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  1. Last week, the players had a temporary reprieve from playing teams much better than them but today I think it'll be business as usual. Spurs tend to go a goal up then go on the defensive so I'm predicting 0-1.
  2. I'm a bit confused about the new rules. I texted my sister to say I wouldn't be able to go there on Christmas Eve as planned but she texted back to say I would as I'm part of their family bubble so it won't make any difference. Does a household bubble count as 1 household? I think Johnson's gone over the top here. I know he's under pressure to do something about the rising infections but it seems to be London and the south east where the new version of the virus is spreading. He could impose the draconian restrictions down there whilst reducing the number of days households can meet from 5 to 3 (24th-26th) for the rest of the country. I think there'll be mass civil disobedience over this as many people are already saying they'd rather pay the fine than have their Christmas ruined at such short notice.
  3. The courtroom scene at the end of 'Mr Deeds Goes to Town' starring Gary Cooper always does it for me.
  4. Peter Rabbit-6/10. Having never read the books, I didn't realise Peter Rabbit was so sadistic.
  5. I've found that the birds in my garden prefer fat balls if I crush them with a rolling pin and spread them on a bird table. They don't seem too bothered if I hang them in a feeder. Those small suet pellets are popular too.
  6. They are if you have them with salad and chips.
  7. I may be wrong but when I saw one of the replays, I thought the ball took a slight deflection off the foot of one of our defenders (Kean Bryan I think) which steered it into the corner of the goal. There's been no reference to it so maybe it didn't.
  8. Before the West Brom match I felt it would be a turning point, with either United winning their first game of the season or Wilder deciding to give the team a reboot by abandoning the negative, cautious approach for something more adventurous e.g. playing 4:4:2 or 4:3:3. The first didn't happen so we'll have to wait until Sunday to see if the second does. I want him to stay but if he continues with this system which isn't working, I fear for his future.
  9. Given the state of the economy, I'd prioritize people who work and pay taxes to get things moving again. I know this sounds a bit callous towards the more vulnerable members of society but total economic collapse wouldn't be good for anybody. The sick and elderly could carry on shielding until their turn comes along.
  10. I wonder what the players themselves think about the system they're being asked to play. Obviously, they can't challenge the manager's tactics publicly or privately but they'll have opinions and may be thinking that they aren't being given the chance to prove themselves as an attacking force and be the best they can be. If they have to keep going out and playing this defensive style of football which they don't believe in and keep losing, eventually they'll be thinking, 'what's the point?' when they run out onto the pitch and morale will suffer.
  11. I really hope Chris Wilder has spent the last 2 weeks having a long, hard think about how to reverse the decline and starts playing a more adventurous, attacking style of football instead of telling the players they aren't good enough to go toe to toe with the other teams. I'd like to see him go back to playing a number 10 behind two strikers; McGoldrick would be the obvious choice but he could be bold and play him on the right side of Midfield and try Sharp as the number 10. His attacking instincts would mean he'd go forward and be an extra body in the box. It might be that the squad simply isn't good enough to survive this season however they play but I'd rather see them go down fighting than the tame capitulations we've been seeing lately.
  12. I've just finished listening to all the Rolling Stones' studio albums in chronological order on Youtube, one every morning after breakfast. I was surprised at how good a musician Brian Jones was as I'd always thought of him as a bit of a poser who knew a few basic chords. I still think Mick Taylor was their best guitarist though and wish he'd stayed with them for longer.
  13. I've felt exactly the same about The White Album for years. They over-stretched themselves and it gets worse as it goes on.
  14. I bought an adaptor from amazon a couple of years ago which works. The scart cable plugs in at one end and the HDMI cable at the other.
  15. I've been hearing all the usual excuses for our bad run; bad luck, the lack of crowds affects our players more than other teams' players, poor refereeing decisions, VAR isn't fair to us etc and I'm sure the fans of all the other teams are making the same complaints. The problem I feel is the negative, cautious formation Chris Wilder is sticking with which is no longer working. The Villa result shows what can happen when a manager has confidence in his players and tells them to attack rather than focussing on not conceding. The next game will be an ideal opportunity for Chris Wilder to try 4 at the back with a midfield diamond including McGoldrick playing behind Brewster and Burke as Fulham offer little threat upfront and we should be able to beat them comfortably.
