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  1. In 2017 Corbyn was still new and the labour party was reasonably coherent and tbh he looked as good a leader as May. I suppose point scoring is in the eye of the beholder, but I can't say i've noticed any.
  2. supply & demand in action if you cant' get new stuff then you either wait or go to the 2nd hand market. .
  3. it depends on the reason why people were selected for furlough but being selected for redundancy solely on the basis of being furloughed stands a very good chance of being adjudged unfair dismissal by a tribunual.
  4. There are several, teamviewer was a popular one and there are a number of VNC varients. Using this technology to monitor someone without their knowledge is likely to viewed as gross misconduct by your employer and very possibly a criminal act. You could use the technology to control multiple PC's, though you may have to physically turn them on. You also may find it more efficient to load all the applications on one PC and use them there.
  5. Part of the problem is that the symptoms match a whole host of other infections. I had an almost constant dry cough from december until well into the new year but as far as I recall none of the other symptoms. Have I had it? Have I had one of the other winter variations of a cold/cough? I have no idea, on balance I'd say probably not but I'd equally not be all that surprised to find that I had. We were pretty much always going to have a second peak no matter what we did. The trick will be managing it as well as or better than the first one.
  6. I presume you are using Samba for the file sharing across the network. You need to use WINS, on the server you need to set the netbiois name in the smb.conf file. Restart the services and name resolution should work with windows clients. For linux and similar clients you will probably have to still edit the /etc/hosts file. I've always found it easier, and less pain when troubleshooting, just to edit the hosts file on each client. It's 5 minutes per client and generally works and recovers after a mishap with little pain.
  7. you need to set the IP address on the device. you might want to check your router configuration to make sure you exclude the IP address you set from the pool it allocates DHCP addresses from. The other devices will have a hosts file, c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. on windows, /etc/hosts on Linux and similar devices. If you open this file with notepad or similar you need to add a line something like what_you_want_to_call_the_device
  8. never dismiss a lack of competence as a reason for anything, its usually the right answer
  9. fishing is essentially a solo activity though possibly not much in the way of exercise i imagine solo golf would be pretty boring
  10. Not sure why you want to blame everything one one person. What, if anything, he's done or not done will come out in the wash but to stick his name on everything you don't like is just creating a monster in your mind which will eventually affect you. The concept of an impartial press has been dead for 30 years and more and the internet has only made it worse. The only way to get noticed and sell copy is the hysterical, sensationalist headline and story and they have to keep producing them every few hours or risk losing audience. The pandemic is the only story so it's not surprising they are all covering it and basically saying the same thing. Regardless of what is and isn't said on Sunday. Those who are working from home will continue to do that. Our leadership has been quite clear that we wont be going back to the office any time soon, even if we wanted to which, by and large, we don't. Those who can't work from home should be allowed back as long as there is suitable arrangements for protecting staff, customers and the wider public. Those who can't meet the protection requirements should stay off work and retain the government support. The employers who wont play the game should be identified, encouraged to comply and if all else fails be forced too and ultimately face sanction.
  11. maybe you should have paid for it before driving off?
  12. we aren't out of this yet, so we may still end up using them. the speed of the construction is one of the few good things to come out of this
  13. No one is more at risk than anyone else, these people are probably at a higher risk of complications and death should they catch the virus which is why they should be self isolating. If they are still under the self isolation 12 weeks then they shouldn't be in work anyway. Probably some do. Everyone does to some extent but my experiences looking around for the last 6 weeks suggests most people have been acting correctly and enough people must be doing the right thing because the number are going down.
  14. well on that basis we should hit the target tomorrow, a day late not bad on the whole
  15. that's probably not surprising and given it's not a particularly good thing for cars to be stood for weeks on end then I imagine a proportion of the increased traffic will be people taking the car for a run and returning home. I live close to penistone road and while it's busy it doesn't seem particularly busier than it has been over the last few weeks particularly at evenings/nights
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