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  1. Mr Bloke

    living in poverty

    Hmmm... ... well if they are really living in poverty then I don't think they should waste what little they have buying SuperGlue.
  2. Hmmm... ... I think if most people tried to walk at 6 miles an hour they'd need a bit more than 'a push'. Probably a stretcher?
  3. Mr Bloke

    Sheffield council reshuffle

    Hmmm... ... and that is obviously the problem. All the 'forward thinking' have long left Sheffield to find new jobs where their efforts are appreciated, while we're left with the dregs who'd rather spend time on social media trying to justify their inadequacies by blaming others rather than rolling their sleeves up and getting things done!
  4. Mr Bloke

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    Hmmm... ... it's a good point, but the consequences could be worrying for many fans. While a 'one-off' sale of the ground may cover the mess the club are in under FFP, what about the longer term future of the ground? If the ground is no longer owned by the club then the operational costs (which must be increasing season by season on an ageing stadium) are obviously removed from the clubs 'losses' in exchange for paying 'rent', and so these operational costs are no longer included under FFP. But these costs don't magically disappear and still need to be paid for out of Mr Tuna's wallet, so what happens if he decides these operational costs have become too much? By separating the club from the ground he has already made things a lot simpler to just sell off the ground to a third party (assuming there is a demand for new housing/office blocks in the area) and just move the club to a new location (perhaps nearer Barnsley?).
  5. Hmmm... ... well next season is going to be a very long, hard struggle with no doubt many heavy defeats along the way to teams far superior in every position. Despite the gallant efforts of a very good manager there's obviously no hope of making the top 6 next season. Fans will become increasingly frustrated with losing so many games after finishing this season with so much hope for the future. Let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be a battle against relegation from the first day of the season. United on the other hand could do quite well...
  6. Mr Bloke

    Climate Change thread

    Hmmm... ... well you certainly don't have to look too far to see examples of that!
  7. Mr Bloke

    Putting yourself 'On The Dole' ?????

    Hmmm... ... even the most pessimistic of pessimists like myself are beginning to feel a bit giddy now though. Fingers crossed...
  8. Mr Bloke

    Putting yourself 'On The Dole' ?????

    Hmmm... ... I wonder what Oliver Norwood must be thinking right now. If United do get promoted it will be his third successive season that he's played for a team that's got promoted to the Premier League, first with Brighton 2016/17 and then with Fulham 2017/18 (on loan). Each previous time he's been released back to a Championship club. Will it be third time 'lucky' for him and he finally gets to play in the Premier League? Let's hope so...
  9. Hmmm... ... well from the link By my reckoning that's an average of nearly £13,500 per NDA. So I would think it's very unlikely that the payments only cover what an outgoing member of staff would have received had they worked their notice period... ... unless of course they are on maybe 6 months notice or more.
  10. Mr Bloke

    St George’s Day

    Hmmm... ... I expect the Council have already made plans to fly the Cross of Saint Andrew from the Town Hall flagpole.
  11. Mr Bloke

    Hull v Blades

    Absolutely Brilliant Weekend!!! I know it's Easter but... ... it's still a bit too early to count our chickens.
  12. Mr Bloke

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Hmmm... ... is Mr Toby back from his hols then?
  13. Hmmm... ... well that sounds a bit dangerous to me. I hope they don't get confused if they hear someone shout 'fire!'...
  14. Hmmm... ... but surely that would be a failure to comply with the Council's own standard procedures? (punishable no doubt by instant dismissal a 'jolly good talking to'). Obviously, a detailed risk assessment investigation needs to be carried out immediately to identify exactly which cuts in Government funding can be blamed for this latest lack of common sense and disrespectful behaviour, and also to identify those minority groups who are most at risk of being offended (or more importantly, those who are offended on-behalf of others) by this buffoonery. A thorough employee training program to maintain the otherwise excellent 'team spirit' (held at a hostelry of their choice?) must also be arranged before any more 'good ideas' are run up the flag pole.
  15. Hmmm... Just another fine example of the top-quality professionals the Town Hall employs to look after our interests. It makes you feel proud to be a Sheffielder...

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