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  1. jsmith2009

    Large, non standard internal door

    hi steve you can bolt 2 smaller doors together to help with a sliding door kind regards jeff
  2. Thank you for the work kind regards jeff
  3. hi thanks for the work kind regards jeff
  4. jsmith2009

    Chimney breast removal

    Happy to quote kind regards jeff
  5. hi you can refurb the sash from the inside but you need to take off the front sash first but only do this if you can't get a man with ladders to stanley knife the outside ta jeff
  6. jsmith2009

    Help - sash windows painted shut!

    hi if you get a sharp stanley knife and carefully go around but personally i get the painter back as most good painters would know you have it have a sash frame open to paint them as they are a pain but done by a good painter you never know they been there besides lovely painted windows . call if you want for advice kind regards jeff
  7. jsmith2009

    Boarding a loft

    i be careful of anyone cutting purlins or trusses out as both supporting . good luck ta jeff
  8. Hi Thank you for the post . your house has been a experience . love the post by the way . kind regards jeff
  9. Hi Dawn and Steve Thank you for the work again kind regards jeff
  10. HI Cis and Steve thanks again for the work kind regards jeff
  11. hi thank you for your kind words ta jeff
  12. hi Jon thanks for the kind words and the work kind regards jeff
  13. hi i use met gas all the time . spot on from after care kind regards jeff
  14. jsmith2009

    The IKEA in Sheffield thread

    hi we worked on ikea , i was impressed by the senior staff and other . very friendly indeed . A very nice company to work for or the set up seems professional

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