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  1. Yes. As far as I know no such law exists. If it does then maybe you can provide a link to it?
  2. "And yet businesses start off by heading into the unknown...." Now perhaps you can tell me where the argument was, except for yours of course.
  3. Apparently you dont know the difference between and argument and a statement! Not necessarily, notice how many go bust very quickly. Simple, dont have a border as its not legally required to have one.
  4. I dont recall it being an idea of mine. I said businesses start off by heading into the unknown and that is a well established fact. You really love twisting posts dont you!
  5. And yet businesses start off by heading into the unknown, and like them its a maybe situation.
  6. apelike


    The recall of MP's Act does not cover this but maybe it should!
  7. apelike


    I dont think its compulsory to produce a manifesto and as we have seen in the past decades even when they do what is published is not really worth the paper it is written on as it can be ignored.
  8. apelike


    The same way as you can have a coalition government, they could simply have a coalition of independents who have a common agenda. However in my opinion they should be made to stand again as independents in their respective area by-elections.
  9. And so does that socialist Kinnock and his wife who will still get an EU pension. Swings and roundabouts as both remainers and brexiters are pocketing from this, but despite that how much are the above going to earn from it as I cant find that information.
  10. When the likes of Barnier, Tusk and the the other main players of the EU are getting paid in the region of € 300,000 PA with lavish expenses for doing their job I doubt if they are socialist by nature. In anycase not everybody is a socialist as we can see from this thread. A fair amount of remainers on here have already stated how they have made money out of this and are quite well insulated from it. I know I was being sarcastic..
  11. apelike

    Compressed OS drive in Windows 10

    From reading up the 1809 update has suffered several problems since its first rollout as files mysteriously went missing and it was withdrawn once. As for space I still have 231GB left.. Pity I cant just download the new DirX with RTX and DLSS support.
  12. So its not freedom you are objecting to but the fact it at the moment free, as you have already put it. To go anywhere to either travel or reside costs whether you need a visa or not. After brexit I will still be free to go where I like in the EU but like in the past I may need a visa to do so and will have to pay for one. I think £52 (if it is that) is a very small slice of the expense of any travel.
  13. So people will not be able to travel, work or retire in the EU anymore because their right to do so will be removed? So it is the word automatic that is causing the problems. The fact is you will still be able to do those things but now it will not be automatic and you will have to put a bit of effort into it instead.
  14. No, just asking a question that so far nobody has been able to answer, even you! But because they will no longer be automatic rights does not mean you cannot do what you do now. The only thing being taken away is the word automatic.

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