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  1. We have got to stop letting sides take the initiative. When you start with an out of form Bannan on the left wing and an aging toothless Wallace on the other wing you are giving a written invitation to the opposition to attack as we cannot hurt them on the break. Palmer had an absolute nightmare and you cannot comment on Rhodes as we created nothing. Carlos to blame for this debacle.
  2. I have been listening to POG and the presenter and every Blades fan including Keith Edwards were saying it was the best performance for years. However failing to beat a team at home who prior to this game had not won for well over a month and are definitely in a bad patch plus being down to 10 men for 40 minutes to me seems to be a below average result. Things never change the Blades are always too quick to proclaim their team as certs for promotion. This might come back to bite me but we're they not 5 points ahead of another team with two games in hand with only a few games to go before one of their greatest failures.
  3. I still think Bannan is having a bad time at the moment things are just not coming off for him. If he is not 100% he should be rested to give Abdi a chance.
  4. I agree with the comments about the full backs and for me Jordan Rhodes showed why he is worth £10m with the lay off for the goal. All the other target men we have may win the header but they don't find a man. So for me an encouraging debut. My biggest worry is centre midfield Jones was woeful and Bannan losses the ball in the wrong areas of the pitch trying to be clever and he has cost us at least two games. We have got to find an in form midfield general or BB has got to get his act together.
  5. Chesterfield 3 Accrington 0 United 2 Walsall 0 Wimbledon 1 Plymouth 0 Swindon 1 Oxford 0 Coventry 2 Northampton 0 Charlton 2 Crawley 1
  6. Leeds 1 Barnsley 1 Rotherham 0 Newcastle 3 Owls 2 Brighton 0 Chesterfield 1 Bradford 1 Fleetwood 1 Blades 0 Portsmouth 2 Doncaster 2
  7. Barnsley 0 Villa 2 Blackburn 1 Owls 2 Huddersfield 4 Millers 0 Chezzy 1 Gillingham 1 Blades 2 Bristol Rovers 2 Donny 3 Carlisle 0
  8. Brighton 1 Barnsley 0 Rotherham 1 Cardiff 2 Sheffield Wednesday 1 Forest 0 Bury 0 Chesterfield 1 Scunthorpe 3 United 1 Luton 0 Doncaster 2
  9. Barnsley 3 - 0 Reading Blackburn 2 - 1 Rotherham Birmingham 2-2 Wednesday Chesterfield 3-2 Northampton United 2 - 2 Peterborough Doncaster 3 - 0 Newport
  10. Derby 1 - 1 Ipswich. Preston 1 - 1 Cardiff. Owls 3 - 0 Bristol City. Wolves 2-0 Barnsley. Aston Villa 1 - 0 Brentford. (Playing Wednesday ). Rotherham 0-2 Forest.
  11. Over in Spain listening and Radio Sheffield don't seem to remember that Lees gave a silly pass away to create Hull's goal at Wembley.
  12. Preston 1-1 Barnsley. Rotherham 1-2 Bristol City. Owls 3-0 Wigan. Wimbledon 2-2 Blades. Oldham 1 - 2 Chessy. Morecambe 1 - 1 Donny.
  13. Wimbledon 2-3 Chesterfield. Fleetwood 2-0 Coventry. Millwall 1 - 1 Bradford. Crewe 1-2 Donny. Northampton 1 - 0 MK Dons. Gillingham 1-0 Blades.
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