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  1. If you have the time to wade through this website, you'll find it's a complete record. I've kicked off alphabetically with AFC Bournemouth as United haven't played Accrington since 98/99. You can change the opposition to all the clubs listed on the left. https://www.11v11.com/teams/sheffield-united/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/AFC Bournemouth/ When you click on the individual games, you'll sometimes get line ups, goalscorers and gates. Some clubs are better than others for this.
  2. Not Fargate in this instance. 1986 on the Moor.
  3. Oh, I thought there must be a good reason. Anyone else, please?
  4. Could anyone explain the rationale for this set-up? It's baffled me for years. Apart from the dangerous u-turns, all it seems to achieve is to make journeys longer and increase pollution.
  5. Tom Wolfe called it the pimp roll.
  6. Not one penny of the money raised goes towards funding the NHS.
  7. Yes indeed. There are bits of Canada further south than bits of Portugal.
  8. If it's at the rear of the property, an extension of that size does not need planning permission. https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/17/extensions
  9. Rod Steiger wasn't a bad Capone. I remember my old man taking me to see 'Al Capone' at Hillsborough Kinema around 1960.
  10. Did you think he meant the Airfix model kits?
  11. No, I just went for a walk taking in Treeton, Aughton and Ulley.
  12. No Pigeons = No Peregrine Falcons
  13. I don't think you'd want to see it now. When I walked up Smallage Lane three or four months ago the fly tipping was horrendous, and that was before the tips were shut down.
  14. Lol, why resurrect a fourteen year old thread to go off topic? Glad you did because it's been a great read. 👍
  15. The Barnsley Road end of Firth Park Road is in Page Hall which has quite a reputation. You might want to do a google search.
  16. Good to see Colin on Look North tonight receiving a video call from Harry Kane. He played for England alongside Matthews, Finney and Edwards. Well done Mr Kane.
  17. Miss Major, I remember the name but can't picture her. I think Mrs Manning also lived on Scott Road, we sometimes used to pass each other as I walked to Owler Lane. I have a recollection that she died relatively young.
  18. Yes, you're right about the juniors now that I think about it. I remember being taught by Sally Sails in one of those rooms (ruler on both hands for dropping a pencil) and Miss Manning in another.
  19. At the junction of Sutherland Road (now Lyons Close) and Lyons Street, behind All Saints Church (rebuilt as St Peters Church). The infants building is still there.
  20. But the nearest junior school was All Saints, so why not a SAINTS house?
  21. The executor needs to be alive.
  22. Only the host has control of those taking part. Was she supposed to leave the meeting?
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