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  1. i've used getdotted on and off for 20 years
  2. have they paid the players they already have yet? not sure i'd rush to embrace an employer with a recent history of not paying wages.....
  3. All governments rule by leaks Despite the murderous intentions of some of our colleagues on here, it would be sensible to delay for a few weeks.
  4. probably not and even if it did then justice shouldn't be a matter of cost but punishment, protection and rehabilitation
  5. Well if his sentence is up then he will be released and presumably subject to the usual monitoring and restrictions applied to sex offenders. If his sentence isn't up then this will be a matter for the parole system. Either way Mr Davidson's opinion really wont count for much.
  6. we had one for the mayor, i think the pcc just arrived.... could be wrong, i'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct us
  7. but what if they employ indian's who live and work in the uk? given most of these call centres are not based in eu countries and there was nothing about leaving the EU which would have affected using non-uk based call centres then it's hard to understand the logic, but i guess like many things the reality has proved to be rather worse than the fantasy
  8. if you are worried then don't go. I haven't been to the place for years and don't really miss it.
  9. i don't think anyone actually wanted it but we got it anyway.
  10. We aren't intending to go back either. The commute from bed to front room to bed is generally better than bed to the centre of Leeds and back.
  11. in addition to reform of th scotland retains constituancy mp's and returns additional mps based on the local list votes to ensure proportionality. something along those lines would retain the idea of people voting for a winner. where you're electing one person rather than a collection then some sort of transferrable vote would always ensure that the winner had the support of the majority of the electorate. isn't the way to improve that a radical return of power to the nations, regions, counties, citites, towns and vilages which meant local politicians could actually do things to improve the lot of their citizens and people would have a real choice of alternatives?
  12. if the players all leave and the club folds, what will become of the ground? supermarket? flats?
  13. what's up, mrs cid have a headache last night?
  14. there is plenty of fact checking going on. journalists will always find a polititican or official ready to gossip and there was nothing in what was said on wednesday which contradicted anything we all knew and was apparent from the public actions and words of the government. i guess a few regret not taking the prime minister up on his desire to be injected live on tv. i presume they won't be so slow to accept when the next one comes around....
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