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  1. You try to read his mind by stating that when Galloway says Israelis he means Jews. Galloway is not lacking in verbal dexterity or the ability to argue his case. He has the knowledge to distinguish between the two. You made an assertion that Galloway would not share a platform with Jews, as it's Jews, not Israelis that he's got a problem with. I provide evidence to the contrary in my reply, which you chose to ignore. I'm going to leave it there because I'm not a spokesperson for Galloway. But I do think that you are jumping on a bandwagon that seeks to discredit your opponents by labelling them as racist. There's ample evidence out there that the right wing is racist and bigoted, but this is conveniently forgotten. People should clean up the **** in their own back yard before pointing the finger at others.
  2. George Galloway shared a platform with a very prominent Jewish man, known to many as the Children's Laureate, Michael Rosen and they had an interesting debate about anti Semitism in the Labour Party. Although the discussion is 6 months old it's uncanny how Rosen and Galloway predicted the breakaway of people like Chukka Umunna into a separate party. There are a couple of predictions made in the discussion that have since come true:
  3. Derek Hatton has been suspended from Labour. Keep up. What has George Galloway said that makes him a 'Jew hater'? Or is this another unsubstantiated smear.
  4. Mister M

    A new small political party

    Well there you go.
  5. Mister M

    A new small political party

    Does it really matter? And if it's that important, you could always look it up for yourself.
  6. Mister M

    A new small political party

    Polly Toynbee who was a high profile defector from Labour to the SDP in the 1980s says there are big differences between the situation that led to the creation of the SDP and the situation that there is now. Her article is worth a read : https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/18/labour-schism-sdp-brexit-seven-mps
  7. Mister M

    A new small political party

    I don't think they particularly care about obscurity. They sounded totally <removed> off.
  8. Along with Heidi Allen and Sarah Woolaston. Their criticisms range far and wide. I caught the bit where Soubry was laying into Brandon Lewis, Chairman of the CP, and effectively allow the takeover of the PCP by the ERG. My only regret is that this couldn't have happened after PMQs, so that May could've taken the p out of Labour resignations, then had her own straight afterwards. Her face would've been a picture
  9. This is really concerning: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/feb/19/met-police-spending-on-plastic-bullets-triples-in-a-year
  10. Heidi Alexander, Anna Soubry and Sarah Woolaston according to Newsnight's political editor.
  11. Mister M

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Yes, that's been put forward on the news. It was said that if someone holds dual citizenship, then legally it's easier to deny them.
  12. They also didn't do much for education, based on the merits of your posts.
  13. Mister M

    Sayings you don't hear any more

    "Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs". Or "Well, I'll go to our house"!
  14. Mister M

    Adverts that annoy..

    Perhaps the banks are trying make us forget the banking crisis that plunged much of the world into further debt.
  15. Which makes it all the more puzzling as to why Honda would not want to be part of this success.
  16. It's a strange turn around for Brexiteers, especially for one of the local MPs to Swindon, who was very quick to jump on the statement that the car plant closing was nothing to do with Brexit. Prior to and just after the Brexit vote Honda, and other car manufacturers warned of car plants closing if Brexit went ahead. Then of course, the cry was from Brexiteers, "we shouldn't listen to the experts". Now the experts, in this case Honda, have spoken, Brexiteers are quick to agree with what they say.
  17. Nissan, Panasonic, Honda and Sony have all made significant announcements regarding in the last couple of months - since a hard Brexit was on the cards. All in the last few months, all of whom had issued statements this would happen. Coincidence? Apparently so....
  18. It's grim that the low paying Wetherspoons supports Brexit, while high paying car manufacturers like Honda are queuing up to leave.
  19. Mister M

    Is Philomena Cunk Real?

    She is real as is her sidekick Barry ****peas
  20. I would've thought that Jacob Rees Mogg, Liam Fox, David Davis, Boris Johnson and the other Brexiteers would've had some idea since they campaigned so hard to leave the EU. No, of course not. Though I bet they've thought how they can do very well out of it. Which is the most important thing, obviously.
  21. I don't think for a minute that the people who will lose their jobs in Swindon and the surrounding areas will be thinking that. People in these parts of the world know exactly what its like when a major employer shuts down, and the future prospects are bleak. Many people did predict job losses in manufacturing. Indeed as the links I posted earlier show, Daniel Hannan and John Redwood, prominent leavers, both said Brexit would not cause problems in the automotive industry. How wrong they were EDIT: No doubt when the next set of employment figures are released - it'll show there are a record number of jobs that have been created in Swindon; and unemployment in the area is the lowest it's been since record began
  22. Because Penny knows, as many have said, that a no-deal Brexit will cause major job losses and economic and social hardship. That's what he wants. He doesn't care about others - if he's not happy, then why should anyone else be.
  23. Two prominent Brexiteers got it completely wrong: 9:30 AM · Sep 17, 2015 Daniel Hannan @DanielJHannan That idea that car manufacturers might disinvest after we leave the EU? It's a - what's the word? - oh yes. Lie. https://twitter.com/DanielJHannan/status/644428141302255616 One of the most deceitful arguments some Remain advocates use is that the car industry depends on the EU for its success and would be adversely affected if we leave. They need to explain the damage membership of the EEC/EU did to it. https://twitter.com/johnredwood/status/1018037595379503104?s=19

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