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  1. Probably correct but I do remember you once saying masks helped to significantly stop the spread and as pointed out before, the infection rate is still very small. It was able to be controlled before the wearing of masks was the norm just from lockdowns. When it was eventually introduced on 24th July the R rate was 0.7-0.9, and since their introduction the R rate has risen. No, the less covid we have will be because of those greater restrictions being in place.
  2. Not so sure about that as its not possible to tell if face masks have helped, but of course if the numbers go down then they must have and if the numbers go up its because they aren't being worn.... However, I have always stated that not being mandatory for all was a mistake. Hong Kong and China are two places where they are already well prepared for pandemics so having the necessary infrastructure to deal with pandemics has helped a great deal. Being Communist has helped as well as people do what they are told to by the state. In Germany because of the low infection rates they want the mandatory wearing of them relaxed as it affecting business. I do as well so as to comply with the law. Maybe not just yet but in 6 months time....
  3. What type of masks does the evidence support? Is it all masks including face coverings or some masks?
  4. Just one question.. Are they genuine branded HP inks?
  5. I'm not sure you would to be honest. Handing out £10,000 fines to people who may not be working because they have lost their job as a result of lockdown is a bit daft and the rule of 6 is daft. A lot of people are not happy about the draconian laws designed to control the masses either and wanting people to snitch on each other. It may be years yet before an effective vaccine is produced and it may also take years to evaluate its long term efficacy. If this is similar to the flu then it also means having jabs every year. Herd immunity may still be the answer and maybe letting the infection numbers grow in a controlled way would be better than having national lockdowns and laws in place for many years.
  6. Love it, must admit its been very petty and pedantic recently.
  7. I'm quoting the ONS. Also according to Statistica... "Currently, approximately 95 percent of households in the United Kingdom (UK) own a mobile phone" (2018) Yet it also states that in 2017, there were 79.17 million mobile subscriptions in the UK, across the entire population of 66.04 million inhabitants. Not much difference to the ONS data of 78.5 million. So it seems there are more mobile phones about than people by the looks of it.
  8. I can supply this which is a link to the pdf download where I got the data from. https://www.google.com/search?q=what+percentage+of+the+uk+dont+have+a+mobile+phone&rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBGB919GB919&oq=what+percentage+of+the+uk+dont+have+a+mobile+phone&aqs=chrome..69i57j33.23567j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 As stated it is from 2014. I think you will find that that link is mainly about mobile internet usage on a mobile phone by age group, not by ownership and not general mobile phone use. Although it does state that around 79% on UK adults own a smart phone it seems to vary on who is doing the survey. Many older people like me do not have or use a data package that allows them to surf the net away from home and use the phone mainly as a phone.
  9. No the stats are from the ONS but I cant link them as it just goes to a pdf download. Ofcom estimated that 3% of the UK3 adult population did not own a mobile phone. In particular in UK a total of 78.5 million mobile phone subscriptions have been registered at end 2014. Given the date I would assume that the percentage is now lower. Cant view that as it asks to register. As above. ONS data states around 3% 55-64 going up to around 10% 65-74. Another idea that wont work unless compulsory.
  10. Yes it may well do that, with the emphasis on may well so its not a certainty then... I agree and have not argued otherwise. I refer to your first sentence about my saying it was not well written. Both terms were mentioned in the article so perhaps you should ask the author of it instead of me.
  11. So being anywhere in an area of around 200-300 sq metres is being tracked... interesting. No I agree with the author of the article who states its a hypothesis and the doctor who states its a theory. Now you know what I meant by not well written. Being pedantic to try win an argument is a bit sad.
  12. Turning it off is one way to have no tracking at all but triangulation tracking is not very accurate and can only give an approximate location which and useless for tracking a persons movements precisely. Which the author states has its limitations, is just a theory and needs more data and time to test the hypothesis. Strange as that's what I put as well...
