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Damp in your home

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Will an envirovent work if fitted in a cellar? To keep moisture levels down? There is no problem in my house other than one kitchen wall that seems to suffer from moisture in the cellar rising up & getting trapped in the wall behind some kitchen cupboards/base unit. Next year I'll be replacing the kitchen but would like to solve the cause of the problem first.

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It's a Victorian terrace house, I believe none of the cellars are bone dry. The timber joists & flooring was replaced, cellar walls treated & then a waterproof membrane (can't remember what it was called) was laid on the floor and concrete set on top. There was water rising up into the cellar from the floor until this was done. There were also two large air bricks fitted & I will be opening up the coal chute grate to increase air circulation too.


I think most of the moisture is actually from humidity made worse by poor air circulation. Then possibly ground water affecting the walls towards the back of the cellar. The kitchen units creating a seal on the wall behind them probably isn't helping dispel any moisture either, which can be fixed when the new kitchen goes in.


Would an Envirovent unit be of any use in removing moisture from the cellar?

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