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  1. For what it's worth I agree that the plug should be pulled on HS2 and come to that Trident as well, but heyho.. Many may have now been "lost" to social housing but not all are in the hands of private landlords. I noticed a Star article from 2020 that stated 32,000 had been lost and that there is around 40,000 left.What would be interesting is knowing just how many people who bought under the right to buy did so with the view to renting the property out and how many kept living in them. I know many who bought their property under the RTB and are still actively living in the same property so basically that alters nothing as far as social housing is concerned. Its not as simple as saying because they are out of the chain it causes problems.
  2. Thanks for that as its one I didn't know about but now on my list!
  3. Now if you look back at Sheffield under Labour since 1980 you will see that several thousand council properties have been demolished by the council and not replaced. Kelvin flats demolished, Norfolk Park flats, Maisonettes and some vic Hallams demolished. Moorfoot homes demolished and many other around Sheffield. Park Hill flats although not demolished was sold for a nominal sum to Urban Splash and received funding from a number of sources to renovate as it was a listed building and is now a private enterprise. The land that those demolished properties stood on was in most cases given away to encourage private redevelopment. All that happened under a Labour led council and they are still at it, giving away land instead of putting it up for tender in return for a few affordable homes. What do they do now, they blame the Government for the lack of social housing in Sheffield because of the right to buy!
  4. I think the problem is actually getting the signal to the bar. If it was me then I would go for a cabled ethernet connection especially as it will be used for streaming TV. Thread it through some cheap plastic pipe, cost about £10, and then bury it.
  5. Agreed. Dream interpretation is up there with Phrenology, Graphology and in some aspects Kinesics.
  6. No, I was taking a leaf out of your own book when you said in post #2995...."They will happen unless the government changes course." Perhaps you should also have said "might happen" as none of that is yet sorted or finalised either....
  7. So let's analyze the above. We have... "some have happened," without clarifying which ones, and some have "potential." We have... "they will happen unless the government changes course." We have... "the threat is real." We have... "the foreign aid budget has been cut", which I agree with and that it will impact on scientific funding abroad but not the UK, which is about the only bit that has some truth to it. But... that does not take into account some of the new funding that has been proposed which will happen and is real but as yet is not sorted or finalised.
  8. Not really. All you have done is confirm that you do not follow the status quo of being ordinary and not wanting change, which therefore means you are not one of the 99% you call ordinary. Do you think Corbyn was ordinary? Quite, something I have mentioned myself and the reason why I think local authorities should be politically neutral.
  9. Matt Hancock should have been outed ages ago.
  10. Partial quote as its behind a paywall.... "Threatened post-Brexit cuts to the science budget...." Partial quote: "The UK science funding body might have to absorb a cost of £2bn a year." Partial quote: "Last week, science minister Amanda Solloway promised clarity on the proposed cuts “in due course”, while business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, added discussions with treasury officials are “ongoing and we hope to get a satisfactory result.” Partial quote: "The organisation is concerned that if this position is maintained, and if the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is required to fund the costs of participation out of the existing science budget, it will amount to an effective cut of something in excess of £1bn. Cant see anything in the above which states that science funding is down enormously compared to before Brexit. However they do include words such as threatened, might, proposed and effective cuts which is not the same as actual cuts. Some of those articles also acknowledge that this government are still deciding on what will happen to future funding as no decisions or details have yet been released. So basically its mainly hearsay from those whose are worried as their income from this research is now reliant on government funding. Partial quote: "Mike Payne, the union's senior Wales and South West organiser, has had discussions with Kautext Textron management and said a "whole site closure" was being considered because of a "downturn in sales in the global market".
  11. 1. The ERDF is not a science based fund but a regional based one. 2. Erasmus may have been stopped in the UK but has been replaced by the Turing scheme and again is not a science based scheme. 3. The International Development Fund is also not a specific scientific based fund either. None of the above backs up your claim though that Science funding in the UK is down enormously compared to before Brexit. I'm not conflating 3 issues though as all I am asking you is to explain one of those issues and how much scientific funding is actually down. You stated "enormously" and I am questioning that. I will just leave you with this article about UK scientific research funding which states that funding has actually risen from £400 million in 2015 to over £1.2 billion in 2020 and some of that funding rise has helped to produce a coronavirus vaccine for us and the world. https://www.ukcdr.org.uk/news-article/uk-science-and-research-key-to-lasting-impact-for-international-development/#:~:text=The impact of scientific research,£1.2 billion in 2020.&text=They will help stakeholders assess,provide guidance for future research.
  12. I have tried but can find nothing to back up you claim that "Science funding in the UK is down enormously compared to before Brexit" and that is why I asked and maybe that why you also can't provide any. None of your post of #2978 is able to backup the above either and is just about how you see it being anti-Brexit and all. As you have already stated and I also know Horizon 2020, now Horizon Europe is still active and the reason funding is down there is because of a drop of 40% in it applications for funding. All you have done in your post is to sidestep the issue and give your interpretation (hearsay) as to how the situation has or is progressing. You talk about Erasmus, student fees, International Development Funding and Universities shedding staff which has nothing to do with actual science funding. I agree it may have a knock on effect in scientific research but that a different matter.
  13. In that post #2962 you stated: "Truth: Science funding in the UK is down enormously compared to before Brexit and research institutions across the country have sounded the alarm bell at the lack of commitment from the government to invest in science." Can you provide details with any links to show that is the case as I can't really see much in the way of statistics about the current situation. A couple of questions as well... Does your bit of truth take into account the many £millions that the government has pumped into the development of the Coronavirus vaccine and does it factor in the truth that there has also been a 40% drop in applications to Horizon 2020?
  14. Its called the Kent variant because it was discovered in Kent and not because it originated in Kent.
  15. Err, but you still have not defined or attempted to define what ordinary is to you except it seems to account for 99% of people because 1% are not ordinary. Sorry but that is complete nonsense as people no longer class themselves as all in the same standard mould. I think you may be getting mixed up between ordinary and normal so I ask this... do you follow the status quo?
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