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  1. good reading this i am still laughing 10 out of 10 lol
  2. all sorted now i used nero express and now when i put em in radio it plats them straight away graham
  3. got radio sorted but cant get it to play mp3s it reads the disc and keeps skiping through the tracks but that is all it does.it will play ordinary burnt cds so no prob with cd drive any ideas anyone
  4. exactly what i didnt want arm and a leg springs to mind lol
  5. bought the radio from someone on here in my car iv got the cd30 i wanted the cd30 mp3 and yes its from a vauxhall
  6. hi can anyone tell me who does car radio codes i have got a different radio but got no code i know there used to be one down attercliffe somewher but cant remember where graham
  7. i have just put it on facebook and tagged my mates in it lol
  8. found it on you tube lol so i was right wait till i get to work monday haha
  9. any video of it so i can prove it lol
  10. did united fans protest in the carpark waving their shoes or was i dreaming it? i was saying to a couple of unitedites at work about it,and they looked at me strange and said they aint heard about it
  11. hi my nephew has got a zoostorm pc,about 1 week ago he shut it down has normal and the next day it would'nt boot up to windows.it just hung on the zoostorm logo saying repairing disc it dont matter how long he leaves it for it wont go past that screen.he has had it about 1 year and its running windows 8, i think it could be a harddrive fault. is there anything he could do to make it boot to windows or should he take it back to where he bought it, graham
  12. hi need my tv repairing does anyone know where there is a tv repair shop.used to be 1 on halifax rd been there today and its not there any more graham
  13. my partner has just come back from abroad and today she was on about something that looked like a big bee flying about i showed her what it was a hummingbird hawk moth and then lo and behold i look on here and someone was on about it spooky or what lol
  14. hi can anyone help please i have put some avi films on my tablet some of them will play and some of them wont, i am playing them through vlc or kmp player i have not converted the avis what format should they be or what is the best player to play them through thanks graham
  15. we always leave our scrap at the bottom of our path the scrapmen are always around our estate and they know if its at the bottom of our path then they can take it
  16. i bought 1 off ebay came with the key cut put my inside of the old key in it plus transpondor could not get it to work,so took it to harolds key place he said those you get off ebay dont work asked how much a new 1 would be he told me £180,so put all the inners back in the old key and still using it
  17. i went to maltby street school in the late 50s i can only remember 1 person he was called leonard bates
  18. was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy the tie dye t shirts in sheffield graham
  19. sky go works on xbox 360 ---------- Post added 24-04-2015 at 14:09 ---------- ghozer ive bought 1 of those of ebay and cant get it to work wont even show my phone home screen on the tv
  20. hi i have got a samsung galaxy s5 i have got sky go on it,i was wondering what kind of lead i would need to connect up to my led tv so i can watch sky go on big screen any help please graham
  21. believe it or not ive got all my hair grey it maybe but its all my own
  22. it might have done if i in my 70s but just into my 60s but ill bear it in mind when i do get there lol
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