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  1. Here's another example of a black person being brutalized by the police but it's a little...awkward. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8377101/Baltimore-police-officer-suspended-caught-camera-punching-woman.html
  2. Absolutely true as we've seen from the apathy and excuses over the 2 Labour MPs who actually broke the social distancing rules which Cummings did not.
  3. I can't believe the stupidity of all these people protesting that black lives matter, whilst herded together in huge crowds, risking the spread of coronavirus which apparently kills a disproportionate number of black people. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8374007/Hundreds-Black-Lives-Matter-activists-chanting-breathe-gather-Trafalgar-Square.html#comments There'll be a lot of them shouting, "I can't breathe," in a couple of weeks.
  4. She only resigned the Labour whip, she's still an MP so she hasn't stepped down. Some people seem to have a very selective sense of outrage. I wonder what excuses they'll think up for this Labour MP. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-52154327
  5. I wonder if there'll be the same media storm and public outrage over this woman who broke the social distancing rules whilst Cummings didn't and is an MP which Cummings isn't. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8373103/Labour-MP-Rosie-Duffield-stands-whip-breaking-coronavirus-lockdown-rules.html
  6. I remember reading ,A Clockwork Orange' decades ago and enjoying it because it was nothing like anything I'd read before, especially his invention of futuristic words. I read modern novels as well and like going onto free kindle on Amazon and downloading novels I've never heard of, just to see what they're like. Some have been poor but I've also read some excellent thrillers.
  7. The problem with people heading to tourist spots is that the toilets aren't open so they're relieving themselves outdoors, making them places best avoided.
  8. I'm also just the opposite and have spent a lot of time in lockdown reading novels, particularly from the 19th century e.g. Dickens, Jane Austen, Wilkie Collins etc and watching films and dramas. They've all enriched my life enormously although I like some reality TV, especially 'The Apprentice' which is hilarious.
  9. The Commune on BBC iPlayer. A Danish drama set in the 70s about a middle aged couple who inherit a large house and invite their friends to come and live with them to help pay the running costs. Everything's fine until he starts an affair with a young female student and decides to move her in. His wife puts on a brave face and pretends she's fine with it, but eventually her anger and frustration start to leak out then bubble over and she goes a bit bonkers. 7/10.
  10. I would have thought the obvious answer to the Cummings' problem would have been for her to self isolate in the house for a week whilst he stayed at home to look after her and the child, just as many other families are doing. Also, was their son tested for CV before being taken to his grandparents? He could have easily caught it from his mother without showing symptoms then passed it on to them. It seems like a very strange way to deal with the problem.
  11. I've been watching the Matt Helm films from the sixties which I vaguely remember seeing when they first came out. They're very silly with wafer thin plots but Dean Martin's easy going charm makes them enjoyable. Anyone who's seen 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' will recognise a couple of scenes featuring Sharon Tate in the last one.
  12. Getting back to Diane Abbott, the reason she's so hated is because of her many racist remarks about white people going back over many years. This is just one of many: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12029702.abbott-denies-attack-on-nurses-was-racist/
  13. There's no perfect answer to this problem but there are steps that could be taken. The most draconian would be to bring in the army and give them powers to enter the homes of people suspected of stockpiling and confiscate any excess food with no compensation, using guidelines on how much households are allowed to have based on family size, then use the empty pubs and clubs as temporary shops and sell it to the over 65s, health workers and social care workers. Supermarkets should lock away the big trolleys and only allow shoppers to use a small trolley or a basket and only let 20 people in at a time with strict limits of how many items they can buy. When one leaves, another is let in so people stop forming huge queues at 5.00 in the morning. Things would be easier if we didn't have such a large, unsustainable population and we're really starting to feel the impact of decades of lax immigration rules. If we can't import food, we won't be able to feed everyone. About half the food bought in this country gets thrown away and this problem will get worse if people are buying so much food, they can't eat it by the use by date and we'll end up with more dying of starvation than getting the virus.
  14. Beyond the Pines with Ryan Reynolds on iplayer: 8.5/10. A film in 3 parts about a bank robber, the young policeman who pursues him and their 2 sons 15 years later. It's absorbing with unexpected twists along the way.
  15. I see BBC 1 are showing highlights of classic FA Cup matches at 3:00 this afternoon whilst Match of the Day will be a discussion of podcasts. Why don't they use MOTD to show complete classic World Cup games from the past? I remember some great games from the 70s featuring Holland, Argentina, Brazil etc. and it would give younger viewers the chance to see footballers like Pele, Eusabio, Cruyff etc in action.
  16. I'd like to see him play Berge in his familiar central defensive midfield role, not out of position on the right. We've got a strong enough squad to win this match without risking the first team players.
