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  1. Disruption at the ports will cause delays in all sorts of supply chains. Those organisations who don't hold large stocks of drugs (or anything else for that matter) because their business model has been built on the JIT supply chains enabled by the single market and customs union are going to struggle and may not survive A larger problem is going to be the longer term future of the pharmacutical industry. Faced with diverging regulatory systems, the manufacturers are going to aim at the biggest market and concentrate on getting approval in the EU first. The regulator has moved, those who visit the regulator (and their expenses which supported local hotels etc) will be moving with them, If manufacturers start to focus on the EU then it starts to make sense to move manufacturing and research into the EU especially if there is longer term disruption at the port and increasing tariff and non-tariff barriers.
  2. That was the reason why the original age of 65 was chosen. People live longer and generally healthier lives now and most don't do the heavy manual work they did in the good old days.
  3. If anyone is really determined to commit suicide then they will do it no matter how many people watch them.
  4. Buy the privatisation shares, sell them at a massive profit and use that profit to buy a house. Also, have more, safer, sex and don't get involved with xxxxxxx
  5. Isn't that what a politicians job is?
  6. However, if they feel they will be more welcome elsewhere then they wont come here,
  7. It seems he's applying for an office for profit under the crown when parliament reassembles.
  8. Out of the previous set of candidates then the Rory bloke seemed to be the only one who understood ordinary people.
  9. The landings really happened, the cube which brought me to Earth was parked up in a nearby crater and me and the rest of the crew watched Eagle land.
  10. Given the number of conservative mps who have been ambivalent about supporting the new government in a vote of confidence then they really don't have to plot very hard. The new leader could be out within a week,
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