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  1. One of the big questions to as is how much the collection company Capita make out of this as its not possible to get the figures,
  2. Strange as I don't pay for either my Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts! My advice to all is to ditch their BB providers account and set up one of the above as that way you can always use the same one with any provider for free.
  3. Just one word of caution on free downloads. Make sure when installing you read the details especially if you need to tick/untick any boxes as some try to con you into agreeing to install other stuff you may not want.
  4. Try this... Install Windows 10 from a USB. When the screen comes up and asks where to put it delete whatever partitions are on it and just install windows. It should then install and create its own partitions that it needs on the whole disk. If you can get it to install then note the size and what is left once finished. Download Mini tools partition manager and then make whatever partition you can with what is left after the Win 10 install. https://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html
  5. I find that odd as a second hand 500Gb SSD on its own would be worth more that the £20 you paid for the full setup. BTW what did you use to gather the above information? When you install Win 10 it will gather the information about the drive and ask where you want to install it. It should also give you the option to delete any partition and create a new one, that will also show the actual capacity of the drive. Try that first and then report back with what it says.
  6. Yes as that has always been the democratic way especially with Labour as even minorities count. As already pointed out how were the residents of Sheffield notified of the consultation? If it was just a bit on the SCC website then it's not really been publicized enough so not surprising that only 1% showed any interest. If SCC were committed enough to publicise it instead of being biased against it then people would have responded. And the proof of this is? The referendum itself will be properly conducted for all voters of Sheffield to take part so it is for the people and not just any marginal activists. Not sure what the problem is with that?
  7. Don't think it can be that as I have a very steady 36Mbs.
  8. Today I have started getting a noticeable delay when opening pages and also when replying to posts. When replying it seems like its frozen for several seconds once post has been clicked. Not sure if anybody else is experiencing the same. Using Chrome latest.
  9. You may have misunderstood my post as I worded it wrong and in a hurry as I meant consultation and not referendum. What I was trying to say is that the SCC consultation (Call for Evidence) was not widely known about hence the 1% in replies. In fact I didn't know about the petition either. That is the bit I question when talking about publicity surrounding it. Sorry about that.
  10. Maybe... but an internet forum is not really the place to publicise it only to complain or discuss. Notice also that I did state lack of publication (about the referendum being taken place.)
  11. It could also be indicative of the lack of publication on the matter, I for one never heard of it and if I had would have taken part.
  12. The problem with Ebay is that because they take a cut of 10% and then the seller maybe has to pay for postage most sellers are inclined to bump up their prices to compensate. Unfortunately many people selling their graphics cards bought them when the bit mining craze upped the prices a few years ago and again want compensate for the high price they paid. Nvidia also have made it harder by bringing out "Super" versions that are cheaper than the older versions and almost the same goes for AMD Ryzen CPU's. As for SF classified.. it's now been ruined by its new format and the limited time ads are live, something already pointed out to them.
  13. I'll donate one to the Brexit tissue fund for remainers who cant stop crying about it!
  14. Terminator: Dark Fate.. 4/10 Now sure why this was made but persevered till the end.
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