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  1. Mr Bloke

    Projects im Building or Working on!

    Hmmm... Yep - I've seen that, but I think the OP had in mind (well I certainly did anyway) a sort of sub-section for ongoing projects, where progress could be seen in photos and people could chip in and exchange ideas... ... a sort of WIP place for small 'engineering' projects and 'inventions', as opposed to having to wade through masses of "what's the best way to stuff my cushions" type of threads. But it would appear from your reply that you think the existing crafts group is adequate so it looks like it's another good idea that's been rejected...
  2. Mr Bloke

    Projects im Building or Working on!

    Hmmm... ... I think this is a very, very good idea and it could be a really interesting section! To see pics of what someone is making would help people to better understand what's happening and how they may be able to help out, and it may even inspire others to have a go at their own projects. We could also have a bit where we could recommend local 'hobbyists' who would be prepared to help out with little jobs that may need specialist equipment or tools or skills, but where the cost of these are too expensive to buy for a one-off project - maybe a place where skills could be exchanged instead of (or as well as) cash. Off the top of my head I'm thinking maybe where a bit of welding or latheing (is that even a word?) is required. It might even encourage more people back onto the forum as we are all nosey and like to know what other people are up to. Seems like a 'fun' idea to me, but I suppose on here it would only be a matter of time before it was abused, and people started posting that they needed help to construct their water-powered push bike or their perpetual motion dog-walker...
  3. Mr Bloke

    New business advice

    Hmmm... ... with the amount of junk mail put through our doors, does anyone really read leaflets anymore? I know I don't - especially if you get a few delivered together, which now seems to be the favoured method of cutting costs - just a cursory glance and then filed in the wheelie bin (colour undisclosed). The chance of anyone reading a leaflet that happens to drop through their letterbox at the very same time as they require the services on offer must be minuscule, and I can't believe that many people would read and then save a leaflet on the off-chance that they might one day need it. I'd be interested to know if anyone genuinely gets any new business by this method and what the 'success' is for say, every 1000 leaflets. You'd probably have as much success putting a postcard in the local post office window (remember them?) and it would certainly be a lot cheaper...
  4. Mr Bloke

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    Hmmm... I agree! The last time we had a spell like this I had to defrost my thesaurus...
  5. Mr Bloke

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    Hmmm... ... I wonder if that's why goats have beards?
  6. Mr Bloke

    Joined january 1970

    I've copied my original post from the feedback thread below if it helps...
  7. Mr Bloke

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    Hmmm... ... and that's exactly the predicament this silly man has got himself into. If he 'gives up' now then he is effectively admitting to attempted fraud because anyone who genuinely believed that they had done nothing wrong would surely welcome a full investigation as they would have nothing to lose, and they certainly wouldn't walk away from the possibility of pocketting £200k if the investigation did happen to prove them innocent, like he claims he is. So it looks to me like it's reached an impasse, and it's hard to see how he envisages the whole process playing out. Does he really just expect them to change their minds and pay up without a full investigation? Camelot are no mugs. I'm pretty sure they've got a legal team of fraud specialists just waiting for the silly man to agree to a full investigation so they can take matters further and charge him with something serious...
  8. Mr Bloke

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    Hmmm... ... well I might be being a bit too sceptical here, but I can't really see the wearing of masks in restaurants catching on for some reason...
  9. Mr Bloke

    Hull v owls

    Oh dear... well no need to worry I suppose. I've been reliably informed that things will get a lot better once you get the first team back...
  10. Mr Bloke

    Latest stabbing in london

    Hmmm... ... well I thought I'd read some pretty inane stuff on here but this one takes the biscuit. I realise post counts are down but is this really the best we can do to try to encourage more posters?
  11. Mr Bloke

    Joined january 1970

    Hmmm... ... I've already reported this in the feedback thread, but no-one listens to me...
  12. Hmmm... ... I thought they were only found drinking cider in the West Country?
  13. Mr Bloke

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hmmm... ... as we all probably know by now, I'm one of the more observant members of the forum and consequently I've spotted yet another bug-ette. The 'joined date' (for example, in my case August 1 2010) would appear to be being stored or picked up in the incorrect format (probably MM/DD/YYYY?) and as a result the month of joining displayed beneath the avatar is January and not August. Similarly, anyone who joined after the 12th day of the month also appears to be being displayed as joining in January, but additionally the year is displayed as 1970!
  14. Hmmm... ... now that's an interesting use of the word "voracious". I'm assuming here that you've used it in it's social media context to mean "the act of constantly regurgitating the same old rubbish at every opportunity whilst resorting to disparaging comments to belittle the opinions of anyone who dares to disagree"?
  15. Mr Bloke

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hmmm... ... 36 posts in 10 years? We're all going to miss you...

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