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  1. I don't have 'hate in my heart', but I know bigotry when I see it, and try to explain it away by dissembling, and reducing every point into a semantic exercise puts you firmly in the camp of those who don't agree with the 'homosexual lifestyle' as you put it. What you misinterpret as 'hate in my heart' is anger as being put down for my sexual orientation. I'm not even going to rise to the taunt about 'being the slower of thought members of the forum', frankly it isn't worth it.
  2. I've no problem with transgendered people or drag queens offering to go to a library to read to children. In fact I think it's very public spirited of them. Clearly DBS checks should be done to prevent a problem of people using the guise for nefarious purposes. I much rather that than them being indoctrinated with hate and bitterness.
  3. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  4. The true definition of someone who is phobic is someone who has an irrational fear of something or some situation. So pedants who dissemble by arguing over definitions say that 'homophobia' is a misnomer, because people who that term is ascribed to aren't fearful of gay people - they just hate us. So if they're not homophobic what are they? They're bigots. People who have been on the receiving end of bigotry know exactly what it looks like and what it feels like. Reducing it to semantics takes away its ugliness and reduces it to some boring semantic exercise
  5. Is this a left / right issue? It shouldn't be. I'm on the left, and I know who I'm supporting.
  6. Theologians and philosophers the world over have been engaged in serious debate about God's message for centuries, I'm so glad that you've been able to clarify it for them. Who's meeting gay people halfway and how? The hardcore of the protestors aren't. And the whole point of education is being exposed to challenging ideas, otherwise what is it's point? You do seem very quick to reassure us all that you don't believe these books, (and you've even been to a few Prides) but you're going a very long way to justify the intimidation of parents, MPs, other parents and children. Be proud of your bigotry. I'm calling you out - I think you're a wind up merchant and a troll.
  7. I've heard the quotations from religious texts with regards to sexual orientation since being a teenager, and since then nothing that has changed my opinion that those who selectively use such texts do so to lend some kind of credibility to their bigotry. Religious texts such as the bible are much more than the sum of their parts. The wider message of the Bible and Quran is lost. That is a gross bastardisation: using sacred texts as a stick to beat someone with is vile. Further, to claim piety on the back of it is sick making hypocrisy. As for your boast that you are able to understand the views of people culturally different to you. Congratulations, most other people can empathise with others; however I won't empathise with people who refuse to try and meet me half way. Not because they can't - it's that they won't. Your sexual orientation, like mine, is fixed - not that it should matter. Unlike orientation, adults choose their religion, moreover, if they're of average intelligence they should easily be able to realise that they can choose interpret passages in their texts. If they choose to be a bigot, choose to discriminate, seek to subjugate others and believe themselves to be morally superior because of a biological fluke, then those who claim to understand them are as stupid as they are patronising..
  8. I feel a bit sick re-reading this now.
  9. The vast majority of gay & lesbians are brought up in heterosexual families. I was. I think the reality is relevant, modern societies shouldn't kowtow to prejudice, especially when it harms the health and well being of children.
  10. Exactly. I'm suspicious about someone who makes this basic error, yet has apparently organised Pride marches. Something isn't gelling....
  11. No, of course not. But people aren't non thinking automatons. I've said that there are lots of people from all religions that do not agree with each and every chapter of their sacred text, and know full well that such texts were written in a completely different historical epoch. I've also pointed out that religious texts promise hellfire for those who engage in actions, which they do, without question on a daily basis. I've referenced the findings from the appointed mediator, (Nazir Afzal) that many who initially protested are being pressganged by extremists. Yet it's the same scapegoat that's singled out time and again - the pesky homosexual who is othered. No, I'm not going to look at it 'from their perspective'. As someone who says that they've helped organise Pride marches, don't you think it's about time that things were looked at from the perspective of gay people, especially gay children looking on at these 'demonstrations'? How it impact on them? Incidentally what homosexual lifestyle are these primary school children being exposed to?
