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  1. If you can eat Chinese with chop sticks and don't order chips and curry at a Chinese, I'd say your pretty middle class!
  2. Fidgeting is good for you, according to the Guardian - which I totally agree. It's a little obvious but I bet not many people who sit at their desk every day for large proportions of the day realise the importance of moving about, going for a walk or fidgeting. I also happen to think that PE/physical exercise should be done for one hour a day before lessons start at school. Moving about, releases endorphins which is good for emotional health too. Does anyone else think schools and actually, even work places should implement this? Make it mandatory. Good for overall health!
  3. The reason why they're so concerned about us is because they have a genuine fear of us getting promoted and over taking them. It happened 15 years ago. They've had a bit of success by getting to their highest league position in over a decade, (I'm not too sure if it's ever been in the top six) and its kind of wishful thinking that dem Blades will never go up... but we will and when we do we'll start spending - which as already been stated, but they close their ears to that. There still bitter with what happened to them, with the bank debts etc. Not one of them have replied to my post about paying back the rest still owed if they get promoted to the PL... they have a moral duty don't they.
  4. Was reading that he was one of Wednesday's most important players according to one of your players, when he was there. Why you sold him for very little is baffling. I see Forest knew what they were doing. I'm pretty sure you'd have secured the play offs last season with him around. Now he's in the Premiership. Good luck to the fella.
  5. What would you say if we bought in two players needed for the promotion push. Then went up?
  6. Brum 3-1 Rotherham Brentford 1-2 Owls Barnsley 1-2 Gills Chessie 1-1 Burton Dem Blades 2-1 Donny.
  7. I've spoke plenty about dem Blades... Are you corkers in disguise??
  8. It's all about dem Blades today isn't it Enjoy you cup final, your going to need to win a cup to pay back John West and co... hey here's a thought. If you go up this season to the PL... do you think you have a moral duty to pay back the bank you screwed over?? ---------- Post added 22-09-2015 at 14:28 ---------- Seeing as the Owls like to talk about dem Blades about our past. It led me to think about their past and their current high confidence in gaining PL status. Obviously it's well documented that Wednesday owed a lot of money and I was told got away without paying outstanding debts to the bank. Which was a lot. So it led me to wonder. If according to their fans... will go up to the PL they'll get a nice windfall. Do they have a moral duty to pay back what they got away with? Many would agree. What do others think? Shall I start a thread I wonder??
  9. I can just see it and the end of the season, you lot throwing all your john west tins out! Enjoy your cup final against Newcastle
  10. Well it certainly is my friend. You all kept saying mind the gap... but it's becoming narrower and narrower with each passing week. Your the only club I know who's below halfway down the table and get excited at beating 2 struggling teams... you're all excited puppies arnt you! I can see you, corker, gazza, webby and all the other wednesday fans on here meeting up at morrisons cafe in hillsborough the end of the season toasting with your cuppa teas and warm buttered toast, toasting a very successful mid table finish and all saying... it's coming on fellas, it's coming on
  11. My steps might be a little different to yours
  12. Wow this game reminds me 16 years and 3 days since you lost 8-0 to Newcastle.
  13. How long have United been in league one now, how long is it till it becomes unacceptable from the supporters ??? For me personally. Yes it is. We've had to take 3 steps backwards to ultimately take 10 steps forwards. It's a process and the question shouldn't be is it unaccptable; it's should be do you finally feel we have the right people running the club. And the answer is yes. I keep reading posts on here and afar and people seem to be content with your position in English football, surely this can't be true and it must be getting tedious now going to places like Crewe every other week. Whether is Crew or Chelsea... most yorkshire clubs have gone through it. It's us currently. It was you a few years ago. Your putting a time frame on how long we've been in L1. If we're talking about time frames... how long was it for when we were top dogs on and off the field? Time doesn't really matter it's just an illusion. A few years in L1 will probably do us good in the longer term. In my honest opinion if you don't go up this time around then serious questions need to be asked to the hierarchy. With a supposed rich owner you would have thought he would have made sure you were in the championship by now. If we don't go up this season, it's only one other way to know we need to tinker. The owner purchased a business with PL intentions and he'll get his reward. Like any other business. When you purchase a company, success is a process. It's no good looking at over spending. It's a little dumb and when you study other clubs who've over spent, you'll get slapped. Success is a process. Buying every single player will confuse other players, cause friction and uncertainty, which is what's happening across the city. The Owls failings over the past 20 years will the Blades success. Update: Tick, tick, tick come on corker mi teas going cold... I'm waiting!
  14. Webby this was tongue in cheek I was just copying what he usually does! It's corkers forum after all
  15. Talking of tortoises, when was the last time you played PL football or played in any high profile game? Nah forget tortoise, more like a dead fish The game against Newcastle is your cup final
  16. No excuses necessary. We've made the wrong footballing decisions in terms of hiring the wrong people to get the job done. Not Financial decisions. The current board, when they first came on the scene were finding their feet. It's swings and roundabouts. Your up there in the dizzy heights of championship football we're not. It was bound to happen at some point. You're having your time now, we're not but I'm sure it will change.
  17. It will be because in terms of mentality. Newcastle won't even want to be there.
  18. We'll spend what we feels appropriate to where we are league wise. It's the right and most professional thing to do. We must learn from Wednesday in how not to run a business.
  19. You talking as if you were loaded and you had to buy people to attend your party, when really they were just laughing at you... like the spoilt little rich kid If we're going to get out of this league with our new manager, we'll do it properly. No point throwing good money away... would you do this? I mean look where it's got you so far yourselves. You've thrown money on players who played one game and yet no where to be seen for the pass few weeks. You've also go backwards in terms of points on the table. So your living proof, just throwing money at something, doesn't work. Look what happened to Cardiff, Leeds, Portsmouth at yourselves etc etc. Money buys you success for a moment. But building on solid foundations is where the real success lie. A minute of pleasure or 15 years of pain??
  20. It's your opinion, albeit a tad unrealistic. It would take something extraordinary for players to come down to L1. Do you really want players who just come for money... I think not. That happened to you lot 15 years ago and look what happened there. You tried to buy yourself success and ended up on fargate; cap in hand.
  21. Probably one the easiest games of the season. And I'm been serious. If you don't win this one... you won't hit the dizzy heights of the championship. Any credible championship side will turn these lot over.
  22. I think we have to be realistic here. Whilst we're in L1, no above average player from the championship is going to drop down a league to play in L1. Yes, we've reluctantly had to let go one or two good players such as Murphy and Maguire and yes we certainly should have replaced them... but realistically, who with? I will say this though, so far a recruiting hasn't been very good as in Woolford and our main focus should have been to sort out the defence. With NA, it's going to take a bit of time before he can start hiring and firing and I think he did right to give people a chance, but now I think he's clear in his mind we need new blood. We're going through a sticky patch early on, so it's better to get this out of the way now and come October we'll kick on. The Bradford game though was dire.
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