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  1. They are and also very few and far between.
  2. Not really as its the usual dire anti Johnson/Cummings anti brexit blurb coming from them and they really don't give up even when on the losing side. The Guardian will strive to find other stuff to try and discredit both before that important Dec 2020 date so I expect more from them.
  3. But only resigned as party whip and still remains a Labour MP!
  4. But you stated that he had admitted to breaking the rules during the press statement which is not what he did.
  5. No he didn't admit to breaking the rules during the press conference, and the police also don't think he broke the law either but he may have made a minor breach.
  6. Today in the Times. Quote: "The Tories have slightly widened the gap in their lead over Labour since the beginning of last week, however, suggesting the party has partially recovered from a fall in support during the row over Dominic Cummings’s trip to the northeast during the lockdown." YouGov: Con 45% Lab 35% Opinium: Con 43% Lab 39% It seems that even the pollsters can't agree on the figures, now give it a few more weeks and see how the recovery goes.
  7. I had a large one drained about 10 years ago, the nurse said it looked like an eye socket without the eyeball in! The district nurse came round every day for about 4 weeks to irrigate with saline solution, clean and repack and during that time I also had to use sanitary towels. Advised to have a bath each morning to make it easier to manage but was given some conflicting advice, Dr said use bath salts when bathing and the Nurse said don't so I went with the Doctors advice. I don't know if the procedure has changed that much since as it has to heal from the inside out and that's why it gets packed with a gauze strip. Gauze gets removed, the hole then irrigated and cleaned with saline solution and then repacked with fresh gauze. I do remember the nurse noting the length of the gauze being packed in every day as that is an indicator as to how fast its healing. One tip I was told is to try and poo in the morning just before having a bath and wipe away from the wound. Hope that's not depressed you... Anyways... bottoms up!
  8. Not according to the police who said he may have committed a minor offence, so its not worth punishing him. I very much doubt that is the case as Johnson realises what an asset Cummings is. He was the architect of the successful Brexit campaign and the architect of the successful GE campaign that kept Johnson as PM. I think you will find that Morgan is just another popular media celeb who hates Cummings for the reasons I have put earlier and also hates him because he has more power and intelligence than him. Once again the media have hit out and lost the fight. I think Morgan knows that the majority of the public are now on Cummings side.
  9. If it has it's been minimal and will soon bounce back to where it was.
  10. It could be like it is in Star Trek though with them following the prime directive!
  11. Contagion....7/10... Well.... Enjoyed it for its accuracy considering what's going on now but a vaccine in that time frame........................... Thought Jude Law was miscast but I had almost finished a bottle of homemade Blueberry wine so forgive him!
  12. Judge what? What bit do you mean?
  13. Yes the media did report it after the public were paid to tip them off as that is how it works, the public however by and large have not responded at all to it.
  14. But the general public are not outraged, it's the media that are and that can clearly be seen. The faux outrage against Cummings is also not public led but media led simply because he was the main architect of a successful Brexit campaign and the main architect of the Boris GE election success of 2019. The damage they have done to their party is minor and most of it will be forgotten as the very ones that are now moaning will be out of a job otherwise.
  15. And just who are the "many" as all I can see is that it's the press that are wanting his blood and not the public.
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