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  1. This is worth a gander. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-breakthrough-treatment-claims-to-stop-100-of-symptomatic-infections-12200072
  2. I agree that in that case it is cuts but we were talking predominately about cuts to the NHS. It affects the amount of money they get to spend overall, except for the police as they are funded differently allowing for a rise in CT. Its amazing that a lot of councils are still managing and have already stated in their blurb that they have also become more efficient in spending, yet despite that some still operate a surplus. You mean like Sheffield using £11.2 million in reserves to help fund the 2019/20 budget gap. Where do you think that money came from and why was it not spent before? https://governmentbusiness.co.uk/news/12022020/sheffield-budget-reveals-no-unplanned-cuts-services Notice the bit about prudent planning and financial management. If they had done that in the past they would have had many more millions to spare and the same goes for other councils. Public corporations and councils were notorious in the past for wasting public money. It was one of the reasons Maggie had her way and also why it was also copied in many other countries. It can of course be reversed but I wonder just how many would be happy at a big hike in taxes to pay for it. Its a bit like Corbyn's offer of free broadband for all and yet someone will have to pay for it in the end.
  3. Yes, I am being serious. there have been no cuts as far as I know. There have been budget alterations and lack of extra money to keep up but cuts? No, as its not part of their remit as all they can do is what they are already doing and that is investigate breaches and fine the people involved and having extra police would not make much of a difference. Notice how the police have already reacted to this by not issuing fines in a lot of cases when it comes to lockdown breaches. Again you talk about cuts but any cuts made are up to the local authority and as far as I can see people seem to be mixing it up a bit. The government may have cut local authority spending but most LA's seem to be coping and have cut out a lot of waste. I believe Sure Start is still in operation and it seems that the reason why some have close is because of a fall of over 20% in their use, but that is of course obviously a direct consequence of a 62% cut in early learning spending by LA's. But that's only according to the action for children's charity. Not pulling your leg on this, that was in another thread where I mentioned Rick Grimes.... I agree that the NHS healthcare budget may have been lacking in investment but... that is not a cut.
  4. I'm delaying mine for a while to see how it pans out. I don't want to wake up to a Rick Grimes moment!
  5. Cuts in healthcare.. was there? If there was then that's probably a maybe, as for the rest that just typical hype from anti conservatives who don't agree with anything the conservatives do or say. The numbers of police would have had no effect and cuts to council services would have had no effect. The latter have in fact been given £millions in grants to help them cope with extra costs relating to covid.
  6. Very true. Its also true that despite the numbers of infected rising the actual percentage of deaths are now lower.
  7. The whole world was not prepared for this, not just our Conservative government and that was the problem.
  8. Ahh.. you said in your post #37 that you rebooted the PC and didn't mention the router, that's why I replied. As spider1 said... I just put "what's my IP" in the search bar and it came up. BTW Check my IP, what's my IP and my IP all work.
  9. To change an IP you need to reboot the router not the PC. Before you do that though check the current IP in a browser, just enter "check my IP" and take a note of the numbers. Close down the PC, turn off the router and then turn it on again and do another IP check to see if it has changed. Its also worth deleting any cookies held in the browser as well before setting up another account. Best also to use a different user name, DOB and email address.
  10. I use a Braun series 3 waterproof wet and dry foil shaver that does the trick. Just remember to change the foil after around 18 months and it as good as new again, not keen on the rotary ones though.
  11. As Ghozer has said previously, have you tried the drivers and software from HP? https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-photosmart-c5200-all-in-one-printer-series/3204462/model/3204463 Have you tried the Windows scan app available from the windows store?
  12. Why are people suddenly surprise by this as its been known about for ages and also been highlighted on here several times in the past.
  13. I think price rises so far have been minimal on some items and really depend on the brand and where you shop. ASDA home brand wholemeal may have gone up 9p but it was cheap to start off with and is only 59p now for a medium sliced loaf. Supermarkets may be affected by covid costs but that it seems is being offset by the record profits they are making since lockdown and the increase in home delivery.
  14. The trouble is it just not only here that people don't like conforming to rules though. With track and trace, getting enough people to download and use it is a problem in France, Germany and other free EU countries as well as it needs at least an uptake of 75% ish to be of any use. Making it compulsory would dilute peoples rights and their entitlement to privacy and that is what people are worried about as doing that means that other human rights could also be eroded in the future. Its one of the reasons the ID system was abandoned and why we don't take DNA samples from everybody. There are already several scare stories online that China are using coronavirus as an excuse to compile a DNA database and here is just a snippet: https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/latest-news/hong-kong-residents-worry-about-privacy-of-dna-data-when-china-backed-laboratories-conduct-covid-19-tests/
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