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  1. According to the Daily Mail, Blake Street is the 3rd steepest street in England https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6923677/Neighbours-Englands-steepest-street-tie-vehicles-lampposts.html
  2. it will be T-800's next real or not he's the only resident here who has his own mega-thread, you would think that would be enough for him/it/them.
  3. when i looked this morning we were still a constitutional monarchy where the executive authority of the monarch has been devolved to a bicameral legislature where one house is appointed and the other elected.
  4. andyofborg

    Electoral reform

    isn't that just a little bit silly and it doesn't matter anyway because you can still vote even if you dont take your card. the fact that you can choose not to vote or spoil your paper and suffer no consequences is proof that democracy is as alive as it ever was, why? there is no guarantee that the new faces will be any better than the old ones and some of the old ones are actually quite effective
  5. do you want to end all our exports to the EU?
  6. andyofborg

    spanish property

    you may have missed this but our relationship with a number of european countries is about to change, it might be wise to wait until there is some clarity on those changes before making a commitment to spend a lot of money.
  7. the scale of the losses are gradually getting less, so you never know and ultimately there isn't a majority for any of the alternatives whether they are actually possible or impossible to implement,
  8. so how does not having eu membership change that? the leading voices on brexit all seem to be from the thatcherite and neo liberal wing of the party and it;s hard to see their deregulatory fervour as helping the working class. why? a general election has to be on more than a single issue but on a vision for the future and a credible plan for delivering it. if you want a vote on brexit then start supporting a referendum on the current withdrawl agreement and/or one of the other possible alternatives.
  9. andyofborg

    paypal and money laundering

    probably, thinking of starting a new business?
  10. or alternatively, it has allowed people from poorer countries to improve their lot. something which has happened for centuries. it also isn't limited to the EU, take for example the transfer of manufacturing and service sector jobs to asia and other places. at least the freedom of movement has allowed stuff to be done in the UK which means the people doing it spend their money in the UK economy rather than it just vanishing overseas. leaving the EU wont change this trend or even slow it down, if some of the less positive consequences of leaving the EU occur then it might even increase as the drive to reduce costs increases. this drive will also lead to a push to reduce enviromental and employment protections to try and keep jobs in this country.
  11. don't forget we get British Rail back too
  12. andyofborg

    How much tax?

    income tax is calculated cumulatively over the year, ni is calculated on a per payment basis
  13. andyofborg

    weekly pay

    i certainly have and i'm quite well aware of the advantages of holding on to your money as long as possible. however, the management of this firm seems to have decided not to do this. clearly, they must have a reason to do this and assuming they haven't gone potty then the only one which springs to my mind is that they are having a, hopefully temporary, funding crisis and are finding it easier to scrape up the money to pay the staff on a weekly basis. at least i offered a suggestion, possibly a wrong one, but it's more than you have
  14. andyofborg

    How much tax?

    it became politically difficult for a chancellor to change the basic rate of income tax back in the 1980's, as a few parties made promises not to change it and the remaining parties were basically forced to follow suit to avoid bad headlines. parties, like the lib dems, which promised a rise also made a firm commitment that the extra raised would be ringfenced for a specific cause, like th NHS. having promised nothing about NI, sucessive chancellors have used that to fill the gaps in finance caused but not increasing the base rate of income tax also, due to the different way it's calculated a relatively small increase in NI rates raises as much as a larger rise in income tax rates would do
  15. andyofborg

    weekly pay

    i'm not sure i'd see it as a sign of a healthy company..... if the directors/owners are supporting the business from their own resources then it would help their cashflow to pay a quarter of the payroll once a week rather than a big lump sum once a month. even if they aren't you would be paying a quarter/fifth of the monthly payroll every week rather than as a big chunk, so depending on how/when/if customers pay it might have a less damaging effect on cashflow. than a paying a big chunk out once a month.

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