  13. In the UK the percentage of those over 16 that don't have a mobile phone now is very low at around 3%.
  14. Its not a very well written article. Its still a hypothesis and one of the doctors involved even states "... that the commentary has its limitations and should not be construed as anything other than a theory." The data is also about wearing masks of different grades and not face coverings though, ie just a piece of ungraded cloth. It also talks about reducing the viral load that the wearer is exposed to as opposed to face coverings which are meant to help stop the viral load being expelled outwards into the surrounding air. We already know that surgical masks do work and that's why they are used in hospitals etc. Notice this bit at the end.... "In a coronavirus outbreak on a closed Argentinian cruise ship, for example, where passengers were provided with surgical masks and staff with N95 masks, the rate of asymptomatic infection was 81 per cent. This is compared with 20 per cent in earlier cruise ship outbreaks without universal masking." So in order to have any beneficial effect nationally everybody need to wear a graded surgical mask. No as you can turn off location tracking on a mobile phone.
  15. Which keeps a precise record of your whereabouts. Cant see that being very popular over here!
  16. Actually it was a tongue in cheek reply to this partial quote by you: "whereas common sense tells you blocking your mouth and nose when breathing, talking and coughing with anything....."
  17. Now point out where I have stated it makes things worse! I also wish to point out again that I wear a face covering in adherence to the law. Common sense also dictates that blocking your mouth and nose when breathing can also kill! Do you know why peoples glasses mist up when wearing a face covering? You are correct in that it may not take an expert to prove anything but it seems that many on here also knock those very government experts for their given advice when it suits them. I agree regular washing of hands and with the social distancing bit and have not argued otherwise, only that the 2M regulation was just an arbitrary figure plucked from thin air. Another point to remember is that face masks/covering are meant to stop it spreading outwards not to protect those that are wearing them.
  18. TBH I think a many already do, especially the young who are now being scapegoated as selfish. There seems to be an uproar about what some young Goggle box contributors have said on air about it.
  19. I have just been reading this letter of reply in the Guardian so you should like it.... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/18/is-covid-end-closer-than-we-think Seems like there is more to this than meets the eye. An just how many healthy people have been damaged by this so far? Most government have just panicked into action, that's all. If you can provide the data that shows and proves that wearing a covering works then I can compare it.
  20. That is just one interpretation of many and chosen because it fits your idea and was probably the first hit on the Google list. Its can also mean: A deceptive, misleading, false notion or belief. A misleading or unsound argument. Deceptive, misleading or false nature.
  21. I thought that to be pretty obvious but that includes the government but mainly the majority of the population at large, you know the masses that have to endure this. Unless of course you prefer lockdowns to continue indefinitely, which is fine by me as I've been in that state for years, but this is not about me as I'm old.
  22. But just to add. If its been 9 months and only 5% have been exposed to the virus because of lockdowns etc then how long will lockdowns have to be in place for? What percentage of infections should we be willing to accept to get back to some sense of normality as at the rate we are going at its going to take many years before lockdowns will be eased. So we have a big problem, do we keep the numbers low by keeping widespread lockdowns in place and extend them indefinitely or do we now start to allow the numbers to rise? Bearing in mind the mortality rate as well.
  23. The thing to note here is their laws state medical grade masks and not just any old bit of cloth.
  24. As above in post #1045 You are correct in one sense in that just like any track and trace system the only way it can be effective is if it is compulsory for everyone and with an uptake of 75-80%, but even then only if they are medical grade. No its not as this is not a form of PPE unless it also has the data to back up the fact that face coverings work and so far there is no such data. Would you be happy if hospitals and other medical professionals wore face coverings instead of medical grade PPE? Saying they are effective is also leading to people being relaxed when social distancing as they seem to think that face coverings are now stopping the virus. People put them on when travelling on transport, take them off, put them in their pocket and then put them on again when shopping and somehow that is safer!
  25. Yes a fallacy, as no one has yet proven that face coverings have any positive affect in helping control the virus and even the Who state that medical grade masks are the ones that work not any old face covering.
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