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  1. I'm not sure if anyone has asked before, but, given the agreement to withdraw was made before he took office, what do people think he should have done? Biden is not an absolute ruler, though at least one previous incumbent tried to change that. The american system deliberately limits the power of the President, particularly on internal issues. The President has no real power to do anything about either gun control or abortion other than make speeches.
  2. While I don't dispute that there are some familes like that, there are also many people who have complex long term care needs which, however much they may want too, an ordinary family cannot provide. For these people, residential care is the best and safest option.
  3. so do private enterprises which perform government services
  4. Of course you should have bothered. None of the parties, for all sorts of reasons, managed to convince enough people to vote for them to deliver them an overall majority. This means that in order to get anything done the all the parties have to make compromises with each other, It's either that or nothing gets done.
  5. Looking at Westie's posts, then I suspect there may be a shortage after his visits. On a more serious note, the UK has had an issue with many skills, not just HGV drivers, for over 40 years because rather than train and develop staff they have chosen to import labour, who coincidentally are generally cheaper and easier to deny employment rights too. That route is no longer open to them, which pretty much collapses the business model which most of the UK economy is built on. The government could relax visa requirements to allow this model to roll on a bit longer but any temportary relaxation will become permanent since industry wont make the necessary investment until way too late and when the relaxation comes to an end we will be having the same arguments as we are now. Also, having spent years telling foreign workers that they are not wanted then will anyone, especially the quality ones, actually want to come? So, industry will have to change and that will mean investment both in staff wages and training and possibly new technology and business processes, which probably means higher prices and at least for a while inflation.
  6. Some may or may not be nut cases, but i doubt that the bulk of them are. They do seem to be fairly religeous though it's hard to know for certain, and i imagine the bulk aren't illiterate either. They seem to be fairly well organised and have some sort of coherent organisational structure so rag tag and mob don't seem to be appropriate descriptions for them either. There are various groups opposing the Taliban and their control over the country is my no means complete. Most of these opposing groups aren't a great deal better than the Taliban and many are significantly worse. The Afghan army may not have put up much of a fight but that may not be as surprising as it seems based on the report linked to below. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/15/a-tale-of-two-armies-why-afghan-forces-proved-no-match-for-the-taliban To go back to Biden, then he inherited a deal which his predecessor made. He was faced with the choice of breaking America's word, I doubt many in Afghanisatan would appreciate the distinction between his and Trump's word. In addition, and doing so would almost certainly have resulted in an increase in attacks against all the people in Afghanistan I believe withdrawl was one of his campaign promises. One of the things, we need to know in order to judge the witthdrawl but I doubt we will ever find out is just how much the western governments knew about the shakiness of the the state and the reality on the ground.
  7. That is absolutely the last thing it should do. People are no more interested in what the left have to offer than they have been over the last 40 years. You can sit there in your delusional fantasy and worship Jeremy but that will only deliver a succession of conservative party governments. Labour needs a modernising, progressive platform which offers sensible, sane solutions to many of the problems which the population is suffering. Starmer may or may not be the man to do it, but there isn't much of an alternative. Fortunatrly, the Conservative party is similarly talent constrained.
  8. If enough people agree with you then it will be. Up to now, it seems most of your fellow inmates don't.
  9. Biden won and is now President and is one for at least another 3 and a half years, So posting reams of stuff about the minutae of who said what to who seems a bit excessive. There are far more interesting amd relevant things to discuss.
  10. What does he actually blame women for? For not wanting a relationship with him? I'm sure there is more to him than the few sentences you have used here, but from what you describe he doesn't sound particuarly appealing. In what way has it changed? The world has changed, and many of the jobs which might in "olden times" be considered as male no longer exist but the older generation sat back and let that happen and during the first and second world wars most of those jobs were done by women. Other than that, what else is different?
  11. Indeed we did, however this isn't a matter of gender roles, this young man had easy access to firearms and may or may not had a mental illness and couldn't get laid. The first two are worthy topics for discussion, the third maybe not so though I'm sure the young studs on here would appreciate any tips the older ones can give them.
  12. What's this got to do with gender roles? I know it's a public holiday but you seem to have started drinking very early today.
  13. Only in your delusions perhaps. A President could nominate him but given he has no experience as a judge then a functioning Senate would probably struggle to confirm him. Of course, a President with aspirations to be an absolute monarch along with a majority in the Senate in thrall to him would probably do it. Indeed, he is, but you seem rather enamoured of him. Disturbingly so...... The US seems to be retreating from its current global role and that trend will probably continue regardless of who is President. You should probably stop obsessing about who is US President and worry instead about what will happen to UK or whats ;left of it.
  14. of course it is, whats the point of running if you dont want power?
  15. It's only gone because you choose to let it be gone. If you want to change it then you and some like-minded people need to get involved in whatever local party floats your political boat and make the case for a local candidate. If you get enough people involved you should be able to force the selection of a local candidate and face down the national hierarchy should they try and impose a candidate. Though, before you reject a non-local infavour of a local at least consider who stands the best chance of winning.
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