so far.
  10. Afternoon all! So we've now been in Sheffield for a couple of weeks and so far enjoying it and all's good. Looking to start viewing houses but unsure which areas to consider, and which to avoid and would really appreciate some help. We're a quiet, middle-aged working couple, no kids, with a very modest budget of £140k max. Would prefer small areas of housing rather than large estates. As hubby works in S4, he's happy to travel 10 miles (30 mins) to work so ideally, 10 miles south or west of S4. We dont' mind going a little east to Rotherham but that's about as far as, currently renting in S9, we like being close to the M1 for getting up north and to the Peak District. Any recommendations of suitable/affordable areas would be really helpful. Many thanks!
  11. Thanks everyone - some great advice here which I'll explore once up there.
  12. Actually I would need to get to Leeds from Brinsworth/Tinsley so from what I can see, would seem easier to go to Rotherham station, rather than Sheffield.. and then just get a taxi home from Rotherham station? It'll take a bit of getting used to again, but we'll get there!
  13. Hello there! Middle-aged couple moving up from London to Sheffield end of the month. I'm bringing back old family roots to South Yorkshire so not totally a 'southerner' 😉 Anyhoo.. with just the one car, what's the best way of getting around from the suburbs of Sheffield, we'll be renting in Tinsley (Brimsworth) for a while. Say I need to get to Sheffield station and hubby's got the car- do I bus it, or get a taxi or Uber - what's the best method/company presently? Ok to use the taxis late at night for a woman travelling home alone?? What are the best/easiest to use Sheffield and outskirts transport planning websites? Many thanks!
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