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  1. I suppose dignity is in the eye of the beholder. It's always good to achieve these things without a lot of screaming and shouting but maybe Mr Burnham and his staff have looked at their area and feel that the amount offered is really too little to support everyone and everything that needs it. in which case his stance is the correct one. It may very well be the case that the amount on offer to our region is insufficient. Time will tell in both cases. in response to another post. If it is correct that cases in south yorkshire are falling then hopefully this will be a short spell which hopefully will drive the virus further out of circulation which can only be a good thing.
  2. To be fair, they had no intention of doing that even if we had not had this pandemic.
  3. who do you think pays he/she/it/them?
  4. Not really, there has always been a block of Labour MPs who vote in a way the leadership doesn't like, regardless of the leadership and their outlook, It's one of the joys of being leader. I imagine during his time as DPP and in the outside legal profession, he will have come across situations the Bill seeks to address and is one of the few people who has direct experience of the consequences both good and bad of it's implememtation. Abstention can be a profound statement regarding a proposition. This might be no so profound, but it's a valid and worthwhile position.
  5. The point is that an incoming Labour government offers the hope of at least marginal competence. Whatever change people wanted it's clear that Mr. Corbyn and his ilk do not represent the change which people wanted and that's been clear for 40 years. Anyway, maybe this part of the discussion belongs in another thread.
  6. well done it's nice to have some good news amongst the despair
  7. I doubt it will be reduced, it just wont be increased by as much as it might have been otherwise
  8. not really, am just curious as to why, the little bit of soverignty we have pooled with the eu for mutual benefit is so important to you when we have pooled so much elsewhere for all sorts of reasons. some better than others. the old romantic notion of a soverign nation is long gone, the world is far too interconnected for that to survive. it may be a good thing, it may be a bad thing but either way it's gone.
  9. no, there is a border, if the nations trust each other enough then you can manage it mostly with paperwork. people breaking the agreements they freely entered into less than 12 months before doesn't really seem like a way to build or maintain trust. i'm intrigued why you think the GFA is nonsense? you should have, it was fun
  10. They are the people who pay Boot's wages
  11. If they are that poor how can they afford to buy a TV?
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