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Blades Moving Up The Table!


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2 hours ago, Moistened said:

19th! At least we're not bottom! 


Wilder felt like giving everyone else a head start before we turn it on. 👀 

😄 😁😁 oh well no wins no points not turning on  ? upwards on onwards 

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I've been hearing all the usual excuses for our bad run; bad luck, the lack of crowds affects our players more than other teams' players, poor refereeing decisions, VAR isn't fair to us etc and I'm sure the fans of all the other teams are making the same complaints. The problem I feel is the negative, cautious formation Chris Wilder is sticking with which is no longer working. The Villa result shows what can happen when a manager has confidence in his players and tells them to attack rather than focussing on not conceding. The next game will be an ideal opportunity for Chris Wilder to try 4 at the back with a midfield diamond including McGoldrick playing behind Brewster and Burke as Fulham offer little threat upfront and we should be able to beat them comfortably.

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