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  1. at the same time, you should also check your national insurance contribution record to make sure it's complete.
  2. isn't, at least, part of the rise in overdoses, that heroin is being cut with fentanyl and other opioids which means the lethal dose is far less than with heroin alone.
  3. Perhaps because they had nothing else to eat...............
  4. maybe people dont want handmade burgers anymore
  5. global warming - there will be no more snow ever
  6. you mean like the tory run northhamptonshire county council? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jan/29/northamptonshire-bankrupt-council-two-percent-tax-hike-james-brokenshire-local-government-secretary
  7. not entirely sure i understand the point you are making, since i never mentioned self employed or sole trader in the comment you are replying to. A sole trader is, of course, personally liable for any debts his/her business runs up. while there are abuses of the limited liability entities, the benefits in encouraging people to start and invest in businesses outweighs the consequences of the abuse. by and large, directors and employees, are immune from being pursued for corporate debts though there are limits on that immunity should there have been misconduct or a personal gurantee has been effected.
  8. i think we all know that the way rail privatisation was done in the 80s has resilted in a somewhat problematic situation and much of the blame falls on the government of the day and subsequent ones for failing to fix the mess. the govenrment could hold the failing companies to their contractual obligations but that wouldn't achieve anything except perhaps more chaos as they fell into administration/liquidation. the only realistic choices the governemnt faces is a bailout of some sort, adjust the contract or remove the franchise. I always found it very strange that the government is quite happy to let a foreign state owned entity run trains but not a uk state owned company.
  9. living in the plastic age https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3Ecs07in7U
  10. generally, all these sorts of scenarios end in soylent green or T800s or eighth day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ALdL8oV_sY
  11. the alternative would be that all shareholders were liable their for companies debts. if you have any sort of share based investments and one of those companies failed then it means the administrators would be coming to you for a contribution. the various limited liability corporate structures provide some mitigation to the risks of starting and running a business, without them very few people would take the risk of starting or investing in a new business and we would all be poorer as a result.
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