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  1. But but but she lived in a council house and brought up a child alone.... Like millions upon millions do.
  2. Still struggling with that simple question I asked?
  3. Looks great. So what you are saying is that if it wasn't for Western influence they would still be able to dress like that? What leads you to believe that?
  4. Good stuff. What have I stated that's incorrect?
  5. I knew it would be our fault. Why are Muslims fighting Muslims,is that our fault also, the Sunni and shiiates lads, are they killing each other because of the West?, Is there anything that isn't the Wests fault according to you? You are so predictable it's painful. I actually feel sorry for you that you have been brainwashed.
  6. I completely agree with you there, the West has no right to preach to others how they should live, especially as our society is so screwed up.
  7. So Iran does allow all those things I mentioned then? I know you love posting links so can you point me in the right direction as to where you have seen the change in rules? Thanks in advance.
  8. Well for one she would be able to wear what she wants, ride a bike, go dancing alone, travel without permission from her husband visit sport stadiums and have the opportunity to become a judge, so that would be a bonus.
  9. Disagree. It's basically saying we will not let you speak because we dont think like you. It's a dangerous precedent. It's not exactly a meeting of Nazis now is it.
  10. Yep. And anyone who thinks this is a good thing regardless of their political stance is completely missing the point, it's outrageous.
  11. Isn't he just willing more to vote Reform or am I so tired from working that I am missing something? That Gif though!!🤣
  12. "Plans to stop young people born since 2009 ever smoking/drinking are to be debated and voted on later." I just saw this and wondered were it said owt about drinking.
  13. I repeat, where does it say alcohol to be phased out?
  14. Amazing achievement, it really was and put Sheffield on the map. Unfortunately, regardless of her brains and unbelievable talent many remember her for not being able to carry a flame a few meters at the opening ceremony of the world student games. I felt for her, I really did. https://youtu.be/ICnszA8N0BQ?si=HhuPbYNBC6TCpv_w
  15. Remember booking holidays off ceefax!!😂 It's amazing how far technology has progressed in such a short space of time. What else do we actually need?
  16. Deep down Cressida, we know that everyone on here would don't we. Trouble is some on the left are too stubborn to admit it, goes against what they have been told to do in that handbook.
  17. Where does it mention alcohol/drinking or am I missing something?
  18. Oh go on, pretty please. Would you rather.. A Iran and the Yemen or B, America and Israel, from tomorrow rule the world and you have to adhere to their rules and outlooks......also pose the question to your wife if you have one. A simple A or B answer will suffice.
  19. Cus it makes them seem all edgy n stuff
  20. What is it about these repressive, backwards and despotic states/countries that the left seem to take sides with? Is it in the " How to be a leftie" handbook that ensures you take sides with these places regardless of the situation? Can I ask, how many of the left on here who are straining to be on the side of these backwards places have actually visited them? How many times have you taken your family, wife or daughters to these delights? I am genuinely interested. Or do you prefer to spend your vacation in a safe, free speech, democratic place where your wife or daughter can wear what they want and will not be treat as a second class citizen, or be free of being stoned or chucked off a building for being gay? I think we all know the answer don't we. One last question.... Hypothetically....if tomorrow you had to vote on who will from now rule the world and you have to obey and do what they say....who would you prefer to be in control? A, Iran, Yemen and Syria B, Israel, America and Britain. Again, we know deep down who the vote would be for. So what is it that makes the left side with these places as it's absolutely bizarre?
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