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  1. I think all they need to do is emphasise that it’s a drama. I haven’t seen any of this present series but I saw a clip on Goggle Box and I can’t believe they were quite as snotty to Diana as was shown on that.
  2. Just seen the photo. It looks consensual to me, lol.
  3. There was a chippy on the right hand side going up. On the corner of Stanhope Road, Mrs Green's I think.
  4. The ten year old must be gratified that, after spending countless hours seeking out the locations and precisely lining up his mickey mouse camera before raiding his piggy bank to purchase the mickey mouse software, he gets trolled by another ten year old who could obviously do a whole lot better.
  5. 81 minutes? That's a bit daunting for those of us with a max 15 minute attention span, lol.
  6. Nice bit of tuck pointing in that last shot . . . and Nigel could be right.
  7. Where is it? I've only ever seen a still of the aftermath.
  8. I remember him coming back to Hillsborough for an FA cup replay and playing Wednesday off the park in front of 63,000. A time when his British record transfer fee was half a day's wages for Gareth Bale. A different world. RIP Albert.
  9. Another shout for Emmaus. They collected some surplus items of furniture within a couple of days.
  10. They’d be mad to sack Wilder. It won’t happen. United seem to be following the Burnley model. Don’t overspend, take a relegation if necessary. They’d go straight back up with Wilder.
  11. Pulis currently 1/4. How depressing. An old codger who wants one more payday. Give it to Ryan Lowe and hope for the best.
  12. Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley have been left off the list of 67 places to receive mass testing. A bit odd as we were all previously in Tier 3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54885657
  13. There was a Barry Whitworth died October 2017 in Sheffield aged 84. Wife’s name Joan.
  14. Hallam was just one of 37 further education establishments that became universities in 1992. The government target of a 50% university uptake would have been a little difficult without them.
  15. Not quite Broughton Lane, it was on the corner of Coleridge Road. http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/yorkshire/sheffield_s9_salutation.html http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=4008&view=findpost&p=23230
  16. Not much love for Nigel on this thread, or anywhere else for that matter. I even heard him called the unflushable one this morning, lol.
  17. I doubt whether he’s looking for his 20th manager’s job just yet. Maybe next season.
  18. Far worse than that, lol. Ashurst won as many games as he lost. At least he trod water.
  19. Nothing desperate about it. Either he’s managed Wednesday in the last 20 years or he hasn’t.
  20. Five went on to manage in the premier league, not a bad total. How well they did was down to them.
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