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  1. The petition ( abolish leasehold ) closed on 1st Aug and managed to attract 31,830 signatures.
  2. If you google search the company on internet, you may find a negative report by Daily Mirror.
  3. Buying a new -build residential property under leasehold title means the buyer is paying the developer for the entire cost of development but the buyer is given a long term rental agreement. Buying a new-build residential property under freehold title, means the buyer gets legal ownership of the property . If the buyer is paying for leasehold property "just as much paying for freehold property", the buyer of leasehold is being cheated out of thefreehold title.
  4. Here is the link to Which Report which gives their advice on ground rent doubling every 10 years . https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/whats-the-problem-with-doubling-ground-rent-clauses-in-leaseholds
  5. Sale of new leasehold houses will be getting the chop. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/leasehold-axed-for-all-new-houses-in-move-to-place-fairness-at-heart-of-housing-market The petition has attracted around 30,000 signatures and and far short of the 100,000 signatures required by 1st Aug 2019.
  6. Joseph D + leaseholders of houses in Sheffield , For better understanding about owners with leasehold house problem , please visit website for leaseholdknowledge.com and see article dated 7 Jun 2019.
  7. You can buy a new flat on a retirement estate built for over 60s age residents . But often the second hand flats sell at a loss, due to exit fees and the annual service charge being too high. Its better to stay where you are now and add a ground floor extension ( bedroom ) and subscribe to a personal alarm..
  8. The Law Society requires the buyer side and seller side to have their own solicitor . So for each property sale, there will be a solicitor acting for the buyer ( & the Mortgage lender) and a different solicitor acting for the seller. Mortgage lenders offering the loan to buyer will transfer the loan to the buyer's solicitor just before the completion date. The number of transactions depends on the properties put on the market for sale and the asking price..
  9. If you buy house under "freehold title", you become the legal owner of the property after the sale completion. If you buy a flat under "leasehold title", you become the owner of a long term rental agreement because the property is still legally owned by the freeholder. If you buy a flat under "commonhold title" , you become the legal owner of the property after the sale completion. ( commonhold is similar to freehold ) So if the leasehold is abolished and replaced by commonhold , the leaseholder will become the real owner instead of being treated as the tenant . This petition is about changing the tenure system to give the buyer " legal ownership of a flat " which at present under leasehold system , the buyer is only the tenant. The solicitor provides conveyancing services for property transfers and their services will be required even if property changes from leasehold to commonhold title . The solicitor is NOT the freeholder and NOT the leaseholder. The conveyancer's role is to act for the buyer or seller , and is NOT affected by the petition.
  10. Thank you, Caz1 , Every leaseholder and residential house owner in E & W should sign the petition in order to nudge those MPs in Parliament to abolish the leasehold system . Other countries in Europe use Commonhold many years ago and even Ireland and Scotland stopped using leasehold.
  11. Hi Francypants , Any ideas on how to contact other leaseholders to sign the petition ? I am sure you have some good ideas judging by 30,000 posts which you have made since 2012. Can you write a letter about the petition , to the Editor of your local paper ?
  12. it sometimes happen to a house converted into 2 flats which are sold on and left the leaseholders to sort themselves out. The original freeholder has gone abroad to retire in Spain or to some other warmer climate country.
  13. Fantastic , francypants , You are certainly No. 1 in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.
  14. The population of the City of Sheffield is 577,800 (mid-2017 est.) and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield is the third-largest English district by population. The metropolitan population of Sheffield is 1,569,000. ( yes over 1.5 million resident in South Yorkshire ) So Sheffield has enough population to sign this petititon and get Sheffield into the Guinness Records ? So ask your friends and relatives, aunties, uncles , cousins and in-laws, work mates , pub mates , old school mates , church mates, gym mates to sign the petition.
  15. There is a petition ( Abolish Leaseholds ) which needs more signatures to reach 100,000 before it can be discussed in Parliament. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/238071 Every leaseholder of a property in Sheffield and Yorkshire , Lancashire and elsewhere in E&W should be supporting this petition and have the proposal discussed in Parliament . This is not the "wars of the roses" for control of the throne of England. "The Wars of the Roses were a series of English civil wars for control of the throne of England fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet: the House of Lancaster, associated with a red rose, and the House of York, whose symbol was a white rose." This petition is even more important than the throne of England. Its about who owns control of your house ? You , who paid for it by a 35 years mortgage ? or the freeholder company ?
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