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Perseverance Lands On Mars.

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Just now, Padders said:

What a feat, how the 

Well they've done a bit better than me, can't even post correctly.

What I was going to say is,

What a fantastic achievement, what got me was when it landed it sent a message back "I've landed safely"

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27 minutes ago, hauxwell said:

I don’t think they will find life on Mars, but you never know.  However they could find some interesting fossils which could help us to understand more about the planet.







I hear the chances are a million to one 

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26 minutes ago, Delayed said:

I hear the chances are a million to one 



But seriously, if they find fossils or microbes it will change the way we understand ourselves and the universe. If they find the place is sterile and always was it is also important.

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3 hours ago, Padders said:

Wonder if they will find life ?

Be careful what you wish for. 


I watched a movie last night called Life, a sample of life was brought back from Mars to the ISS. It didn't end well for the crew.....



All this talk of life on Mars, seems a good excuse for this......





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