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  1. I have sent several parcels with them as its easy for me to take them to the drop off point at City Road and had no problem whatsoever. Sold something on ebay last Friday, dropped it off on Saturday and it was delivered on wednesday. I was worried last week though as I had to return a faulty monitor to ebuyer and because of its size and weight had it picked up. The young woman who came to collect the next day was not happy about the size or weight (10k) and moaned that she didn't have much space left as her CAR was nearly full already.
  2. I think the post was about the front doors not the inside..😉😉
  3. No they dont, they should be unfrozen and increased inline with inflation. Now brexit seems to be on track again confidence in the markets has risen, the pound has risen and so has Boris..... In any case this country is not short of a bob or two so there is no reason to cut benefits.
  4. Same here really. I'm a floating voter and vote for what I think is best and am not aligned to any party.
  5. If only as I am a pensioner who relies on a basic state pension only and have no other income at all and if you knew me you would also realise that I also have socialist principles as well. So... just how has austerity affected you personally?
  6. I agree, unfortunately some can't help themselves being smug about it and are even wanting benefit cuts.
  7. I think what you fail to understand is that most people are already enjoying it. I have failed to find anyone who can say that it has affected them and been able to prove it. BTW as many have said before, the financial crisis was worldwide and had little to do with deregulating the banks.
  8. So will I as I'm not on it either! I agree. The smug, elitist overeducated who tried to slur the leave voters on so many occasions have once again been kicked into touch by those very same people, and they deserve all they get for their past anger at them.
  9. And plenty of sales of Kleenex tissues for the remainers to use while they still complain about democracy and people changing their minds!
  10. It doesn't as it was the majority decisions by the voters that matter.
  11. But without going too much off topic people need reminding that its the voters that count and not the population and this time the voters decided again. In the meantime... it was democracy in action where people voted for what they wanted.
  12. Hi swarf. Can you confirm that this works at 1366x768 as it would not on my old laptop and the one Kidorry has is the same native resolution.
  13. Well I must have missed a new party being formed then. As far as I know it was the same Labour Party that elected Blair and also had him as PM, the only difference is they took to endorsing market economics. IIRC it was actually Kinnock that started it all off after his defeat in the election of 1983 when he changed his mind and advocated "A New Deal for Europe and a Square Deal for Britain." Labour may have changed the name back but have not changed much else within the party.
  14. As it is an electron microscope then "processed" will probably mean its been colour processed as I believe electron microscopes are normally monochrome images.
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