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The Owls Win and the Blades..errrmmm


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Sorry to gloat but I feel that I have to repost what I commented on another thread this morning



As for the Blades it is exactly the same as usual same team apart from the odd addition new manager who has a record of being a good man manager unlike NC who tried be like his Dad without the record or charisma and same old arrogant attitude from virtually every fan totally dismissing every other team in the 3rd tier and if it goes to form the team will probably play with the same arrogant attitude and the same mediocre season will probably ensue.


Oh it is so good to be proven right.

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No excuses today. Couldn't go to the Blades match. Told it was a disgraceful performance. Enough of the hype around the new management now... Time to do the business. Early doors but we'd better improve.


Well done to Wednesday... begrudgingly lol. :gag:

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I don't think we even got out of second gear which is encouraging, lots more to come from the owls,blades that is a shocking result,much better teams than Gillingham to come.


bloody ell gaz did you run back from the ground? :P

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