  17. If there is a God, which I doubt, he'll be looking down and thinking that creating the human race seemed like a good idea at the time but on reflection, maybe it wasn't. It seems to be a race between global warming and coronavirus as to which will be the first to wipe out the human race and the irony is that it's human behaviour that's responsible for them both. The human race is to the planet what coronavirus is to the human race and I wonder what the next man made catastrophe will be as we continue to trash the natural world.
  18. The Vikings with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.
  19. The 1989 film, 'Scandal' is excellent.
  20. It's refreshing to see there are a few sensible people on this forum which is dominated by a clique of extreme, left-wing zealots who insult and abuse anybody who doesn't share their opinions. I think immigration could have been good for this country if it had been handled sensibly, with strict limits on numbers to stop the population size becoming unsustainable as it has now and some consideration given to the cultural attitudes and practices of people from different parts of the world. If we've needed more doctors and nurses, wouldn't it have been more sensible to advertise those posts abroad rather then allowing hundreds of thousands of people to come in every year in the hope that some of them would be doctors and nurses? Public services are under pressure because of the sheer number of people using them, so Johnson needs to keep his promise to control immigration as well as delivering Brexit or he'll suffer the same backlash next time as Labour did this time.
  21. It was a choice between 2 extremes; 2 nightmare scenarios and in the end, people decided that the Tories under Johnson was less of a nightmare than Labour under Corbyn. If the Labour Party and their supporters want to start winning elections again, they need to pull their heads out of the sand, leave their bubble of political correctness and denial and face up to some hard, uncomfortable truths. Their failure to keep their promise to respect the referendum result was a major factor as were their irresponsible spending plans but the underlying factor that has made them so unpopular is their obsession with multi-culturalism and diversity and their determination to swamp this country with as many immigrants as possible until it's standing room only. There's a silent majority who don't feel enriched by decades of mass immigration and don't feel it's been good for the country. Labour need to realise that people like David Lammy and especially the odious Diane Abbott aren't assets to their party but liabilities; the prospect of her as Home Secretary was enough in itself to lose them the election. I recently read on the 'Russia Today' website about the last election in Denmark where the Social Democrats got the highest % of the votes. They're a moderate left wing party who are tough on immigration because they have the common sense and honesty to recognize the problems it brings, especially when you have a large input of new arrivals whose cultural attitudes are incompatible with those of the native population. All we hear is how enriching it has all been and how they contribute more than they take out, which most of us know is nonsense. I've felt for decades that this country has been crying out for a party like that but there's no chance of the Labour Party reforming itself as it's been totally infiltrated by parasites who want to use it as a Trojan Horse to further their own agendas, whether they be Marxism, black power or turning this country into an Islamic state. Our only hope is that the more sensible members of the party break away and form a new party on the lines of Denmark's Social Democrats so we can at last have a party worth voting for.
  22. I emailed the box office and received a reply a few days later, telling me I'd been misinformed and the voucher can be used for any concert. I'm going back today to try and use the money remaining on it for a different concert, but if I'm fobbed off again I'll complain to the customer feedback department.
  23. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/822866/general-election-2017-news-labour-students-vote-electoral https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/08/able-vote-twice-eu-referendum/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7641065/Undergraduates-tweet-boasting-shell-vote-twice-exposes-lax-voting-system.html
  24. Thanks for the link. I've emailed the City Hall to complain and I'm going to contact the Citizens Rights office on YouGov.
  25. I went to the City Hall earlier today with a £40 gift voucher which was bought for me on August 14th and states it is eligible for up to 18 months after the purchase date, intending to use it towards the cost of 2 tickets, one for the Bowie Collective in March next year and one for the Sounds of the Sixties Roadshow in April. I was told at the box office that I could use it to buy a ticket for the Bowie Collective but not for the 60s roadshow as it wasn't eligible for that concert. When I asked why it wasn't eligible for that concert, I was told that they were moving to a new booking system and gift vouchers weren't eligible for concerts that had been moved onto the new system. There was £9.95 left on the voucher but when I asked for a refund to put towards the 60s concert, I was refused. I then asked if I could put it towards a Bootleg Beatles Concert but was again refused. I asked what concerts I could use it for and was told there were a few classical music concerts I could use it for but I'd better hurry as they will soon be moved onto the new system. The lady at the box office scribbled 9.95 on the front of the voucher but it seems I can only use it towards concerts I'm not interested in and would have to pay around £30 to make up the cost of the ticket. The people who bought the voucher weren't told about concerts being ineligible and there's no mention on the website of which concerts vouchers can still be redeemed against. Surely this is illegal and must break all the consumer protection laws. I've emailed the City Hall to say what they are doing is immoral, unethical and probably illegal. Has anybody else had this problem and does anybody know if they are behaving illegally?
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