  16. They're a bit fiddly to set up and there aren't any instructions. When you've folded the entrance back, there's a thin loop on it which has to hook over the bent end of a metal rod which runs the length of the cage. There's a loop in the middle of the rod which projects above the top of the cage and you have to wiggle it about so the bottom of the rod is on the right hand side of the metal plate where the bait goes. Once it's in position it ensures that the bent end of the rod at the entrance end holds firm and the thin loop will stay hooked over it. Try not to touch the cage with your hands but wear gloves or you may leave a human odour on the cage which frightens the rats away. I put leaves and branches over it to disguise it then release the rats into a woodland about half a mile away.
  17. I had a similar problem last week and bought this from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000QVSCH6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It worked perfectly and I caught 4 in 5 days.
  18. The problem for me is the midfield, partly because Lundstram and Fleck aren't creating enough chances for the strikers but mainly because of the negative, defensive way they are set up. We're desperately needing a return to a system incorporating a number 10 behind 2 strikers, which would mean either inverting the midfield triangle or playing a back four with a midfield diamond, which would be my choice. If I was manager for a day and could pick the team against Leeds, I'd have Berge at the rear with Basham on the right, Osborn on the left and McGoldrick behind a front 2 of McBurnie and Burke. It might not work and we might concede goals but at least we'd pose an attacking threat and it would be more exciting than what we're seeing at the moment.
  19. The lyrics to 'Rule Britannia' and 'Land of Hope and Glory' have always been sung by performers on the stage with the audience joining in, they aren't just an audience singalong session. The BBC decided to drop them from the program to pander to Black Lives Matter then decided to do a karaoke version after the backlash. It certainly isn't a fabrification. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/bbc-rule-britannia-dropped-proms-black-lives-matter-a4531271.html
  20. I suppose black holes will now be called absence of light holes.
  21. I suppose once all the statues have been toppled and thrown into the river, the next things on the BLM blacklist will be the portraits and paintings of any historical figures who had connections to the slave trade. Off they'll march, their clenched fists held high in the air, singing, "Onward BLM soldiers," to the art galleries and museums, pausing only to break the shop windows of any shopkeepers giving them disapproving looks and throw bottles and rocks at any police officers not taking the knee as they pass. Once there, they'll remove all the offending pictures and replace them with pictures of their poster boy, Saint George Floyd. After that, these virtuous crusaders will invade all the libraries and bookshops to remove novels by well known racists like Enid Blyton, Mark Twain and of course Rudyard Kipling from the shelves. Shakespeare's plays will have to go on the bonfire because of the line from 'Othello': "If virtue no delighted beauty lack/Your son in law is far more fair than black." Apparently, Charles Dickens once wrote something that wasn't politically correct so it's out with his novels and they may discover that Jane Austen once had a friend who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone with connections with the slave trade. Then it'll be on to the record shops and radio stations to purge them of any songs with titles or content deemed offensive to black people, so we'll no longer hear songs like 'Brown Sugar', 'Paint it Black' and 'Beast of Burden' (sounds like slavery to me) by the Stones, 'Black is Black', 'Black Night', 'Back to Black' and 'Sorrow' which includes the offensive line: "With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue." By then, the only thing left to purge will be all the white people because of their unconscious racism and offensive skin colour so it'll be into the river and out to sea for us. If you can't swim, now's the time to learn.
  22. You've touched on an uncomfortable truth there which is that it was the Portuguese in the 16th century who were the first to engage in the Atlantic slave trade, buying the slaves from African leaders, so they were the ones who were rounding up their fellow Africans. Britain's role was mainly transporting the slaves to various colonies around the world. The Spanish, French, Dutch and Danish were also slave traders so it wasn't just the British. Something else that gets conveniently ignored is the activities of the Barbary Pirates who were based in North Africa and raided European coastal towns as far north as Iceland from the 16th century. It's been whitewashed from history because it was black people enslaving white people and doesn't fit the narrative of white people always being the oppressors and black people always being the victims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbary_pirates#:~:text=The Barbary pirates%2C sometimes called Barbary corsairs or,derived from the name of its Berber inhabitants.
  23. I'm glad it's been taken down but at least it's served a useful purpose, which is to show what the BLM movement is actually all about. It's got nothing to do with racial equality or having a level playing field for everybody, it's about Black Power and Black Supremacy and all the virtue signalling white people who support it are their own worst enemies.
  24. I've been using YouTube to work my way through all the albums of my favourite artists in chronological order. I've already worked through Pink Floyd, The Eagles, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Supertramp and now I've just got a couple of Cat Stevens albums to get through. Next, it'll be Yes.
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