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  1. but are they any less far behind than they were 4 years ago?
  2. Then it looks like he's scared and that only encourages the nutters and makes you look weak to everyone else. in the primaries they were competing against each other so there is bound to be criticism of each other. Once you get past those, you rally round the winner or you get the alternative.
  3. no one is innocent, everyone is guilty of something.....
  4. As in the uk and most other places the bulk will be "rosette on a donkey" voters, some because they didn't like the alternative, some because they bought into the spin and some because they bought into his actual message. Trump's media treatment is a direct result of his words and actions, and until last week a large part of the media have been very supportive of him, particulatly, until last week at least, his coup attempt. It's all there in publicly available material should you care to look. Corbyn might have got a hard time in the media, but every labour leader for the last hunfred years has had that treatment, particularly the leftier ones. He should have expected it and dealt with it. better He chose not too and so he failed That's the difference between the leader of a country and the man collecting signtures on Fargate.
  5. it would be fun if he did, I imagine many many interesting things will be revealed in the court documents.
  6. people still seem to think nigerian bankers need help to launder money so i'm sure they will,
  7. Trump is trying to overturn the result of a properly executed democratic election and the processes by which the correct and proper processes for the orderly transfer of power. Had the people who broke into the Capitol last week managed to get close to any of the members of congress then it seems likely that some would have been injured or killed. All his actions from November onwards have been a coup, admitedly a stupid and poorly run one but still a coup and the next person to try this will probably be better at it. There needs to be clear consequences for this sort of behaviour as much to try and warn the next man against this behaviour as to punish Trump, perhaps more so. You should also consider where the country would have gone had he managed to actually overturn the democratic result. I agree its a distraction but democracy is something that needs active support and defence and this is one of those times.
  8. It's not particularly about stopping Trump on 2024, though that's a laudible aim. He's at an age where his health can deteriorate quite quickly. Even before the last week, the line of prosecutors and plantiffs waiting for the 20th was long and last week likely added a few more. Bankruptcy also looms. Trump tried to stage a coup and failed. That must have consequences or it will embolden the next person to go down this route to do it better. This is as much a warning to him as it is a punishment to Trump.
  9. so at least they exist, which is a good start. i'm not sure i'd rely solely on testamonials on a web site, after all you have no idea how many are real and of course they wouldn't put the poor ones on. i guess it depends on the consequences of these people proving to be useless. If it's significant then maybe try and find some satisfied customers or ask them for a couple of reference clients...
  10. There should be a physical contact address if there isn't one then move on.
  11. Not entirely sure they wouldn't have. I believe that as a matter of policy they give important world figures a lot more leeway than the average person though there must be a limit and sedition seems to be one of them. Had he continued to post after leaving office in the same way as before then he more than likely would have been banned. At the end of the day Twitter is a private organisation and can choose who they do business with like any other business.
  12. It seems there is a lot of venison about at the minute. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jan/10/wild-deer-set-to-wreak-havoc-in-uk-woodlands-as-venison-demand-plunges Does anyone know if anyone round Hillsborough sells it?
  13. There is a program, one laptop per child, which looked at some of these things. The program didn't get the traction it needed for a variety of reasons, but it did sort most of the tech, and of course tech has moved further since. Also, our requirements here are slightly different to the ones they were working too, but their solution points the way to ours. For this to really work then we need a national, free, basic internet service, limited to a handful of key sites and services. Where these sites link out to the wider internet then you would need a "proper" internet connection to get to them. Clearly this limits the USP of the internet but to get then then you either let everyone have it free at the point of use or extend social security to explicitly include an internet connection. Not sure, either are financially or politically viable options atm. You could build a wifi mesh network fairly easily and reasonably cheaply, especially if you encouraged the ISP's to join the project and commit a part of their infrastructure to it. The government could provide or incentivise ISPs to provide the infrastructure to cover sparsely covered areas and also help roll the internet into places which are low down OpenReach's list. This wouldn't just be for education, you could also use it to drive forwards digital engagement with all sorts of government (including council, NHS etc.) services.
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