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  1. I have as I also have the 37 page PDF and the bit I quoted is from their Executive Summary of it. Which also includes this bit that I missed out in my past reply. "Optimal cloth face coverings are made from specific material (e.g., high grade cotton), hybrid and multilayer constructions (e.g., silk-cotton) and need to be fitted correctly." In any case have a good one too...
  2. And they also state to start off with this.. "Cloth face masks and coverings for the general public are effective in improving: i) source protection, i.e., reduced virus transmission from the wearer when they are of optimal material and construction and fitted correctly; and ii) wearer protection, i.e., reduced rate of infection of those who wear them." Notice that I have never stated that people should not wear one though!
  3. I am pointing out the failure in the figures in answer to pettytom who stated they make a significant difference as there is no data to back that up and considering I have already stated I wear one I am hardly anti mask, so yet another strawman from you saying I am anti mask.
  4. No worries, made plenty of mistakes myself over the past few weeks. But just to point out that the Lancet data is for medical or surgical face masks used by health professionals in conjunction with other measures being used and that is where the 3.1% figure comes from, so it's not about the current situation in the UK or elsewhere with the general public. Quote: "Further high-quality research, including randomised trials of the optimum physical distance and the effectiveness of different types of masks in the general population and for health-care workers' protection, is urgently needed." This above. I have stated exactly the same on the previous thread and was also taken to task when I also suggested that they will become the next must have designer item!
  5. Ahh a strawman... What post has anyone stated that.
  6. OK here goes>>> Quote: "An international report published in The Lancet, which analysed data from 172 studies in 16 countries, found that by wearing a face mask there is just a 3% chance of catching COVID-19." Trouble is there is no mention of what the rate would be if a mask was not worn and unless we know the stats are basically meaningless especially as we already know that the percentage of people who have caught it. Stats from the ONS. "At any given time between 25 May and 7 June 2020, we estimated that an average of 0.06% of the community population had COVID-19 (95% confidence interval: 0.02% to 0.12%); this equates to an average of 33,000 people in England (95% confidence interval: 14,000 to 68,000). Quote by the WHO: "It says there is no evidence that wearing one - whether medical or other types - by healthy persons in the wider community can prevent them from being infected with respiratory viruses, including the coronavirus." Quote by Dr.Richard Stutt of Cambridge Plant Sciences "If widespread face mask use by the public is combined with physical distancing and some lockdown, it may offer an acceptable way of managing the pandemic and re-opening economic activity long before there is a working vaccine." So no scientific study just a maybe about the combination and not mask specific. So which links state that face coverings make a significant difference to infections as I can't see that in print. Until we have proper scientific evidence put forward that they reduce the spread of coronavirus significantly then its not factual.
  7. I agree with redruby on that one. I think your summary is a bit OTT as it states it may make a marginal difference. It also states in one bit that by wearing one there is just a 3% chance of catching covid 19 and yet it also states in another that social distancing can limit the chance of catching it to under 3%, so something here is not quite right unless it means 3% of 3% or a 0.0009% diference.
  8. But Jesus was also the Son of God and not just a messenger so it again gets down to the fact that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have the same God. If that is so then each must also share the same True God.
  9. Me bold... What I would ask in linking my previous post is if you think Allah is the One True God isn't the same God of the Jews and Christians also the One True God as well?
  10. I don't think that is the case. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8335707/Face-visors-NOT-stop-infected-patients-spreading-coronavirus-public-health-expert-warns.html
  11. I understand that now but that then makes a mockery of having laws for shoppers and transport but none for other close contact businesses such as a barbers where they are much less than a meter away. and in breathing distance. As I have previously pointed out I wear a mask when shopping now because it is against the law not to and not because it makes a difference.
  12. Went to get a loaf of bread yesterday at my local shop and it had around 5 people in and only me was wearing a mask and I shan't be going there again. Went for a haircut to the local barbers and no one was wearing any there either.
  13. Thank you as it is the first time I have heard of it and had not realised it was that sort of attack despite it saying a couple of Sukhoi-24's... Must pay more attention!
  14. I'm intrigued as to why you think it is rubbish?
  15. You have to factor in that they have also paid £387 million for the 5G band to operate 5G so are a bit short on available funds to invest and upgrade their broadband network. I did exactly the same. Vodafone said it was line problems in my area and yet on the very day of the switchover to Plusnet it all suddenly got fixed!
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