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  1. I'm looking for a gas Safe registered plumber who could quote to fix a gas fire & fitting a thermostatic bath/shower tap. Work to be done anytime in January, if anyone has any recommendations? The gas fire needs a service & currently I have an electric shower. I'd like to run a shower from the Combi boiler - an ideal 30kw logic + through the bath taps.
  2. I have an old iPhone 5 that I use when travelling. It's unlocked & I use a 3 PAYG sim in it. They have the feel at home thing where you can use your normal UK allowance in lots of countries without it costing a fortune. It worked fine for me & I think I spent about £10 when I went to the West Coast. That included lots of Uber & sending msgs and photos to my friends and family. Check what type of phone you have & whether it's compatible with US networks - some aren't.
  3. I've just driven over it from Bury & it's clear. I only hit snowy roads when I arrived in Sheffield onto Abbeyday rd & Woodseats Rd. It does seem a lot worse here than over the Pennines.
  4. I saw a procession of 4 police cars hurtling down Woodseats Rd earlier this evening. Thought it must be something bad for so many to be heading out from the station in Woodseats all together on full lights & sirens...
  5. I'm thinking of getting one of these fitted. Either a Nuaire or Envirovent. It's a small, two bed terrace so a not looking for Bells & Whistles. Any idea how much a basic system would cost & someone local who supplies & fits? Plenty of loft space to install it in but we do have very high ceilings. Mainly want to combat condensation issues upstairs in bedrooms. Bathroom is well ventilated, so no problems there.
  6. How much did the Envirovent system cost to install? I'm thinking of getting one & can't seem to find any costs anywhere. I live in a standard Victorian terrace with high ceilings & two bedrooms. Plenty of loft space to install it in. I used to live here by myself & condensation was never a problem but now have another person living here so there's more washing dried inside & showers run etc & want to avoid having windows open all the time...
  7. I did a TrekAmerica tour last year, it was the best holiday of my life & also the most intense & tiring! I did the West Coast - LA, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite & San Francisco. This was all in a minibus with accomodation in hotels & camping. It was jam packed with activities, but some of the places we went to were very much hit&run. We spent hours & hours driving & this is mostly when we slept; & made the most of the time we spent in places dawn til well past dusk! My group were all under 35 (trek age limits apply) & we were shattered by the end of the two weeks. It was an amazing trip, but a whirlwind. If I go again, I'll likely pick one or two places & stay there. America really is too big to trek the whole country in one go.
  8. My Indesit washer dryer was getting noisier & then suddenly started knocking and would not spin. Eventually there was a big bang & I rang around a few repairers who all said it'd be more cost effective to get a new one -£100 to fix or £125 from Currys for a new Beko washer. It was only 3.5 years old. So I just bought a new, larger capacity Beko that was on offer with a higher spin speed. Wouldn't waste money on a combi washer again.
  9. The fact they are losing staff quickly says it all. If you just want a pocket money job, then they're probably fine (expect to be on a flexible contract where they can make you change shifts or work overtime at short notice). If you want a job to pay bills or get a mortgage etc, they're a waste of time. You'll probably be given a 10 hour contract & then "overtime" each week of varying hours. I used to work there til the place went downhill a few years ago.
  10. If you/he wants clarification on that for free then CAB would be the best bet on Monday. Til then, post the same on the moneysavingexpert forum in the right sub forum. There's a wealth of information & ppl with knowledge on there. Neither of those are a substitute for proper legal advice tho...
  11. Had a new carpet fitted in my bedroom a couple of years ago & I had to put small stuff away but left the bed, dresser, small bookcase & chair in there & they just moved them about to get the carpet under. As long as there's enough room for them to put everything at one end of the room & then shift it all to the other, it's no problem. I did take the mattress out because I'm allergic to dust & they will disturb quite a lot of it from pulling up the old carpet & there'll be new carpet fibres everywhere.
  12. Who is the freeholder? If it's Coppen Estates then they are likely to charge you just under what it would cost to go to Tribunal (about £1000) & then you'd have legal costs on top. So about £2000 is right. If it's not Coppen then it may be cheaper.
  13. Well, that didn't last long. Came home from work to find my router is not connected to the internet. I cannot wait to be rid of this shambles of a **** poor company.
  14. There's another thread on this board about this. But in S8. I solved my problem by switching the router off for a whole weekend (I went away) & it's been pretty stable ever since. Maybe try something like that? Talk talk are utterly useless, I'll be leaving in June when my contract is up.
  15. Well, since i turned the router off & went away for two days it's been 1000x's better. It's only dropped a couple of times in the last week (for a few minutes) whereas before it was only working for a couple of minutes in a whole evening. ---------- Post added 27-04-2017 at 07:44 ---------- Update in this. Not had any problems at all since I turned the router off for two days when I went away for a weekend. I'll still be leaving talk talk when my deal ends cos the price will go up.
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