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  1. At the minute no one really knows one way or the other. We only have 6 months of very limited information about the virus and it's effects. The one thing no one seems to talk about is those who survive but face significant health issues after they have recovered from the primary infection.
  2. if you are contact traced you are advised to get a test
  3. You dont need to wear a mask at the barbers
  4. I've not been in many places, but those I have have been fairly good enforcing the rules and there seems to be a high rate of compliance and understanding. Even the busier ones have felt at least as safe as everywhere else.
  5. if the weather was like this and it was on the flatter streets then i'd probably enjoy the fresh air and the excercise. It might be that i'd wear a mask in the busier areas and possibly gloves. I'd also avoid licking the locals but I tend to do that anyway.
  6. do national emergencies have to last for less than 4 months?
  7. happiness is not proportional to wealth.
  8. not all of them are, they have interviewed a shop owner from leeds on the radio and he is turning people away if they dont wear a mask
  9. perhaps not but reporting to the ico will establish the true volume of the problem and may prompt some action to limit this activity though it would be quite hard to do anything useful. registering with the tps will stop calls from uk based callers which should be using their lists which will reduce the amount of unwanted calls anyway
  10. if you are going to play the loyalty game then how about the loyalty corbyn showed to previous leaders? How would you unite the party? I appreciate you find this upsetting but the fact remains the electorate has consistently rejected what it considers to be very left parties for over 40 years. Blair understood this and changed the party and is still the most successful leader the party has ever had. As much as this may upset you, he led a government which did lots of good and was quite lefty. Things like the minimum wage, sure start, devolution, all sorts of equality actions. You can have all the ideological purity you like, but the price will be never forming a government. The choice, as they say is yours....
  11. generally all you have to do is click on the "i'll do it later" link, and if you reach your limit of free articles then you clearly value the content so maybe you should consider contributing to it's continued production
  12. N ot sure that's the case. Turming the south east of england into a lorry park, the return of roaming charges, the loss of reciprocal health care, there are lots of things which can and will be correctly identified as a consequence of brexit. a lot of these are the sorts of things which will affect people directly.
  13. Perhaps the thing to do is have a different statue every couple of months. Use the site to showcase local talent in a thought provoking and socially distant manner
  14. They are continuing with their heroic tradition and isolating themselves from the rest of the world
  15. You are living in the wrong area. There isn't much mask wearing but there is some, but the establishments i've been visiting are still implementing the social distancing measure.
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