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  1. You mean this quote: "sibon's post to makes the point rather well..." Is that the stuff you are drinking... I always liked that programme! Will try again next week.
  2. In the GE of 2017 Labour got 40% of the vote and in the GE of 2019 Labour got 32.2% of the vote so I agree that things can change very quickly but not necessarily in the way Labour supporters hope.
  3. You mean unlike yours above which does not even make grammatical sense... But only to yourself after a few drinks. Glad to hear it as I shall just keep posting replies. What was your point... again? Will try again next week.
  4. Hahahaha.. Yep its a bit like a gang of four except the French Connection is missing... LOL! That is very true... Yep, all credit for using derogatory language and pejoratives because she couldn't do it anyother way. Seems to have got you keyed up as well. LOL!
  5. Upset.....Nah just standing up to the usual bullies on SF and posting replies. It always make me laugh when people have to use derogatory and pejorative words such as "king of the Gammons* goes all Woke*"as a form of bullying people into submission as it shows up their real character when annoyed by a post. Slow clap is fine, at least it can be treated easier!
  6. I'm surprised that you also class sibon as being an idiot! No, I understood the "it" well.
  7. Glad you found it funny especially as "woke" is now mainly classed as a pejorative term anyway. I actually used it to poke fun (a play on words) at sibon post #2453 as she used two pejoratives in the same sentence to try and discredit someone when one didn't seem enough. Maybe complain to her about the use of pejoratives. No worries. People can read the posts and make up their own minds. Will try again next week.......
  8. Hehe. Looks like I've managed to pwoke some fun at the usual left whingers on here and they don't like it. But.... To keep in with the vibe.... "Two fat persons click, click, click"......
  9. But your post stinks of old fashioned working class snobbery which I had actually thought was a thing of the past, maybe it's a just a Labour thing now! He certainly is as he would not be in the position he currently commands. Here we go again, using a derogatory term because you dislike him.
  10. You really don't like people who are better off than you do you?
  11. Just as a point of order. The bit about being embarrassed posted by tinfoilhat in post #2412 was to do with the video of Boris and the umbrella at the Police Memorial. That post was then hijacked by sibon for her own take on it in order to try and get a response. No real reply needed.
  12. Not sure exactly but from what I have read the past subsidies have led to a significant increase in renewables which has significantly lowered the cost of building them and has lead to lower subsidies. They are now a very cost effective way of producing electricity. Quote from LSE article: "In the UK, subsidies have led to a significant increase in the deployment of renewables. This in turn has led to a rapid decrease of the cost of some of these technologies. Notably, offshore wind projects commissioned in 2022/23 will sell their electricity at £57.50/ megawatt hour (MWh). This is cheaper than the average cost of generating electricity from gas, and well below the price of long-term contracts for new nuclear power, which is £92.50/MWh. Recent analysis backed the UK government’s view that further subsidies should be time-bound and removed once the relevant obstacles and market failures have been overcome. This will include phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, as recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)." Link: https://www.lse.ac.uk/granthaminstitute/explainers/do-renewable-energy-technologies-need-government-subsidies/ The above quote is right at the bottom of that link.
  13. If only it was that simple. Re-nationalisation of energy companies will not stop the increase in wholesale prices of imported energy from Europe which is a big factor in the increases. Someone will still have to pay for the extra infrastructure for wind and solar energy to cope with growing demand and for the smart meter rollout. Money will also have to be spent on ending companies contracts and providing compensation for re-nationalisation. The best way to reduce the cost is for the individual to reduce consumption.
  14. Me bolded. Because psychologically embarrassment is a self conscious emotion which the individual in question suffers from so does not apply to all people. I am someone who is not easily embarrassed so it's an impossible question to answer. Here you go, a quick rundown on embarrassment for you! https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/basics/embarrassment Ahh, the normal straw man argument from you which has nothing to do with the original question by tinfoilhat.
  15. You go first as it's much easier to explain why someone is embarrassed than to explain why someone is not as some seem to get embarrassed very easily by media trivia.
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