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  1. Wouldn't he have to be guilty of an offence that warrants a jail sentence?
  2. Presently, it is scheduled to go up to 67 in 2026 (brought forward from 2034) and up to 68 in 2044. Yes, it is a case of ever moving goalposts but to raise it to 75 is the equivalent of shifting them out to the corner flag. It will happen one day but at that rate it won't be 'til we're all dead and gone. There again, if we leave the EU with no deal, it might just go up to 95 on November 1.
  3. The article didn't mention Prince Philip. It must have assumed the readership was sure who Lord Mountbatten was but thanks for letting we plebs know.
  4. In what sense is it digital? Oh, I know. You use your finger.
  5. The more it costs, the more confidence the gullible have in it. Beauty products are sold this way.
  6. 'Just see what that message says on my phone, love.' 'Please rate your recent visit to the Happy Endings Sauna.' 'Er......'
  7. Good to see some genuine pace on the wings. Could and should have been a bigger win and great to see Kieran Lee back to his best. Bully said he was disappointed not to be able to give much needed game time to a few players due to the Bury game being called off. It would have put a few quid in their coffers but the EFL knows best.
  8. He was. It was second time lucky.
  9. One week is seven days, not four. If I wanted to leave on a Friday (which was always the case) I put my notice in on the preceding Friday.
  10. Sorry to see him go. Yes, he's inconsistent but he's at an age now when that should stop being a problem. As for the fee, if Madine cost Cardiff £6m it should be at least as much.
  11. Correct it was next door to Freidrichs (in the same building) but the Brown Cow was further down towards the Wicker arches. Both buildings are still there.
  12. Not local but accessed through the club. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/21/what-is-ifollow-football-league
  13. There's something called a pro fit home shirt. Don't know what the difference is apart from £40. Perhaps it should read profit home shirt.
  14. Boris has been in Manchester talking up HS3, or rather the bit of it between that city and Leeds. I remember a time more than 50 years ago when Leeds, to my eyes, seemed less prosperous than Sheffield. Then came the M62 and Leeds overtook us big style. I can see HS3, if it ever happens, serving only to cement Sheffield's status as a northern backwater. It could be different. A pal of mine reckons HS2 should be scrapped and proper cross Pennine links built to give the northern powerhouse a chance to become reality. Sheffield might even be included, lol.
  15. Lol, he's been doing that from day one.
  16. Lol, three or four in the keep net already.
  17. Haven't you heard? Facebook admitted in court that it is a publisher, lol.
  18. I remember going there with my dad in the 60s for a load of commons. They were £14 a thousand.
  19. Could you point us to the law that restricts an organisation to one manager?
  20. Any tips for making sure of the neighbours?
  21. What a team. Four Yorkshiremen, four foreigners and oh yes, three Englishmen.
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