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Men - To Stand At The Toilet For A Pee Or Sit?

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3 minutes ago, The_DADDY said:

Seeing as I have a penis and not a vagina I stand to p. 

If I decide to identify as female that may change however for now as Elton John would say "I'm still standing".

But some men might not have a "direct flow" and **** all over the place thus directing anger towards them from the other half. Would not sitting on the seat be a better option all things considered are should one stick to their guns and let the flow shower?

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I stand to pee.

This really is one of my pet peeves, as where I used to work there were young people who would walk past the urinals, go into a cubicle and tinkle and sprinke all over the seat, the floor etc. 

Infuriating and disgusting behaviour.

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11 hours ago, Draggletail said:

What's your habit? (Not a pervy question I promise) :D 


Ladies, feel free to comment! 

Prefer sitting especially at work knowing I'm getting paid for it !

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