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  1. As above. Several years ago I sometimes got beeping sounds through my computer speakers when my son had his mobile near, it use to happen just before a call came in.
  2. Considering that the Tories held on to most of their remain seats I would say that most of the Tory remainers in those areas still voted Tory.
  3. Very dodgy and doubtful. And as the FPTP system is the way it goes in the UK for elections the fact that pro-remain/2nd referendum parties got more votes makes no difference. Everybody who voted for them should have already known that the likelihood of them winning and/or Swinson being PM was very remote to say the least.
  4. Well yes I do, just wondered if you did as it seems to read from your reply that it was not being crowdfunded. As someone else has stated if the public want to contribute then let them.
  5. But.. The job is basically a voluntary one with paid expenses and not waged which any councillor/leader has already accepted as being part of that when they took on the role. Any person who chooses to be a candidate in any local election is also doing it mainly on a political will as well.
  6. Swings and roundabouts as Skinner got his money from the public in the first place.
  7. Please.... do not compare an ex-dinner lady with few qualifications to someone who runs an FTSE 100 company Now, I don't agree to excessive salary payouts but at least a FTSE 100 company CEO will be making a profit for its company and shareholders and its them that need to be taken to account for agreeing to pay their salary in the first place. As taxman says the CEO earns 5 times more but he is the person actually responsible for managing the overall resources of SCC and not Julie Dore.
  8. That is probably because you can listen to BBC radio without having a TV license.
  9. Unfortunately there seem to be too many people being taken in by the AI/Robotic hype of the past decade and are willing to believe it to be a real threat.
  10. I sincerely hope so but despite the good news I doubt William will follow his brothers lead.
  11. This one works. https://www.euronews.com/2020/01/08/watch-live-eu-chief-von-der-leyen-delivers-speech-on-eu-uk-future-relationship
  12. I think you will find that it is the normal way it works for a failing company to go into administration and declare bankruptcy and not exclusive to Jamie Oliver.
  13. The above link also states the same on my PC..
  14. I think you will find that the tunes that were played are just recordings and not the Town Halls Clock Bells, and I think the same goes for the time chimes.
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