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  1. I seem to remember a Peter Lorimer effort just like that against Bayern Munich in the European Cup Final. He was a bit unlucky that way; in the FA Cup semi against Chelsea in 1967 he had a last minute free kick equaliser disallowed because Chelsea weren’t ten yards away. And they say today’s refs are rubbish.
  2. Good value at 17/5 to win and 25/1 for 2-0.
  3. Probably got too much negative feedback and postponed it until after Christmas.
  4. https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1733218640525160663
  5. We should be grateful to Mr Chansiri because it’s not a one week window like last year. Eh, Mr Bassett?
  6. The new manager effect was evident but 0-2 was about right.
  7. It’s a local landmark and not everybody below retirement age wants to consign it to history.
  8. The local newspaper should be educating them then.
  9. The chabbies on the Star don’t know it’s Cole’s Corner.
  10. To pave the way for means testing of the State Pension?
  11. He could be typing up his next forum resignation announcement.
  12. Monkes will be along soon to put you right.
  13. I sent old stamps valued at £7 something and never got owt back. A dream scheme for bent postmen.
  14. Next door to the dirty bookshop. https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;v02606&prevUrl=
  15. I had a six timer, only got four up. City and West Ham let me down.
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