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  1. andyofborg

    A new small political party

    Does it really matter, in 30 days or so we'll all be Brexiteders. Brexit certainly isn't the only reason these MPs broke away from their party. For many, a key reason is the rising anti-semitism in the labour party and the seemingly slow response of the leadership to it.
  2. andyofborg


    I imagine there will be a general election in a few months anyway, so a by election now would be a bit pointless
  3. andyofborg

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    a bester one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTseTg48568
  4. hey carbs, why do you consider the labour party to be fit for government?
  5. as you dont seem to meet Haibut's test then yes of course they do.
  6. They tried being less united with the confederacy, not sure that was a particularly positive experience
  7. sadly, there are plenty of more ridiculous ministers, the transport secretary amongst them
  8. only because you choose not to class them that way in all things that matter, we are continentals
  9. you're genes will be mostly european
  10. i can neither confirm nor deny my insideness but i doubt, despite brexiters best efforts, relations will deteriorate to the level where either side would consciously decide to let a mass casualty civilian attack happen if they had direct evidence that it was imminent. can i come too?
  11. andyofborg

    Why cheaper from other side of world?

    shops have to look nice and need to be well stocked, staff need to be well presented and attract higher rates than warehouses.
  12. that situation could arise now for either party, i imagine either side face with this situation would do all they could to pass the information on while protecting the source. even after separation, direct evidence of an upcoming attack would be shared, what could end will be the sharing of information about suspicions and people on the edges of these groups.
  13. you have penny and locky to help you

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