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  1. Hmmm... Just another fine example of the top-quality professionals the Town Hall employs to look after our interests. It makes you feel proud to be a Sheffielder...
  2. Mr Bloke

    bolton v sheffield wednesday

    Hmmm... ... what's with all this negativity nonsense? There's still 30 points to be had so you could still go up as champions...
  3. Mr Bloke

    Wilder v Bruce - February MOTM nominees.

    Oh dear! Well I feel really sorry for Mr Bruce... ... it's not like he's going to win anything else this season.
  4. Mr Bloke

    Is This Really Offensive.

    Hmmm... ... maybe it was the 'woman' bit that she was offended by?
  5. Hmmm... ... well be very careful when reaching for something that's out of your grasp that you don't fall overboard! I won't be collaborating - I'm out!
  6. Hmmm... ... well I'm sure that most people would agree that what you see as negativity is really just good advice for anyone who may be gullible enough to think that all they need to protect their ideas is a signed bit of paper. I'm flattered that what you think I posted is copy and pasted 'legalese' (it really isn't, it's just plain old common sense) but at the same time I find it of concern that someone who initially recommends 'looking at a business plan non-disclosure agreement on the web' does not appear to understand how such an agreement works. Your OP asked for peoples thoughts. Here's my final one. You say 'Creating good quality multimedia content that engages and connects with people is something I really enjoy, a skill that has taken many years to craft'. Well maybe a good way to start attracting potential business partners might be by showing us some of your 'good quality multimedia content that engages and connects with people' so that people can see for themselves just what they might be missing out on? I'm sure we're all eager to see it... ... but I suppose we'd all need to sign a non-disclosure agreement first?
  7. Hmmm... ... well in my opinion Mr Ghozer, a non-disclosure agreement is only worth more than the paper it's written on if either (i) the 'aggressed' party has sufficient funds to challenge the 'aggressor' in a civil court or (ii) the 'aggressor' is of sufficient stature that any civil challenge against them would be detrimental to their reputation and any threatened challenge would therefore (hopefully) be settled by them 'out of court'. You have already stated that the first option is not the case, and it seems reasonable to assume that anyone who touts for 'business' on a local forum is unlikely to satisfy the second option. All of the skills in the OP are pretty run of the mill stuff and can be bought if and when needed. You certainly don't need a 'business partner' who has nothing more to offer than the apparent ability to 'dabble' in lots of things and specialise in none of them. Sorry if I've just stated the obvious (it was never meant to insult your intelligence) but the days of trusting a "Gentleman's Agreement" are sadly long gone...
  8. Mr Bloke

    The derby!

    Well spotted!
  9. Mr Bloke

    Sheffield wednesday accounts for year end 2018

    Hmmm... ... well it's not so much 'the final throw of the dice' as a bit of a 'clever ploy' (albeit a bit short-sighted) identified by the OP. Common sense would indicate that the most obvious reason for moving the accounting year-end to the end of July would be to allow this seasons pre-season ticket sales (those bought in June and July 2018) to be included in the 2018 accounts (instead of in next years 2019 accounts) in the hope of off-setting those silly rules brought in by those naughty men at the EFL. So in effect, they've included 2 seasons pre-season ticket sales (seasons 2017-2018 and 2018-2019) in one accounting year(2018). Which all seems fine... ... but it also means that next years accounts(2019) which are for this season (2018-2019) will not be able to include any pre-season ticket sales (bought June or July 2018), but will be able to include pre-season ticket sales (bought in June or July 2019) for the 2019-2020 season. Confused yet? What this really means is that instead of (as now) the club having an idea of how they're doing financially at the start of the season (based on pre-season ticket sales for that season), the real accounting position of the club will not be known until the start of the following season (when pre-season ticket sales for the following season are known). The bottom line is that the club will no longer have income from pre-season ticket sales for that season. It also means that anyone buying a pre-season season ticket will be helping to pay off the clubs previous season's 'debt' and no longer investing in its future. But no-one listens to me anyway...
  10. Mr Bloke


    Hmmm... ... really?
  11. Mr Bloke

    Shamima Begum

    Hmmm... ... and maybe you're seeing what you want to see? You're assuming that the people who think a 15 year old is not mature enough to make such a decision are the same people who condemn her for making that decision.
  12. Hmmm... ... maybe they could have fitted all the trams with one of those cow catcher thingies?
  13. Mr Bloke


    Hmmm... ... I agree! Which is why a lot of us ignore most of the posts on here these days!
  14. Oh dear! Is this really so difficult to understand? The 'wording as quoted in the OP is ambiguous' is refering to the wording I've highlighted in red (to avoid any further confusion) above. The 'some people' (that you can't see) are the idiots who are making the abusive phone calls.
  15. Hmmm... ... no I'm afraid I couldn't because I didn't!

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