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  1. Yes Tusk can! Photocopies are also available. Unsigned or not he has complied with the Benn act by sending one with the wording as described also by the Benn act. I somehow don't think it would pass as being sent from you as it would need to be headed as being from 10 Downing Street and the PM it would also be illegal for you to do so. But... you already knew that! If he has broken any laws then yes he should be taken to account.
  2. Don't know where you get that info from but I believe it was 51.8% that voted to leave in the referendum and that statistic stands when it comes to democracy as its the voters that count. I believe if you care to take a look and check you will find that Tusk has already confirmed he has received it on Saturday evening with two others from Johnson. See above!
  3. To make sure we do not crash out on purpose with a no deal scenario. He has now stated that if Johnson can put the new deal to a vote this week he would vote for it.
  4. Just another quick tip. As soon as you have reinstalled everything to how you like it including the drivers, updates and programs you want, do a image of it. That way if you have problems in the future instead of re-installing all of it again you can save some time and just re-install the image you have made. You could also try this to automatically clean the temp files on boot up, but don't do it if you use it to store files in. Open notepad and copy this: rd %temp% /s /q md %temp% Now, save the file exactly as the path below: %appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup\cleantemp.bat
  5. I didn't know he was a suffragette from the Victorian era. Are you sure you have got your history correct?
  6. In this country almost anyone can demonstrate and voice their views but as far as the application of democracy is concerned only those who are allowed to vote on the issues presented are the ones who can help to change democracy as voting is the only way, unless.... Unless you are a terrorist like some of the above.
  7. Out of interest what percentage on that march do you think were not allowed the right to vote and have a say in the future of the UK in the actual referendum? If it's anything like the remainers on here who shout the loudest it must be fairly high.
  8. I think Bercow has just asked for another can to be supplied as the one MP's have been kicking for the last 3 years is getting a bit flat!
  9. For some reason I was getting confused with Chamomile tea that a friend once gave me and tasted disgusting. My apologies to you as a drinker of it.
  10. No its you and some others on here that that does not understand how the democratic process in the UK works. It's really simple, those that vote on the day are the ones that count. You still don't get it, only parliament can make decisions of that nature as you or I don't get a say. As soon as parliament start to be dictated to by the public then they know they are on a slippery slope as when that starts to happen there will be no need for them. Glad to read this as well: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-50088993
  11. No it wouldn't as it is parliament that are tasked with making decisions for the people and not the other way round. Parliament can simply revoke A50 if they want and end and it would all be over but they have shown great reluctance to do that. They know that the decision has been made to leave so if, and that is a big if, if we have a second to endorse what has happened then it should be leave with the deal or leave without and nothing else. That would be democratic as it also takes into account the results of the first referendum.
  12. Not really as it is just the usual rant from someone who does not like the fact that this time democracy didn't go his way and adds nothing at all to the debate. That is just your personal opinion. Yes agreed but only after the first democratic process has completed, just like in an election.
  13. As far as I recall the outcome of the referendum was 51.89% for leave against 48.11% for remain which make leave the majority.. or does it not work that way? I think the EU have already agreed that is not the case by approving this deal. I agree. Only after the first democratic one is implemented and that is only if parliament wish to have another.
  14. It not that simple though. I think the EU Withdrawal act 2018 still stands in that current applicable EU laws will be transferred to UK domestic law and although the Government have some powers to remove laws that would no longer apply they are alo limited in how and what they can do. Parliament would still have to approve any major changes.
  15. True as that deal has now changed but this new deal has this in place instead: “The Parties should uphold the common high standards applicable in the Union and the United Kingdom at the end of the transition period in the areas of state aid, competition, social and employment standards, environment, climate change and relevant tax matters.” Although the above is not binding in law it would be seen as a bold step to actually ignore those wishes and Corbyn cannot also guarantee that the above would not carry on being applied.
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