  12. I can't at all, only in the context of the fact that many of the people initially protesting have been manipulated.
  13. Not all parents agree with the actions of the protestors, so perhaps it's best all parents, from whatever religion aren't tarred with the same brush. Lots of things have normalised gay sex - the media, Parliament and the law, educational institutions, popular culture, people's experiences, the passing of time....By the logic you're attributing to the protestors, should these subjects not be mentioned in schools as well?
  14. Of course - but gay sex isn't what's being taught in primary schools. The only people who mention it, are those who want to mislead people that gay sex is being taught to children. Also worth pointing out that AFAIK, children raised in gay households are no more likely to be gay than those raised in straight ones
  15. But you're not crediting the parents who have religious beliefs as having any intelligence, capacity to realise that there are lots of other behaviours that they indulge in that will increase their chances of going to hell; nor are you acknowledging reports that many parents who are 'protesting' are being leant on by ideologues with extremist positions.
  16. There's only that belief in people who have no idea what they're talking about, so why should we listen to them? Further, you might be talking about 'homosexual intercourse', but the debate about the teaching of homosexuality in primary schools, where the debate is currently at, is about the mere validation of the existence of gay relationships.
  17. It sounds like it's eating you up inside, and causing you some confusion. I've no idea about the left or the right's view of religion(s), though I suspect it's a lot more nuanced and considered than your presentation of it; however I do know that the teaching of British values is absolutely the central to the education policies of the main political parties.
  18. Oh dear, Boris Johnson's girlfriend has been forced to quit her job from the Tory Party for 'poor work', improper expense claims and leaking damaging stories to the press about Mrs May https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7230155/Boris-Johnsons-girlfriend-Carrie-Symonds-quit-job-Conservative-Party-expenses-claims.html Her and her oafish boyfriend deserve each other
  19. President Trump and his administration has been described as “inept” and “uniquely dysfunctional”. Trump was "dazzled" by the state visit to the UK, but that Ambassador Kim Darroch reportedly said Trump’s presidency could “crash and burn” and “end in disgrace”, in the cache of secret cables and briefing notes sent back to Britain and seen by the Mail On Sunday. “We don’t really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept,” Darroch allegedly wrote in one dispatch. Ooh, stinging stuff. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/07/donald-trump-inept-and-dysfunctional-uk-ambassador-to-us-says Typically, Nigel Farage has criticised the Ambassador, presumably because Darroch didn't fawn in front of wealth and power, and lick the backside of Trump, like Farage does.
  20. Apologies if someone else has already posted the link, but John Major gave a very powerful interview on the BBC's Hard Talk. Only 20 minutes long, but very well worth listening to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0006yxz/hardtalk-sir-john-major-former-british-prime-minister
  21. Well part of what made Rising Damp funny is the stupidity of the racist Rigsby, so you're not laughing with him, but at him. Contrast that with Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson that played to people's worst instincts.
  22. Your surely not claiming Manning & Davidson never telling jokes about incontinence is somehow evidence that they had standards? And although people find different things funny these days, there is some humour from the 1970s that I think is still very funny - Monty Python, Steptoe and Son and Rising Damp being 3 good examples.
  23. But surely as a nurse you should be aware of others feelings, have the ability to show empathy, as well as understand the wider context in which so called 'banter' takes place?
  24. I think people who have been the butt of other's jokes whether it be because they are disabled, LGBT or from a diffrent ethnic origin, at some point decided that being the object of ther's derision isn't funny. Humour, and beig the object of other's jokes is an individual thing, it can depend on context and the intent behind the joke. Unfortunately, in many instances banter turned into bullying - and there's nothing funny about that.
  25. Especially as Jeremy Hunt tried to link Corbyn with the Holocaust: There has been little condemnation from the usual suspects. I think I'd prefer Boris Johnson to Hunt. With Johnson, at least people know he's a fool; Hunt is just vile
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