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  1. Well yes, but he is a leading virologist and I believe on of the first to actually sequence the Virus so knows his stuff and explains it very well. No, he bases his comments on previous released scientific papers, questions the terminology behind some of them and also the press hype because of it. No one is saying it is unworthy of consideration even him. What he is saying is that at this point in time it is not possible to know if the new variant is much more contagious due to the reason how viruses spread. Here is a snippet from the BBC when first announced about this. Quote "Experts think the UK or "Kent" strain emerged in September and may be up to 70% more transmissible or infectious, although latest research by Public Health England puts it between 30% and 50%. It is this variant which has driven the latest lockdowns around the UK." Notice the usual words may, up to and between in that quote. It is also noticeable that at first when announce it was 70% more transmissible, then downgraded to between 30% and 50% so what is it now? The problem I have is just like Vincent in that video in that we simply don't know and its the press through misinformation that are fuelling this panic. Another good point.
  2. The question though is.. is this down to a new variant or because people have become lax when it come to lockdown or social distancing?
  3. Thanks. Have you tried a live Linux distro? If it is the same with that then it will then rule out problems with the Windows OS. I have recently had a problem that was similar and after being systematic and replacing things bit by bit and also reinstalling Win 10 it turned out to be a faulty CPU. I changed motherboard, changed GPU, changed drive, changed memory and the last thing I tried was changing the CPU. Its the first time I have ever come across a faulty CPU and one of the reasons I changed it last.
  4. Glad you viewed it. Just getting round to that link from Janet....3 hours + so catch me tomorrow.... In the meantime a summary of what the new UK variant means from virologist Vincent Racaniello, a less strenuous link @24 mins. He gives a summary of why he believes the new variant is all hype (My words) and nothing to worry about.
  5. Me bold.. No that in bold is misinformation as there is no data to back that up as what we know at the moment is just a guestimate and an assumption only that it may be one of the causes. The biggest rise has been seen in London and the South and yet the pictures of packed carriages over the past several weeks on London Transport now somehow get conveniently ignored. Even some of the leading virologists now think the new variant may not be as bad as it was initially made out to be. This is worth a watch and a listen to and although it is 2 hours + long it includes timestamps for the important bits. https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/twiv-697/
  6. That's not really information just a Twitter media rant about it as I have already stated. Notice that in the Twitter replies someone has also posted that it was meant to have a value of £30 (just like you posted in post #782) when it was costed out at £10.50 and was for 5 days. I have actually tried to find the Government Guidance list that Schneider has used but so far have not been able to find it. However... This is the latest information on the matter: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-free-school-meals-guidance/covid-19-free-school-meals-guidance-for-schools
  7. The engineer said its one of 2 things but you mention only one, the ethernet lead. What was the other thing?
  8. Who said it had? If you read again what I have put you will see that I was stating that wasting taxpayers money is not something that has suddenly happened because we have a Conservative government.
  9. Cronyism exists everywhere and is not just confined to governments past or present as its already out there in organisations, companies etc. As far as wasting taxpayers money, that is something I have no control over and has existed in every government I have ever voted for be it Labour or Conservative. For me spending obscene amounts on Trident and HS2 is also a waste of taxpayers money.
  10. Its not intended for 10 days but 5 and costed out at £10.50 not £30. Unfortunately its the usual Facebook/Twitter rants that have got it wrong. Having said that its a very poor show and should be much better. This is the BBC's take on it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55628428 Not so! I am against giving out food boxes or vouchers and I am all for the parent to get extra means tested money so the parent can buy the food. Its economically better to do it that way.
  11. The problem with that is there is no evidence at all to prove that it is 50% more transmissible. The only way to know the numbers is to do a genome test on all to see just how many have the new variant. The rise of cases could just be down to people being lax now vaccines have been created.
  12. Done a fair bit of photo restoration in Gimp, their clone tool comes in handy.
  13. Vodafone are known to be terrible when it come to their service so first have a look on their forum page to see if its just Sheffield or more widespread. If pressed Vodafone will give you your password and details to allow you to connect to any router but they don't like you doing that as they can't spy on you.
  14. No, as I have already pointed out in the past on here. What was stated is that they will hold an official inquiry into the coronavirus handling which is not the same as holding a full independent public enquiry. The latter has been asked for by various bodies but has not been agreed to as the PM or Government minister are the only ones who can authorise one. A full public enquiry if held will be very expensive and also take years to come to any conclusion, think the Blair and the Chilcot one. Announced by Brown in 2009 with its publication and conclusion only published in 2016. not forgetting also that we are still in the middle of this pandemic. Some info: https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/explainers/public-inquiries
  15. I agree with that and have already stated so.
  16. I'm sure many are doing research into it but what is the result so far as its seem to be still unknown and that's the point I am making. They really don't have enough information about immunity as a result of contracting it or as a result of having any vaccination. As you have already stated they will monitor you for a number of years so until that data is forthcoming what may or may not happen in the meantime is based on what?
  17. RollingJ is correct as its a case of selective quoting. What I said was "But it may also mean less people will initially need the virus which also costs money and resources to create and administer." You missed the bit in bold which puts the whole quote in context! But having said that I'm sure people will know that I meant vaccine and not virus.
  18. I think the numbers given in #3345 are wrong? As pointed out in post #3347 Tony Blair is also wrong as he is assuming that by being vaccinated it stops it being spread by vaccinated people hence wanting younger people vaccinated earlier. It seems a common misconception that being vaccinated stops those vaccinated people from spreading it especially also given only one dose.
  19. But it may also mean less people will initially need the virus which also costs money and resources to create and administer. Not really, what we should be doing is targeting those who are vulnerable which we are already doing.
  20. But that is just the news spinning it. The scientists and people in the know have been saying the opposite in that they don't know at this moment in time how long immunity will last either from naturally occurring antibodies from previous exposure to the virus or from the vaccine itself. They do know that in some people who have had it they do have some immunity but no one as yet can put a figure on it and that is why data is important in this new situation.
  21. Oh I agree but it still does not answer what data they are using to form their conclusion as there is hardly any available data given the time frame involved. Maybe you could link to some of that advice? But that does not answer what I have asked and that is... What does the testing kit check for and how many are you checking or is it just checking a random bloke of the internet?
  22. It may delay the uptake but that's all and the resources are mainly there anyway otherwise there would be no vaccinations going on at the moment. Blood testing for antibodies just takes longer that's all although its not as simple as getting a jab in the arm. But what data are these professional bodies relying on to form that conclusion? By vaccinating those that have already had it it means that any data regards future protection from antibody response without having the vaccine is lost. What does that testing kit check for and how many are you checking?
  23. I cant see why not. It would surely show just how many have already been infected who have had either none or just mild symptoms and that would be important data. Its not about any shortages either but whether some people actually need to be vaccinated. We don't need, and probably wont get the whole population vaccinated either unless this is made compulsory. At the moment we still do not know how long people will be protected for once vaccinated or for that matter if being vaccinated can stop the vaccinated person from spreading it on. We also don't know how long any immunity build up in people who have had it lasts. The more data we can get in the quickest time will be of help in the future.
  24. I think everybody should be tested first before receiving the vaccine to see if they have any virus antibodies present and had the infection in the past. It seems that many have had this virus without knowing or showing symptoms and they should be at the back of the queue to allow others who are vulnerable to get it first.
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