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Shell Energy.


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Got fed up with Virgin charging me ridiculous amounts of money for just broadband and phone so I am switching to Shell Energy. Has anyone else got this company and if so what are they like?From the way I have been treated so far they seem to be O.K. with the information they have sent me and the prompt arrival of the router and bits. Just waiting for the engineer to set it up tomorrow and see what it is like.  

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There are mixed reviews about Shell Energy on Trustpilot, but, overall, 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the reviews are not pleasant reading (especially if you have an aversion to long, abusive rants in uppercase...). But credit due to Shell for at least being willing to reply there in a calm manner.

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This may be of interest 




First Utility and Shell Energy customer score

Our latest energy companies satisfaction survey was conducted before First Utility changed its name to Shell Energy. However, existing customers remain on the same tariffs and prices (albeit with renewable electricity), with the same customer service. So it's still useful to see how First Utility's customers rate their supplier.

First Utility came joint 16th out of 30 energy companies rated by 7,429 members of the public in the annual Which? energy supplier satisfaction survey - the biggest of its kind. The other company it tied with is Co-operative Energy.



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I found out yesterday that my sister is a Shell Energy customer. She lives out in the sticks and has suffered from poor speeds for some years.

Not sure how/if this has improved since she changed supplier, but apparently she suffered a power cut last Thursday and it somehow fried the router.

SE sorted out a replacement - free? I didn't ask - and she was up-and-running again on Tuesday.

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